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Thread: SYTYCD8 Spoiler Thread

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    Re: SYTYCD8 Spoiler Thread

    the ridiculous judging decisions, the clear agendas, the nepotism, and the pointless judging

    This year my husband and I have not been agreeing with the judges' decisions. We expect to sometimes disagree, but so far we haven't agreed at all this year.

    I was very sad to see Robert go... I have not latched on to any early favorites, but I was warming up quite a bit to him and eager to see him dance each week. I didn't expect him to win, but I wanted to watch his journey. I wish Chris would have gotten the boot... he bores me immensely. They tossed the wrong BB/hip-hop boy. Ugh. I'm still disappointed a week later! Poor Robert!

    I find myself in a strange place with Jess... he dances wonderfully, but he is so short, it still ends up being awkward to watch... it seems so unfair because much of his craft as a dancer is very fine... but he just doesn't have the personality to win me over in spite of it like some other short male dancers have managed to do in the past.

    This is about America's FAVORITE dancer, not best dancer. I feel like they are tossing some potential favorites (like Robert) and when they had the opportunity to boot Jess in week one, they did not. Jess is a "better" dancer on many technical merits and even some artistic ones as well. But I was LOVING Robert and am slightly repulsed by Jess... the judges are getting it wrong.

    The M&M team is lovely... a class of their own... but for entertainment, let me also get to know and watch some of the kids who work their way through this journey (as Robert would have done).

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    Re: SYTYCD8 Spoiler Thread

    I've been searching for spoilers about which alumni (not sure if I'm using the correct tense for that) will comprise the All-Stars, but I'm not getting far. However, I did find that Nigel told TV Guide that Chelsie Hightower is going to be one of the All-Stars! She will be returning to DWTS next season.

    I figure Robert Roldan will be one of the All-Stars too (fine by me!), since he's been so involved this season as it is, and appears to be available.

    ETA - Dare I hope? I can't remember where I saw it today, but somebody said Mark Kanemura was headed to LA. I checked to see what Lady Gaga's tour schedule is, and she currently has nothing going on. Oh, please!!!! That would make my night!

    Another ETA - Mark twittered (or tweeted?) 7 hours ago: "Home Sweet Home... #LA"
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