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Thread: 7/14 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 7/14 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Harvest;3982930;
    I agree. why should that matter, as they are being judged on their dancing ability.
    Judged yes, voted on, no. People vote on who they like, which is not always the best dancer. That's why Russell won last season.


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    Re: 7/14 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    This show has always been about voting for your FAVORITE dancer, not the best dancer. In the end, I think they usually get it right, but not always.

    Ya, the weepy editorializing just drives me over the edge. The dance was OK, and I wish Denise Wall the best in her health battle, but the judges make it sound like that dance was greatest thing since white bread. Na, don't think so.

    Loved Loren & Mark (that guy can do no wrong ). I think the expressions Robert makes tend to cause people to feel uncomfortable and consequently believe him to be a bit phony. As for Billy, he is a wonderful technical dancer, but he has never learned to express his heart & soul.

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    Re: 7/14 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I hate to say it but Billy is a dork... Cute kid with mad technical skills but he just acts so goofy. Not cute goofy like Kent...just goofy. I think I'd like him better if he would tone that down a notch.

    The more I watch Adechike, the less I like his dancing. Love his personality though. He's adorable.
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    Re: 7/14 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Mia was obviously thinking of this creature when praising AdeChike:

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    Re: 7/14 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    34 comments? Wow. The loss of Alex is definitely being felt. I caught the first 2 routines, got bored and went to bed. So now I'm going to read you alls reactions and see which I should fast forward to and catch.

    What are they doing to these kids that they keep getting hurt? Tonight will be interesting and how they handle Ashley's injury. Will she be handed a ticket to Vegas like Alex got or will she be eliminated since she has been a bit of a bottom feeder this season? Some have been saying that Alex was given something unfair and that they showed favoritism with their handling of his situation, now the show has a chance to prove that it was far and above board by the way they handle Ashley. Also, does this mean that every injured dancer gets a pass to Vegas every time? That seriously stacks the deck.

    Lauren - that was an interesting routine. I thought she did very well in it and as the sole female remaining, she may surprise everybody and wind up in the final 2 if she continues to do routines like that. Mark is a camera hog (in a good way and not in a bad way like Pasha/Anya are) and yet I kept forgetting he was there because her booty pops were sort of mesmerizing. They should use them to hypnotize people.

    Ade - Uh....he danced....uh....Mia was very careful in how she handled him and his critique and it was more than obvious that she was choosing her words and thinking before speaking. Felt very unnatural, I'd like to know what she really thought. I had to remind myself of what he did. I like him but I think he failed to bring it and I'm not sure it's all his fault. I think Anya also failed him, she seemed very stiff and unsure. I think she was scared that the routine was too hard and that Ade was going to drop her on her head so she held back which caused him to hold back. The bobbles that they had? I think they were more her fault than his and she pretty much tried to admit that but was cut off.

    And that was as far as I got, it was nice getting an update on Alex. It made me go awwww.
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    Re: 7/14 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Harmony, I totally agree with your take on Mia's handling of Adechike (sp?). She was being incredibly careful! She really needs to learn how to critique in a way that allows her to be sincere without being either nasty, or over-the-top with the praise. Adam and Nigel have that ability, especially Adam. Though they both go overboard with the praise at times it doesn't seem as fake because it's not everytime and they aren't either really high on it or really down on it. They have a middle ground.

    and, OMG the Gisselle (sp?) reference was too funny!

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    Re: 7/14 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Travis routine was fantastic and I was not as big a fan of his dancing (tho I like it, I think the Bench was highly overrated as Heidi barely had anything to do). He has become one of the best contemporary choreographers out there, which shows he is smart since dancing lives are limited. I was not a fan of tyce's cancer dance, Travis didn't need the background to make it good. However, the way that Robert & Allison danced his routine was phenomenal. It showed the difference with Kent and Lauren, who did not do as much with another great Travis routine. Lauren is great but she is no Allison, Katherine, Katee. Kent, on the other hand, was not even as good as Robert.

    I am so tired of the superpimping going on with Kent, esp. with Alex gone. I slo-moed Kent with Neil and his landing, lines and reach of his movement was not good as good as Neil. The funny thing is that I did this before even hearing Nigel incorrectly say that Kent outdanced Neil. I thought something was funky in the execution and rewound and slo moed before the dance even ended. Kent is a solid dance with a sweet personality and a good back story. Robert, Billy, Ade -- and oh I lament the loss of Alex -- are all better.

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    Re: 7/14 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Harvest;3982930;
    I agree. I have been shocked that he has been in the bottom the past 2 weeks. Schenkman said flat out that Billy is a brilliant dancer; why isn't America seeing that? Robert and Jose are so much worse. And I like his personality, but if anyone doesn't, why should that matter, as they are being judged on their dancing ability. I wore my hand out calling in for an hour for Billy last week, and will do the same tonight, but am disgusted with America for not calling in enough votes for him.

    We also like Kent and Lauren.

    I always like when they do disco even if it isn't performed perfectly. It is fun to see the choreography.
    Billy I think gets the comments and lack of voting he does because he appears to most of us that he thinks he's all that and should be handed the title, but a lot of times has not backed up that appearance. Last night's proved he can dance, but I have a feeling he'll be with Jose (worst of the night IMHO) in the dance for his life. I also feel that he'll go before Jose because Jose has the more unique performances with b-boy.

    Normally, I'd say that'd be OK, as I've felt that Billy's performances were subpar, but last night... no, Jose was the weakest, even with the B-Boy dance. In his case, the windmills were very weak, and showed next to Dominique.

    I'm not saying that Billy is horrible - I wish I could dance the way he does, but we have to take into account that Bill was shown as getting a spot as the 11th person there, that the cast was expanded by one in order to get him on the show. He wasn't super strong for this season, but probably got a free pass on because he had to drop out last season - or that's what I feel when people comment about him. That's of course not true, but if you think about it - that knowledge combined with sometimes subpar routines and things like giving the judges the stink eye when criticized hurts him. Even in Robert's arrogance issues, he has managed to keep them off the stage.

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    Re: 7/14 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by TopCatDC;3982535;
    Jose & Dominic - B-Boy

    Cool - real street dance! This is the first time I've ever said this about Dominic, but her looks really big next to Jose.
    Dunno if I'd call it "real street dance" or even really breaking, but probably as close as we'll get on the show. Was all right; would have been better with more breaking elements in it, rather than so much lyrical, but what can you do? It's NappyTabs, which is "lyrical hiphop".
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    Re: 7/14 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by jadewarlock;3983395;
    ... but we have to take into account that Bill was shown as getting a spot as the 11th person there, that the cast was expanded by one in order to get him on the show...
    I understand where you are coming from, because after they showed Billy and Robert making the finals, I knew Billy was going to get tagged with that rap: "The 11th Dancer". But the fact is, he was the last one only because they decided to script and edit the show that way. The producers made the decision to have 11 dancers. They could have had just 10 dancers, but they didn't want to let any of them go. So actually, they are all "The 11th Dancer". Lauren, Jose, and Robert are just as responsible for their being 11 dancers as Billy.

    As for the "stink eye", I guess what I saw as intent listening, you saw as arrogance. I'll have to go back and take another look.

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