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Thread: New format

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    Re: New format

    Quote Originally Posted by mbcrowder;4039554;
    I VASTLY prefer the scoring/judging/eliminating system used by DWTS. The judge input needs to be there, the the fan input does too, and just letting fans narrow it to a bottom three allows judges to keep undeserving people (BILLY) way too long.
    I don't see how Billy could have been eliminated earlier, unless you feel that he should have been sent home in Week 3 (his first appearance in the bottom) instead of Melinda (who had been in the bottom every week). For the next three weeks Billy was in the bottom, but no one was eliminated. Alex and Ashley had to drop out, then they skipped an elimination in Week 6. The next time there was a judge's elimination, he was gone. So, Billy (and Jose) were the next people that the judges sent home after Melinda.

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    Re: New format

    I agree with all your likes mbcrowder, but wanted to make a couple of tiny points about the dislikes - which while I agree with too, wanted to add a little more (note, because I had to break up the quote due to needing each on its own, I put numbers in instead of dots):
    Quote Originally Posted by mbcrowder;4034782;
    Dislikes: 1. HATED seeing injured contestants being treated differently than one another (Billy vs Alex and the girl).
    I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that Alex and Ashlee were injured and it was confirmed by the doctors they COULD NOT DANCE, and then later on it was determined that they couldn't continue. Alex's as mentioned was season ending, Ashlee's was a cracked rib that needed about a month to heal. Those are painful and if she had for example fell in a stunt, could lead to a serious fracture or break, puncturing her lung. Billy, on the other hand was CLEARED to dance, but chose not to. While I respect his choice in the matter, I think Nigel and company were not impressed because there were other dancers in the audition - such as Brendon (the fellow with the pulled hamstring) who danced and were devastated to not make the finals. In a way, I really think Billy was hoping for the injury departure because Ashlee and Alex had tearful sendoffs (though Alex quite possibly it was pain involved - he had a season ending injury). To make things worse - we see Billy give these two awesome routines the next week. While even I admit the contemporary was outstanding (His Bollywood he was TOO boneless at points IMHO), he looked as though his injury wasn't TOO serious to warrant him sitting out the week before. He didn't show that he was hurting and the dips and other stress movements on his knee led to a lot of people questioning how serious it had been.
    2.HATED seeing Mia judge every week.
    Well, this one I agree with you on - more for her rather rude comments to some dancers - and not letting those grudges go, and then other weird or unfair comments. I personally feel that her saying one of her favorite dances was the Ade/Comfort one was a test to see if she could speak well of Ade, but given that she mentions him very briefly, I think she failed.
    3. TRULY HATED starting with 10, no 11. (First, 11 was unfair if they said 10 in the first place; second ... not NEARLY enough contestants and uneven guy/girl splitting too early in the show.) Nothing wrong with starting with 20 just like the old format - knock off 2 guys and 2 girls each week for 4 weeks, then we have a top 12 that we KNOW.
    I agree here - except possibly keeping it to at most 16. That way there are more people, but not too many it reads almost as a dance version of "America's Got Talent" where it seems to NEVER end.

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    Re: New format

    I agree with so many of the above mentioned comments that I don't want to repeat... but wanted to add one of my favorite changes that the new format brought was the boy/boy and girl/girl dances. I thought these were a fantastic addition and really helped highlight strengths and weaknesses of the contestants.

    Need more starting contestants, but no more than 16. Keep All-Star format. Dump Mia! That pretty much sums it up!

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