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Thread: 6/9 Top 20 Show **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 6/9 Top 20 Show **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Lanx View Post
    the fat girl should have been rejected from the start, she was probably kept in to create that sister impact and having them both up judging at the same time, in short they used her. I mean yea she did great... for a fat girl but she looked really horrible, especially when compared to her sister, she just looked so clumsy. Look i'm not making fun of her being fat, but there's a reason why 99.999999999999999% of all dances have like 10% bodyfat.
    While you may not think you're making fun of her weight, your opinion could easily have been stated in a much gentler way if you wanted to be polite about it. You only had three sentences and in those three sentences you called her "fat girl" twice and used the word "fat" three times.

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    Re: 6/9 Top 20 Show **SPOILERS**

    I actually like the 'fat girl'. I think she has loads of talent, she just needs more training to refine her movement. She made me happy when I watched her dance. It was joyful. I hope she takes more classes and turns up again next season. And she has a name. It's Natalia.
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    Re: 6/9 Top 20 Show **SPOILERS**

    I personally had no problems with Natalia - she was more talented than a lot of the other plus side dancers in this competition. There were also other dancers who had issues such as love handles and the like.

    I don't criticize any of the dancers based on looks or weight - I base my opinion on them by how they present themselves in public as well as dancing. It's one reason I was turned off by Jeremiah and anyone who tried to plea for a "dance for their life" (I was BTW, upset that Alexis got a chance apparently because her sister was the winner of a season). I didn't think Jeremiah was that great of a dancer, and his reactions showed it.

    Personally, I am all for a heavier dancer in these competitions - as long as they can excel in the dances. They can find someone who is strong enough to carry the person's weight - example, they had the professor for Natalia to give her a fair chance. I mean, there are also some stringbean looking guys who can pick up someone as heavy as Natalia and not break a sweat, so appearances can be reversed.


    As far as the finalists - I agree on Iveta. She looks far too old, even older than I am, to be in this contest. I'm 32, so I'm just out of the age range, and she looks about 4 years older than I do. I'm not saying she's not eligible to compete, nor that she doesn't have the skills worth to compete, but I can see why people wonder if she is.

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    Re: 6/9 Top 20 Show **SPOILERS**

    I read on another message board news about Alex, as per Nigel, twitter Alex, is not strong enough to compete this season. However, when they reach the final 10, dancers if Alex, is strong enough he will come back as an All Star.

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    Re: 6/9 Top 20 Show **SPOILERS**

    Can I say how much I loved seeing Pasha dance with Ivetta????
    Maybe Pasha will come back as an All-Star when they get down to the Top 10.
    I could watch Pasha dance all day & night!!

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