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Thread: SYTYCD 6/24 Results Recap: Two Boys for Every Girl!

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    SYTYCD 6/24 Results Recap: Two Boys for Every Girl!

    The stage is soaked in a gory bath of red light with our remaining girls frozen in white pools of light downstage. Their numbers have shrunk down to four, and there are half a dozen guys lined up on the left side of the stage, and they deliberately move towards the girls ready to take out another one. But the girls aren’t cowering, in fact they slide over to infiltrate the men and mesh into a single big group. At this point the dance fractures into various groups, pairs, and individuals – all coupling and uncoupling as patterns merge and reform. Who will come out alive?

    Yes, this bit of metaphorical staging is courtesy of Sonya Tayeh, and she gives us the full “Sonya” treatment to the show’s opening number set to Royal T by Crookers featuring Róisín Murphy. As the first chorus comes up the girls abandon the stage as the six guys get their chance to writhe in the spotlight. The unmatched gender number is no problem for Sonya, who keeps the arrangements of bodies in flux. Everyone gets their moment to pull focus, but no one is the “star” – this is a very democratic group number. All in all a great tonic after the big dose of “bleh” we got from Tassandra last week.

    Cat Club Kit

    Cat makes her entrance as the dancers line up to her left. She is looking hot-hot-hot and ready to hit the clubs in a black leather mini-dress with a diagonal zipper running from her right breast down to her left thigh. Her hair is down with a bouncy Hollywood “bed head” wave, and she’s got some smokin’ eye shadow finishing off her sultry look. She reminds us that tonight we have the “drama and the trauma” of cutting one more girl dancer.

    She turns attention to the judges: the “lovely” Adam Shankman, the “wonderful” Mia Michaels, and Exec. Prod. Nigel Lythgoe. Nigel reminds us of National Dance Day on July 31. The Tabitha and Napoleon routine that people can download is at Dizzy Feet Foundation . And, he adds, that at the Fox SYTYCD site, they are collecting feedback on what various groups are planning to do on that day, and that they will announce some of those activities on the show.

    Highway to the Danger Zone

    Cat then gets straight on with delivering results. She brings out the first three contestants: Kent, Adéchiké, and Christina. She starts with Kent. Kent had that sexy Jazz routine with Courtney last night that I loved, and the judges didn’t quite get. (For a full description of Wednesday’s performance show, read my previous recap.) It is unfathomable that the audience, however, would abandon Mr. Adorable. Cat opens the envelope and… he is SAFE. No big surprise there.

    Adéchiké danced a beautiful Mandy Moore contemporary number last night, but got a little buried behind sparkly Allison. While his dancing is beyond criticism, he is struggling with his personality, which could hurt him in voting. But a final verdict on Adéchiké will have to wait, first Cat moves on to Christina. She opened the show last night with a thrilling “Pasha Doble” that had more twists and turns than Space Mountain at Disneyland. One of these two will be the first dancer in the bottom three. And Cat announces that the voters have abandoned… Christina. “I’m shocked”, says Adam Shankman, “I don’t get it.” So Christina goes back stage to get ready to dance, while Adéchiké is safe.

    We come back from commercial, and Cat already has the next four dancers lined up: Alex, Ashley, Melinda, and Jose. She comes first to Alex, and reminds us of his Fosse-style Broadway number with Lauren. Alex did a brilliant job, though the judges wanted something more contained. Still, Alex’s many fans should have voted for him that much harder in the face of all the lukewarm comments. If anyone is a sure bet for the finale at this point – it must be Alex. Cat quickly dispels any suspense, and announces that Alex is indeed SAFE.

    Next Cat skips unexpectedly to the end of the line, to address Jose. His Bollywood number with Kathryn was not quite all there, even though his personality helped make it entertaining. “If there was a prize for the brightest light on this show, you would have won it already”, Adam Shankman said last night. But if any guy in this competition is dangling by a thread, it has to be Jose. Did America get behind Jose’s genie number? Yes – he is SAFE. Good news for Jose, but probably bad news for the girls, since Jose was the most vulnerable guy.

    Ashley danced with Mark in a Travis Wall “breakup / make up” routine that wasn’t quite “jazzy” enough for Nigel. Still it was a big step forward from last week when she landed in the bottom. We’ll have to wait for Ashley’s results, while Cat goes on to Melinda and her Battle for Planet Earth fiasco. No diss meant to Melinda who did OK, but the costume and pretentious choreography just sat there like globs of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. I would vote Melinda as most likely to end up in the bottom three. Cat announces that the second dancer in the bottom is… Melinda. Toldja so! Ashley is SAFE.

    After a quick break to let Fox earn some money, we come back to our final set of contestants: Lauren, Billy, and Robert. Cat moves to Lauren. Last night she had the battered wife Hip-Hop with Dominic. She did a pretty good job, and was much improved from last week’s not-too-convincing flirty number with Ade. But there is one more opening in the bottom three: How likely is it that Lauren beat both Billy and Robert in votes? I have my doubts, but sure enough… YES, she did! News flash: There will be a boy in the bottom three!

    So, now it’s down to best bud’s Billy and Robert. This is, of course, reminiscent of the way they made it into the show. Back then, Adam Shankman gave them the good news that both of them would come to Hollywood to compete. But tonight it’s got to be one or the other heading towards possible elimination.

    Billy is up first. Although he is a favorite, if there ever was a week when Billy is vulnerable, this is it. His Krump with Comfort last night was beautiful – which unfortunately is not a good thing. Last night Adam commented, “You’re one of the best dancers we’ve ever had on the show, but that was a failed experiment”. Robert, on the other hand, did a killer Argentine Tango with Anya. I thought that he completely captured the dominance and confidence of the Tango, though Mia disagreed. Cat tortures the audience with this painful choice for a moment, before she announces that the final dancer in the bottom three is… Robert! Surprisingly, perhaps, Billy is SAFE. “I am shocked that you are in the bottom three”, Mia Michaels comments, though she spat on his performance last night. Typical.

    So, America, your choices for the bottom three are: Christina, Melinda, and Robert.

    Grab the Remote

    The dancers go backstage to prepare for their solos, and Cat introduces us to our guest dance act for this week. It’s street dance group RemoteKontrol. It was founded by Brian Gaynor, who we first met during Season Three auditions. He has scoliosis of the spine which limits his scope of movement. But he kept on dancing by inventing a robotic series of small movements that brought the judges to tears. They invited him to perform on the Season Three finale show. Then he came back to the Atlanta auditions last spring, where he made choreographer Joey Dowling cry and Nigel invited Brian’s group to come back to the show tonight.

    They perform to Agnus Dei by Eskmo, dressed in metallic gold baggy suits and masks. Even though the other two dancers are much taller and have full range of movement, they integrate together well with Brian and the mechanical dance sequences. The performance is short, but very entertaining.

    Dance Your Life Away

    Christina now comes on stage to do the first solo to Quimbara by Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco. She does the wild Latin shaking and spins, but it’s tough to show off ballroom all by yourself.

    Next up, Melinda is tapping to Heels by Q-Tip. And she obviously saw my notes from last week, because tonight she is in gold pumps with taps, instead of the men’s shoes she was clogging in last week. OK, new complaint: I don’t like the way they are picking up the tap sounds solely from wireless mics in the tap shoes. We also need to hear the ambient noise on the stage, both because the close mics alone sound artificial and when Melinda claps for accents, we hear nothing.

    We take a commercial break, and then come back for Robert’s solo to Everywhere I Go by Lissie. Robert is a powerful, well trained dancer. His body proportion however is less than ideal for a dancer – his legs are a bit short. This causes his torso to appear long in comparison to the legs and makes for a less pleasing line. Nothing he can do about that, though, and he gives everything he has in the solo. As he dances, he must be aware that he has a big bulls eye hanging over him since the girls have been so depleted and by simply eliminating one guy the judges can try to strategically even out the genders.

    Marching to the Same Parampapampam

    The judges are dismissed and go backstage to deliberate on the fate of the three contestants. In the meantime, we have a musical act – Costa Rican singer, Debbie Nova. Debbie is fine, but the big news for us is that she is backed by six of our All-Stars: Ade, Courtney, Neil, Comfort, Lauren and Mark. Yes! More All-Stars, please! They’ve got some hot choreography going on behind her drum-based pop song, and fortunately the dancers are given free reign of the stage. I’ve got to say that Comfort looks much better doing this than I would have thought. And, conversely, Neil (who had nothing else to do all week) seems a little sloppy next to Ade and Mark. Although he and Ade do a mean handspring / back flip across the stage. Overall, very entertaining – I hope this becomes a regular feature.

    I'll Hold on to the Memories Baby

    Nigel tells us that the decision is not unanimous tonight. He begins by asking Robert to step forward. He reminds him that they started with six guys and five girls, and sent a girl home last week. “It would have been very easy for us to say that you are going home tonight; but we’re not going to say that.” So Robert stays. Melinda is next. Nigel continues, “It was my opinion to let you go this week, but my two colleagues insisted that you stay, so congratulations”. Melinda is safe. This means that Christina, now standing alone on stage, will be leaving tonight.

    Nigel compliments Christina on her spectacular paso doble last night, and passes on some of the good input he has had on her from the choreographers. We see the reel of Christina’s show highlights. She fights back the tears as she says “I will never forget this experience – I love you guys!” As the credits roll, the dancers stream on to the stage and one by one form a huddle around Christina.

    So, what did you think of these results? Were you surprised that Robert landed in the bottom three? Who should the judges have sent home? Is there any hope for Melinda next week? Are the boys really performing better than the girls?
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    Re: SYTYCD 6/24 Results Recap: Two Boys for Every Girl!

    Thank you so much for the fabulous recap, TopCat. I'm traveling now & this was pretty much better than watching!

    I'm sad that Cristina went home - loved her firey personality and I think she had a lot of potential. I'm with Nigel, I would've sent Melinda home. I can't stand watching tap and didn't find her that impressive as Mother Earth... ah well. Cest La Vie!

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