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Thread: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by RealityLovesMe;3998027;
    That was a horrible step routine. These judges have no sense of cultural dance. It is like they are judging Bollywood and have never seen Bollywood. .
    I agree that the judges do not know how to judge Stepping but it's partly the choreograpers fault. They try to put their own "creativity" into all the dances, so you see Step being done by two guys when it's supposed to be done in a group, like a drill team and you see two guys doing Paso Doble which totally distroys the whole meaning and history of that dance with the mataor/cape relationship between the two dancers. AdeC lifting and twirling Jose was just bizaar.

    While I stopped watching DWTS long ago in favor of SYTYCD and partly because there are never any real "stars", Len does a good job of insisting that the dancers conform. You'll hear him chide the dancers when they do anything remotely uncharactoristic of the dance they are doing. He'll say something like, "Well I would have like to see more Samba in there" or "That wasn't a Fox Trot". I think Len would have a heart attack if he saw two guys doing a paso.

    On the other hand, Nigel almost always praises the choreographers no matter how weird their "interpretation", although he does once in a while say, "That was certainly unusual" which may be his way of saying "weird".

    Are the choregraphers being creative or are they just running out of ideas? Can the "Apache" dance be far behind?
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    Re: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by nabrudigam;3996837;
    I first saw stepping on some sit com but I canít remember the name of it. I gather itís been around for a long time and it is pleasing to watch when there is a group of people doing it together rather than just two people.

    I was surprised that the two dancers chosen to do it were Billy and Kent, the two most unlikely steppers in the group. I thought Billy looked ridiculous doing it. Maybe the judges arenít familiar with stepping because they kept saying he was great at it but he wasnít. Itís hard to explain but itís a little like watching a ballet dancer do tap for the first time.
    Was it A Different World? I think that was the first time I saw the style. The routine was only bearable because of Twitch. If Billy had manned up and performed (he was cleared by more than one doctor), it would've been a total disaster. I think he knew that he wasn't up for it, so he had an out and took it.

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