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Thread: 8/11 Show Finale Thread ***Spoilers***

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    Re: 8/11 Show Finale Thread ***Spoilers***

    Melanie was my "one to watch" starting about halfway through her initial audition. She made me cry then and many more times throughout the season. She was just so darn likeable. LOVED the routine with Neil. Easily my favorite.

    Sasha grew on me and I suspected for sometime now that the girls would be the final two.

    Here's to a long and healthy dance career for Melanie.
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    Re: 8/11 Show Finale Thread ***Spoilers***

    Really enjoyed the final show...nice to see the kids relaxed and bouncing around. I'm glad Melanie won...and I'm sure the F4 all have great futures ahead.

    I loved most of the routines picked but have to agree - what was Lil C thinking! SO nice to see Neil, Robert, and Twitch again. That was one of my problems with this season early on. No male dancers that danced strongly and with bravado. There were some very nice male dancers ...but for me, they came across as boys, nice boys to be sure, but boys all the same. Didn't pull me in like Joshua, Pasha, and especially Mark did in the past (not to mention the first 3 I mentioned!).

    I do think Pappa Nigel has finally hit a great formula - start with the couples and then halfway through, bring in the All-Stars. They can bring back Mark and Neil ANY time for that matter! Good stuff. Now if we can only get the choreographers to lighten up and present some more positive dances, we'll be all set!
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    Re: 8/11 Show Finale Thread ***Spoilers***

    Quote Originally Posted by JavaJo View Post
    So happy for Melanie! Although I think any of the top four would have deserved a win, she was exceptional. And I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm glad the girl who isn't a size 0 won. It's sends such a positive message to the young fans of the show.

    If there were a prize for most personality...Tadd would take it. He's so adorable. And I loved seeing Another One Bites Dust again. That was honestly one of my favorite pieces this season.

    I am shocked that Nigel didn't choose a partner dance with Ryan. But I'm happy I didn't have to watch them kiss her ass anymore.

    I agree with your entire post! I've been thinking all season that it was so nice to see a dancer who wasn't rail-thin/anorexic looking yet still capable of dancing well. Yet another reason I'm so glad Melanie won.

    Yes, Tadd had the biggest personality, but I also think that helped Melanie. Every time she stood beside Cat, she blushed and giggled and just looked so happy. She also had so many beautiful, lyrical dances. (Nigel even commented before her hip hop routine that people were saying Melanie was doing well only because she got dance styles she was comfortable with.) Sasha, OTOH, was always portrayed as this fierce, angry, troubled girl. It's just my opinion, but I think that played into some viewers' consideration. This may sound terrible, but I think some people may have liked Melanie more because she seemed more feminine.

    I was absolutely shocked that Ryan didn't get some prominent air time after all the judges' lovin' earlier in the season. Oh, well. Count it as another reason the finale was so great.

    Whoops, forgot something again. Loved...loved...loved the tapping routine. I seem to recall that when Jess was chosen for the Top 20, Nigel said something about since there was another tapper on the show, maybe pairing them to do a routine together. I was disappointed when that never happened. I love a great tap routine, and it certainly would have been more fun to watch than some of the other terrible dances we saw this season.
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    Re: 8/11 Show Finale Thread ***Spoilers***

    I was generally underwhelmed by this season. I don't think the choreography was all that great. I didn't personally dislike any of the dancers save Ryan (whom I initially was happy to see make the top 20), and did like Melanie, Sasha and Jess in particular. But I grew bored with them.

    Yes, I liked Melanie. And I don't generally care for or buy into conspiracy theories in regard to this show. But I don't for a minute believe Melanie's hat picks were NOT seeded heavily with contemporary routines. It got to the point that I started feeling biased AGAINST her for the (to me) obvious catering.

    I've seen people complain in the past about the number of contemporary dancers chosen as contestants. This year was the first year I agreed. I would have liked to have seen more ballroom contestants for one. And while I again don't have anything against Tadd personally, I just can't believe he was the most talented b-boy auditioning. Ditto Robert and Wadi. I just didn't see anyone as talented as past years' B-boys like Legacy, Russell, Sara, etc.

    Mostly, though, I blame the choreography for the dullness of the season. Even the standout routines were not as memorable as standout routines from past years. The best routine of the season, for me, was the tap routine on Thursday night! This was the first year I heard the judges make more direct comments that some routines didn't give the dancers very much opportunity to display their talents well - the closest I've heard Nigel and the others come to saying "the choreography blew." Several times, the onus was put on the dancers to make lackluster routines shine in some way. I think that's not really fair.

    I said it before and I'll say it again - can we PLEASE have less contemporary routines that end with one dancer walking away toward the rear corner of the stage leaving their partner clutching their heart and reaching piteously toward them as they walk away? Travis and Heidi did that best in season 2, and it's getting less gut wrenching and more tiresome with every imitation.

    And I'll echo what someone else said - can we balance the "bad relationship" routines with something more joyous, please? Once in a while?

    I like seeing some new blood added to the choreographer corral. But I'm longing for the days of Mia, Wade and Shane Sparks. Sonya blew me away with "The Garden" routine featuring Mark & Kourtni. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE a quirky convention defying oddball like her. But I really can't recall anything she's done since that measured up. Napoleon & Tabitha looked like they were rebounding into greatness again last year with "Get Outta Yer Mind" and another routine or two. But this year? Meh.

    I will continue to watch each season from start to finish. I liked the format of this season the best of all of them, save maybe for wishing they'd have let the bottom two go each week based on viewer vote instead of judge decision when it came down to the top 10. But I hope they shake things up next season so my response to the routines won't be "meh" in general.
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    Re: 8/11 Show Finale Thread ***Spoilers***

    I liked this season better than the ones before particularly because the judges chose the two to go home from the bottom three couples. That enabled the better dancers to prevail and the weaker ones to be cut (like culling the herd . . okay bad analogy). I was VERY happy with the top 4 and the breakdown from 1 to 4 was pretty much what I had anticipated, but I would have preferred Marko and Sasha's 2-3 finish reversed. Tadd was the charmer of the bunch and that handsome almost pretty face, nice body, and sweet smile didn't hurt. Personally, I disagree that other B-boys in the past were better. They may have been better at their own style, but Tadd was much better at picking up different styles out of his comfort zone. I agree, however, that I would have preferred more ballroom dancers rather than the contemporary heavy group that was chosen, but ballroom dancers don't seem to adapt to other styles as readily as the contemporary dancers. Tapping doesn't do a thing for me, but I like the routine for the finals. Melanie is a little mesomorph with very muscular legs, but I don't think any of the other female dancers were "rail thin anorexic" types. All of them had well-developed muscular bodies with proportioning befitting their body types.
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