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I don't think it's unfair to the guys to have guy-guy pairings. The guys are in general stronger dancers this year and (as we've seen with memorable numbers from this year's Alex/Twitch number not to mention Travis/Benji, cool number and Neil/Danny's duel of princes) guy routines can be very powerful. It's a challenge to the choreographers and we're certainly not going to get ballroom, but I don't see guy-guy or girl-girl pairings as that big a problem.

It's obvious that the producers are trying to wrap their heads around the best way to do this format: Nigel's changes for next week are a clear indication that they know SOMETHING isn't quite right in the mix, but we know that Nigel and the judges have been VERY happy with the performances the all-star format has allowed, so I don't think it's going away.
I do not understand why there are no girl pairings yet. Yes, we lost Ashley and that was a heavy blow. I respect what Lauren does when paired with her guys but I would love to see her up against an Allison or a Kathryn. That would be more of a test and challenge that she has grown as a dancer. As to the guy-guy pairings. It needs super work because the pairings (albeit from the luck of the mind of nigel) except for the alex/twitch pairing it is failing and I don't want it to fail. The luck of the draw seems to be placing the guy-guy dances with the wrong styles and the wrong partners. For example, the african jazz number where the contentests had to pair up of the hunter and the leapord would have been much better if the hunter was Adechike or Rob. The leapord could have been Adechike or Rob. Those two would have had what it took to perform either role well. The pasodoble was best suited to rob and adechike. the judges may have missed the mark but adechike did all the work and jose did nothing. The format should be if you can't peform you should automatically be up for elimination and go home. The choreographer should never have to compromise their choreography so that a dancer is more comfortable with a style foreign to themselves. I honestly, missed the old format. that allowed people to become better. Progress as nigel has put it has stopped. Sadly, only Kent seems to be adapting the fastest. where's the competition in the show?