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Thread: 7/7 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 7/7 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    IMO, Lauren was the best of the night. She's getting all my votes.

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    Re: 7/7 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by superfly;3969190;
    Lauren Gottlieb was really good in her solo tonight too. There was some guy running around the stage though and it was really distracting.
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    Re: 7/7 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    What was with the judges trying to force Robert down our throats tonight?? He's boring, and that piece WAS perfect for him, he's a male doll who can't really move.

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    Re: 7/7 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by sugargoose;3969177;
    Keep in mind that the girl who got dehydrated and couldn't compete the Latin dance (was it Pasha's partner in Season 4) was eliminated and pretty much told her they couldn't let her stay when she didn't compete because it may encourage other contestants to be incapacitated...
    That was Jessi in Season 3. She was treated just like Alex - she was automatically assigned to the Bottom Three. The judges then decided that she was the one that they would send home.

    The same thing happened last season with Noelle. She was injured and couldn't dance, so she was in the Bottom. The judges, however decided to keep her on results night, and send someone else home.

    Then last season on the week before the finals Ashleigh was injured. She didn't dance, but since the show had already advanced to the point where the audience alone decides who leaves, the judges did nothing. They let the public vote for Ashleigh if they wanted. The voters put her in the finals.

    The only new piece of the policy that I can see is that they are specifying that if Alex stays in the competition, he must dance next week or be automatically eliminated. No one has ever been injured so badly that they missed two weeks - but Alex may be the first.

    Still, Alex may be eliminated by the judges tomorrow if the doctor's report comes back that says he needs weeks to heal.
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    Re: 7/7 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    This was a very enlightening show- I was so glad to see them dance with each other- that made it easier to compare them side-by-side and see whom the choreographers chose to highlight and whom to hide.

    Given how this season has been all about the amazing GUYS, I thought tonight was Ladies' Night!!! Lauren and Ashley were easily the best of the night. Lauren gave one of the best ballroom/latin/swing performances I've seen from a non-ballroom dancer on this show, especially given they're only on week four. Her movement, character, and lines were excellent (this is from a guy who teaches ballroom/latin/swing). FAR better than Melinda's disastrous salsa last week. And her contemporary was outstanding. I was like, Kent who? She had so much charisma, musicality, beauty, and athleticism.

    And Ashley- I thought she held her own very well against Dominic! Great hiphop number. Definitely hit it all harder than Kent in his hiphop (although Ashley isn't Comfort, she sure did a great job with it). And she and Robert did as well as could be expected with the Quickstep. I don't know why they insist on bringing the quickstep back every season. There's the reason it's the kiss of death! There's a reason we haven't seen another country two-step or russian folk dance since the first atrocious attempts. And I'm sure the show won't lose any viewers if they replace their quicksteps with foxtrots or waltzes. Anyway, Ashley and Robert's was one of the more respectable quicksteps from non-ballroom dancers the show has ever had.

    I felt Jose's limitations really showed through. Billy's part in their duet was SO much more difficult, interesting, and dynamic. And although his commitment and performance was great in his piece with Lauren, the lifts were really simple and basic- in fact, most of Jose's part was pretty basic outside of his awesome floorwork b-boying moves Mandy worked in there. Lauren made that piece awesome. Jose was lovable and endearing, but he's clearly limited as a dancer. I still like the guy. But he just isn't quite up to the level of the others here.

    Although I'm no Adechike fan per se, I thought Kat had a fair point that the judges praised Jose for bringing his style into Bollywood and then trashed Adechike for doing the same thing. Talk all you want about "heart" or charisma, but that has nothing to do with whether bringing in your own style to a piece is praiseworthy or cringeworthy. That's just a double standard. I agreed with Mia and Adam on Adechike's jazz performance- it was the same clown character he brought last week, and the dancing wasn't good enough.

    I don't know why Robert isn't getting as many votes as the other guys. Is it the lingering effects of the fact the other guys all got backstory time during Vegas week when Robert wasn't introduced to us until he and Billy were chosen for top 11? Is it hatin' on the beautiful one? Is it that his choreographers have, for the most part, given him middle-of-the-pack routines? I don't see how you can win votes with a quickstep- he must have stolen a producer's love interest to draw that short straw. HE doesn't seem arrogant at all to me. Seems like a sweet guy.

    I don't get the big deal about Kent. Yes, he's got a cute personality and it's great to see him living out his dream. But seriously- Comfort kicked his butt in hip-hop while clearly holding herself back to about 33%, he PALED next to Lauren in the contemporary piece, Alex, Billy, Robert, and Adechike are all better contemporary dancers, and I actually find Jose and Robert more endearing personally.

    Finally, I'm heartbroken about Alex. Seriously. My favorite dancer this season, hands down. Among my top three of all time easily. I hope he can continue to compete, but I doubt that will happen I would've loved to have seen him dance Bollywood and with Anya tonight. Sure he would've been incredible.
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    Re: 7/7 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Nigel completely insulted ballroom dancers tonight. "You have an advantage over ballroom dancers, in that you have learned technique"!?! And that thing that Pasha has (remember his quickstep with Sabra?) and Robert lacks is? Maybe ballroom technique?

    To be fair, I think he misspoke. What he most likely meant was that Robert didn't take advantage of the technique he did have to show a nice position in that one step. I'd agree with him there. But the way he said it revealed what we already know -- on this show, "technique" = contemporary (or maybe ballet) technique. Other dance forms don't have any.

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    Re: 7/7 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    So impressed that Cat called the judges panel out tonight--do they believe that the viewers are so stupid that we don't notice what they do/say EVERY WEEK? At some point telling people that their spirits are what matter and the moves mean nothing becomes a bit extreme and stupid (particularly in performance art).
    Kudos to Cat!!..although I actually worry for her (I seriously get the impression that she is not a fan of "MR EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NIGEL LYTHGOE, SIR" and I don't want her to get the ax because of his pompous ass). Do you all remember when she had to correct herself on screen and announce his title (?), I think you can tell in both her comments and body language that she is not a fan (which is totally understandable). Be careful, Cat!

    Loved, LOVED Lauren tonight! And if I could vote for Courtney I would send her to the top 5 again!
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    Re: 7/7 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I am a Nigel fan, but the judging is terrible this season. Jose has not given a single good performance, unlike Legacy, Gev, Dominic, and especially Sarah, Joshua, and Russell. I get that he smiles even though he doesn't have the technique down in the slightest. He's likable but he is not a good dancer and wouldn't have made the top 10 in an ordinary top 20 year. But, I think the same thing about Kent. He moved me to tears during Vegas week but he has been nothing more than just a solid contemporary dancer and has been pretty weak in a number of routines. The one with Lauren tonight was his best and she was noticeably better. Yet I bet he wins with his aw shucks routine. The weakness of the choreography was very noticeable tonight (softening up the style of the choreography to make the dancer look better out of their element -- particularly with Kent in hip hop (Ade, Ashley and Alex schooled him and Billy).

    I also miss Alex. He won it for me last week after three fantastic performances. Billy, Jose, Kent and Adechike have struggled this year more than Alex and Robert. The two girls left are very good, especially Ashley.

    In terms of pure performance (technique, emotion, growth, etc), I give it to Alex, with Ashley a ways behind and then with Lauren, Robert and Adechike coming up the rear.

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    Re: 7/7 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I know i'm the only one here, but I agree with the judges about Adechike. He doesn't connect with me, and I had left the room for a minute, came back and did not even realize it was supposed to be Bollywood at all for a minute, as his movements were not crisp at all. If Jose doen't get voted out, he can go and it won't hurt my feelings at all. In fact, if one could leave this week and the other next week, that would be ideal in my opinion. Just because Jose didn't get critiqued as harshly doesn't make Adechike any better, and I actually preferred Jose's Bollywood (though no oter performances) I'm hopeful Alex has not hurt his Achilles tendon--I've burst mine, and it didn't really seem that Alex was in that degree of pain so maybe it's something not quite as bad. Keeping fingers crossed, as he was easily this year's best in my attention.
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    Re: 7/7 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    TopCat, I usually pretty much agree with you, but tonight, we disagree on damn near everything....

    I couldn't take my eyes off of Lauren when she was dancing with Pasha...and that's saying a LOT because my heart thunders in my chest when that sexy man is on stage...lol I really thought she held her own on that one.

    I agree with you about Jose....his routine was light. He was decent, but could have been a lot sharper.

    I thought Kent was better than Comfort, but I do have to agree.....she has improved quite a bit and I think she looks more feminine now. She was really cute tonight. That is a good look for her.

    I didn't think Adechike was very good in the dance with Courtney. It was very disjointed. Lots of pauses and getting into position. Even for Courtney, who is usually as smooth as butter. His personality was better but his dancing fell. I think it might have been the routine.

    I didn't really get into the ninja dance, either. Ashley was good, but the concept went over my head or something.

    Robert.....the doll dance. I'm not an expert by any means, but I noticed several flubs. By both of them. It was not a clean dance at all. The praise wasn't deserved. It was a cute concept though and I loved the outfits.

    Adechike....Bollywood....I loved that Cat called out the judges. That was great! If they really don't like Adechike that much, why in the hell did they pick him over that other guy (who Mia had to let down and his name has slipped my mind...the guy with the hamstring injury)? Ade did give an effort and parts of it were wonderful.

    I thought Lauren and Kent were terrific. Maybe my favorite dance of the night.

    Robert and Ashley's quick step....I thought it was sloppy. The beginning was really good though.

    Billy and Jose...my husband said it looked like two kittens romping and I have to agree. It was tame, not wild. Billy is just not impressing me this season. I will agree that his first dance was good.

    I hope that Alex gets to remain on the show. Him and Kent are my favorites and after the hip hop Alex did...I want more! MORE!!!!!!

    And Mia is a first class bitch. First Brandon and now Adechike. What is this woman's deal? It also annoys me to no end that you can hear her cackle and talking over the other judges and Cat sometimes. She's just rude.
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