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Thread: 8/3 Show ***Spoilers***

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    Re: 8/3 Show ***Spoilers***

    IMHO Melanie soars above all the rest. She gives me goosebumps when she dances. She truly feels the dance. She really is better than all others. No telling if she will win as anything can happen, but I think her light shines brighter than all the rest.

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    Re: 8/3 Show ***Spoilers***

    Quote Originally Posted by Endit View Post
    Did Mary Murphy have a nip slip during judging Ricky? It looked REALLY odd, like somebody had cut and pasted the image of a nipple (male OR female, can't tell) over her chest to make it look like she was having an incident when she really wasn't. And the camera wasn't' even low enough, it didn't look real at all, like why did it GROW and ride up her boob to an epic size when she leaned over lol. Really weird.
    My first reaction to Mary's outfit was (said to my hubby) "OMG, there's going to be a wardrobe malfunction tonight." Then I decided the entire outfit WAS an ongoing wardrobe malfunction...I really didn't want to see that much of Mary-cleavage for 2 hours!

    I think at times there was a shadow that cast upon her chest (from a microphone or boom?) that might have created the distorted illusion you were talking about. The shadow was very distracting for me as well and it drew my eye (especially since it moved around) exactly where I was avoiding.

    Cat was lovely as usual, but her peek-a-boo cleavage in the yellow dress (can't remember which night this week) was also not the most attractive--and usually I just love her outfits even when they are disasters (remember the toilet-paper dress??).
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