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Thread: July 6th performace

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    Re: July 6th performace

    Quote Originally Posted by Babbred View Post
    Remember when Katie and her partner did that dance where he was a workaholic, and she was the wife begging him to stay home as he prepared to leave yet again on a business trip? Oh my goodness, I watched that over and over again. I also downloaded the song (Leona's "Bleeding Love"). It still moves me to tears thinking about it.
    That wasn't Katie. It was Chelsie and Mark. I loved them and that was one of my favorite SYTYCD routines ever! My very favorite routine was Twitch and Alex's hip hop. EPIC!

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    Re: July 6th performace

    I haven't watched much of this show this season, but its always been one of my favorites so I decided to put it on last night. After nearly an hour I had only seen two partner dances. Four judges are too many. It was too many on Idol and its too many on SYTYCD. Neither dance I saw struck me as all that exciting. I don't know if I'll try again or not. I really want to be as excited about this show as I've been in past seasons. Its just on too long and not enough dancing for me right now.
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    Re: July 6th performace

    So I expected a complete train wreck....and it wasn't. I didn't think the dances were all that bad. There were even a couple that were pretty dang good. The worst of the night, easily, hands down, was Ashley and Chris. I blame the choreographer for that, they were given total crap. Now I blame the dancer because Marko and Melanie were given a total crap NappyTabs routine and they managed to transcend it. A good dancer can do that.

    My favorite? Mandy Moore, the last one with Caitlyn and Mitchell. There were others that made me smile a little and made me feel happy watching them dance. I liked the waltz that wasn't a waltz. I also liked Melanie and Marko's number.

    I also watched the show without listening to a single judge comment, it made the show so much more enjoyable for me. I never realized how much their screeching, over praising, or clear agendas ruin things for me till I decided to wait till I could FF past them.

    Bottom 3 is hard to call, I have no idea how the viewers are voting but I can hazard a guess.

    Ashley and Chris
    Sasha and Alexander (I can't even remember what they did and I just watched it!)
    Clarice & Jess (another that I can't remember what they did)

    I doubt Nigel is breaking up the couples yet so I predict that Ashley and Chris are out of there.

    I hated the all girl number and loved the all guy one.
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