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Thread: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by AZChristian;3996499;
    I think the world of Cat . . . but I can't imagine any circumstance in which she went into a shop, tried on that dress, looked in the mirror and said, "Yep! This is what I'm going to wear this week!"

    It's. Just. Not. Good.
    ...love this post!

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    Re: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I hope the choreographers don't continue to dumb down their choreo for Jose. As much as I like Jose, at this point it would be totally unfair to the other dancers who are doing more difficult routines.:nono

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    Re: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by JenCos;3996521;
    I hope the choreographers don't continue to dumb down their choreo for Jose. As much as I like Jose, at this point it would be totally unfair to the other dancers who are doing more difficult routines.:nono
    I agree, the choreography in the first dance cleverly disguised his lack of skills. Even jumping looks rough. I think he'll be a fine dancer if he chooses to do so, but he needs to fine tune the rough edges. Even his style can be improved with training.

    While I don't think he should win, I love the guy for his grin, what a great smile he has.
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    Re: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by AZChristian;3996499;
    I think the world of Cat . . . but I can't imagine any circumstance in which she went into a shop, tried on that dress, looked in the mirror and said, "Yep! This is what I'm going to wear this week!"

    It's. Just. Not. Good.
    There was a point where I had these thoughts almost every week, but Cat has looked so much better the past couple years. Maybe her current stylist was injured in a tragic styling incident and her old stylist had to step in this week.

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    Re: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Did anyone have the thought that maybe Billy decided not to dance and be automatically put in the bottom 3 versus actually dancing and getting voted into it? I know a dancer "knows his own body" as Nigel said, but I can't imagine that given a green light by the doctors that any of the other dancers wouldn't have jumped at the chance to dance even on the injury. Maybe Billy sees the writing on the wall and this is his way of bowing out gracefully. I think he is gone this week nonetheless. It was a really good night of dancing for the most part and I don't think the judges will eliminate anyone that actually danced and keep Billy instead. I would say other than Billy, it would be Jose in danger but I don't think the judges are ready to part with him. They seem to have a thing for watching untrained dancers 'learn the ropes' and improve over time. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

    Note to Cat: Love you, but next time leave the window sheers on the windows.

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    Re: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I just figured out what the dress reminds me of.

    At many bridal showers, the attendees are broken down into teams, given a couple of rolls of toilet paper, and told to create a "bridal gown" on one of the team members. You end up with lots of weird designs, which you only hope will hold together until the judging.

    Substitute red tulle for toilet paper, and Cat would fit in at those showers.
    I'm Paula.

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    Re: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I may be in the minority, but I did like the duet male Paso. That said, Ade was much, MUCH better than Jose, and feel that Ade was unfairly judged based on what Jose's performance was. No, Ade wasn't perfect, but Adam's comments about him were much more accurate than the whole general comments for both all made.

    Kent's step - seeing several step teams in my time live - he was a bit off. That said... for ONE WEEK, he was very good. It's not an easy dance to do, and had Billy been dancing too, they'd had to make sure their steps, arm movements, and claps were in sync. Slight misstep in any of those is very quickly noticed - even in a large group. That said, given Legacy had a short time to learn this (or at least do it with Kent), he was very close to being in perfect step. He is at least trying to show he's backing up the talk - which is nice compared to say the hype behind Billy early on this season.

    Lauren is quite fun, and I think she was very good in both dances. I do have to agree a bit on the arched back, but it wasn't too bad.

    Robert also was very good tonight. He was stronger in the samba IMHO.

    Ade - the Paso wasn't bad as far as HIS part (I couldn't take my eye off him), but his Hip Hop was very very good, and by far his best performance in the show IMHO. He's learned a lot and if he can channel it, I can see him possibly make final four. That said, he'll have to work harder in any more male/male dances to shine because if he's against Kent (again?), he's REALLY going to have competition.

    Jose? - In all honesty, if they do not remove Billy this week, I see him possibly going. He's clearly the weakest dancer left in the competition. He's got a good heart and warm smile, but dancing wise sadly in this level now, he's not doing well enough I feel he should continue.

    Billy - I've admitted that I'm not a fan of his, and even here, I didn't like his reaction to the comment Mia made of wanting him to have danced with Ade. Can't really translate it, but he seemed bugged by the comment. The reaction and the whole thing - a third injury in a row - just seemed weird to me. It was almost as if he did it to bow out gracefully by taking the injury auto nomination instead of dancing and being put in the bottom three. The reaction we've had with Alex (in particular) and Ashlee's departures due to injury only make me feel more so - i.e. him getting sympathy and accolades that he should still be there instead of "You could've done better" and the like.

    Tomorrow's results are going to be very interesting.


    On a more positive end to this post - It was cool to see Alex in the audience as well as I believe Alexie. He may be in pain, but it was neat to see him return not too long after having surgery. I just hope his foot/ankle isn't bothering him and they had something to prop up that cast.

    It speaks volumes for him as a person to return to the show and support his fellow contestants. While it's possible they have to be there from time to time after being eliminated for appearance sake, his case with a surgery like that (painful), he'd had a reasonable excuse to not be at the show.

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    Re: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Not being a big fan of hip hop, I canít say I was thrilled with Lauren & tWitchís performance but, she is one of my favorite dancers, and she did keep up with him so nothing negative to say about it. Her solo was perfect, of course. How weird it must be for her to be the only girl left and yet how lovely. She could win this but some say women vote more than men so some people think a guy will win because of that. In which case Iíd say either Kent or AdeChike will win.

    As for Allison & Joseís contemporary dance, itís no secret that Iím a fan of Joseís and although Mia says it didnít show ďgrowthĒ, I have to disagree. Perhaps it didnít have more difficult ďstepsĒ but it showed a different side of him that perhaps he couldnít pull off when he first began so, to me, that is growth. It was actually better than his solo.

    Robertís solo was fine but Iím just not a fan of his. Nothing wrong with his dancing but, he doesnít have much of a personality to me. Doesnít have that ďitĒ factor. Lauren out shined him in the Samba. He looked a bit awkward to me when he was lifting her.

    Loved AdeChikeís solo, as well as his performance with Comfort but then Iíve liked him from the beginning.

    Kent and Kathryn were great together and the judges sure liked it. Iím appreciating Sonyaís choreography more these days. Didnít care for it much when I first started watching; some of it being a little far out for me. I liked Kentís solo too.

    I first saw stepping on some sit com but I canít remember the name of it. I gather itís been around for a long time and it is pleasing to watch when there is a group of people doing it together rather than just two people.

    I was surprised that the two dancers chosen to do it were Billy and Kent, the two most unlikely steppers in the group. I thought Billy looked ridiculous doing it. Maybe the judges arenít familiar with stepping because they kept saying he was great at it but he wasnít. Itís hard to explain but itís a little like watching a ballet dancer do tap for the first time.

    A while back I said I thought the choreographers were having the dancers (who werenít used to it) do too many lifts and/or throws and maybe thatís why there are so many injuries. Of course I donít know how Billyís knee got injured but, maybe he did in rehearsals for the stepping routine and they do rehearse for very long hours doing the same movement over and over to get it right so, it could be the repetition and not so much the movement or step itself that they do thatís causing all the problems. In Billy's case, I doubt he's used to stomping so hard into the floor as is required for stepping. It's pretty vigorous when done right.

    Iím so used to seeing a woman representing the matadorís cape in the Paso Doble that I didnít know what to expect with two guys doing it and was prepared not to like it, but then I thought it would be a little like the piece in ďLord of the DanceĒ where the hero and villain have a ďdance offĒ to win the girl so, I prepared myself to be open to it and I did like it except seeing Ade lift Jose was a little weird and they didnít quite have the ďstanceĒ or what Nigel called the ďcarriageĒ right..

    Is it my imagination or was the audience extra noisy this week?

    I hope you like my new avatar. It will change depending on who goes home each week.


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    Re: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Ade/Comfort....I loved it. I have to say that was his best performance (IMO) yet. Comfort has evolved a bit, too. She's gotten better. Maybe she's more refined? Less Ghetto?

    Lauren/Twitch....She is so darn cute! I loved the ending....it had me LOL'ing!

    Kent/Kathryn....I love Kent. Period.

    Jose/Allison...he was better but they can't be dumbing down the choreo for him. It's just not fair to the other dancers.

    Robert/Lauren....really cute together. I really liked this routine. When he licked her leg...OMG!

    Lauren/Robert....He had a very strong night. Lauren was up to par. She is beautiful to watch.

    Jose/Ade....I found it weird. I guess I prefer this dance in the traditional sense.

    Kent/Twitch.....LOVED IT!

    This was the first time I actually liked Jose's solo. I thought it was a bit cheeky.

    The guest judge didn't really add anything. He basically mimicked everything the other judges said. I'm sure he knows his stuff, but I would have liked to have seen him stand out.

    Adam cracks me up! When he flubbed and made fun of himself, I cracked up. He's just so damn adorable. I want to hang out with him!!!
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    Re: 7/21 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Cat was definitely having a Scarlett O'Hara wardrobe malfunction tonight. If that passes for high fashion, then I clearly have a fashion design career waiting for me--I just need to grab a pair of bedroom curtain sheers and a stapler.

    Adechike had a great night. Kent was great, too. Love Lauren. The rest were 'meh.

    Comfort was a revelation tonight. Such great growth from when she first appeared on the show as a contestant!

    I've been trying to pinpoint why I don't love Robert, because he is a good looking man, clearly trained and talented, and better than the average bear on SYTYCD. The "gosh-golly-shucks-you-LIKE-me?" expressions during critiques is certainly part of the problem. I want him to be more grounded and more confident and not aiming for the *judges* approval.

    I think he just hasn't matured into his artistic-soul yet...it is still more about getting it "right" vs. letting the audience see his raw and vulnerable self. I want to see the beast. He is clearly a MAN with a gorgeous body but I get a very low testosterone-sexual reading from him. I agree his partnering on the samba tonight was excellent...I had a brief moment of a delighted "squeeee" during a section of the samba where he was doing a tight set of solo spins and the second he pulled out of them he gave a feral look toward Lauren. Yes. Yes. Yes. Just need about 3000 times more of *that* and we'd have a new front runner.

    Is it Mia who told Robert to take ballet? If not, that advice applies to Robert. He needs to channel his inner Baryshnikov... he needs more of that arrogant, majestic, creature of a higher creation vibe... and know how to dial it up or turn it down, as appropriate. In order to transport an audience, one must make the audience breath *with* you... breathe, Robert, breathe!

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