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Thread: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    One thing I really DO like about this year is that only 1 dancer goes home each week - so many times it seemed so random with the bottom 3/6...I wouldn't mind an all summer show where there were 20 newbies, and they had an all-star work with them along with the choreographer to learn everything, and work with the couple when the choreographer is not available...but the newbies are the stars and change partners each week. Having 1 leave each week would be tough, but maybe the one with the most votes gets partnered with an all-star that odd week?

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by RealityLovesMe;3937552;
    I'm underwhelmed.
    I thought Billy blew it. He's not the star of the show anymore. He would have been last season. He really did not perform as his character! I did not enjoy it even though he danced well.
    Cristina is still my favorite girl. She did great considering this isn't her style. It was still only "good" when you don't take her style into account. It was tough dancing Sonya's choreography with Mark!
    Jose was competent. I guess this isn't his style but most people will say that this is his style. I thought Comfort did a great job. Lots of people don't like her. I thought she was pretty great tonight.
    Adechike's performance was so boring. I find it hard to blame him. I thought Kathryn was just not sexy. She was smiling the whole time. I thought that made it very difficult for them to establish the right connection. And I didn't think Travis' choreography was exciting either.
    Melinda was really cheesy. I didn't notice her legs so much because she was making all of those faces. I did notice her stiff shoulders and hands. I didn't think it was as bad as Nigel said but I was too distracted by her face to look at anything else.
    Alex performed better than I expected. Honestly, I didn't understand why this was such a big deal. He was kind of just shivering the whole time. I didn't feel the love ... but it was better than I thought Alex could do.
    Poor Alexie. This routine was terrible. Twitch was great though. The choreography was lame and the music was not suitable for hip hop. Alexie had a lot going against her. I wish someone would call out Nappy Tabs for sucking! It was not good. It was unfair to Alexie.
    Lauren didn't take advantage of this situation. She is the generic girl next door this season. Those types usually do well. She had no sex appeal and just seemed like an amateur. I think she may have been trying to perform it like Ade but she was instructed to be sexy. Fail.
    Kent was adorable. I thought he did a great job. I thought he did better than the other guys could hope to do. Those faces he made and they way he was too excited made it clear that he was an amateur. He was good but I wouldn't pay to see that!
    Ashley didn't do well considering this was her style. It wasn't horrible. I loved seeing Nigel speechless after assuming she had never been in love. I think Ashley was hurt more by the fact that we'd already seen a few slow emotional routines.
    Robert was overpraised. I love African dance. It is usually performed with arms flying all over and it is so energetic. This routine was lacking that. I'm not sure who is to blame but that left me feeling disappointed.
    I pretty much agree with almost everything you said, with the exception that Alexie is my favorite.

    Personally, I thought some of them did much better than I expected. My folks and I especially liked Jose and Comfort, and Kent and Anya, simply because we felt their dances were the most fun to watch.

    Alex's dance was great, but I honestly cannot see the enormous amount of praise being heaped that way. Best dance on the show, ever? Nope, no, no way, no how, not buying it. And Robert was indeed overpraised. cannot stand neither him nor Billy.

    I am not enjoying this season much at all, compared to others. The newbies don't compare to the ones who returned in terms of skill, and the over-pimping of the male dancers, to the point of making an extra spot for just one more guy instead of being fair and make it a Top 12, it just smells six kinds of funky, I actually feel sorry for the girls.

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    The one thing I do like about this format is seeing how the all stars have grown. They pretty much dance flawlessly now and it's wonderful to see how they've matured as dancers. On that note, I'd love to see an all star show with just all stars.
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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Billy - I thought this routine was fun. And that is saying a lot for me because I normally detest Tyce's work. I barely recognized Billy in this show - they changed his hair significantly, slapped some make-up on him, and possibly even tanned him up a bit.

    Cristina - I looooove Sonya's choreography. However, I didn't think Christina did the best job in it. It was respectable, but at the end I was wishing I could have seen a stronger dancer perform this routine with Mark.

    Jose - Meh. It was okay. I thought the B-boy segment was too long.

    Adechike - Well I didn't think this was as atrocious as some of you. I have never been a Katherine fan, but I thought she did a nice job in this routine. I also enjoyed the routine, but I do agree that it should have put more focus on Adechike.

    Melinda - I don't like her. For some reason she just doesn't strike me as "genuine". I thought her kicks in the jive were strong, but I did think something was off and after hearing the judges comments, I think it was related to her turn out.

    Alex - He is an excellent dancer and I really like him. I can't agree that it was the best overall performance EVER, but I really enjoyed it.

    Alexie - She is definitely "cute". However, I didn't think she did a bad job and I'd like to see more of her.

    Lauren - Ugh. The music choice was awful and she had ZERO chemistry with Ade.

    Kent - It is so much fun watching him dance! He looks so excited he might burst!! And I thought he did a respectable job in ballroom.

    Ashley - I thought this was forgettable also. The choreo felt completely generic to me. I am interested to see her do something else next week.

    Robert - I enjoyed the African Jazz routine. It definitely had a different vibe that the more "standard" African stuff they have done in the past, but I kinda liked that. I also thought Robert was overpraised though. His hands-on-the-face, oh-my-gosh-you-really-like-me facial expressions were really too far over the top for me. It felt acted.

    My least favorites of the night were Lauren and Melinda.

    ETA - I don't mind this new format, even though I do wish we could have had a top 20. And I am SOOO glad they got rid of that video wall thing they had last year. I found it completely distracting. I am much happier with the lights.

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Alex Wong and Kent Boyd are my favorites. I would be very happy if they are the last 2 standing. I also think that the praise that Allison and Alex received last night was well deserved. Let's not forget that the experience watching it live is totally different from watching it on TV. The dance was very emotionally charged and if I remember, one of the judges said you could hear a pin drop and Nigel who said that they could hear the breathing from Allison and Alex. It is when you have this impact on the audience and the judges when you know the dance was amazing. Was it the best dance ever? It's all subjective, but I thought it is one of the two best dances in SYTYCD history, IMHO. Interestingly enough the other dance I thought was the best dance ever was the "Bird" dance with Hoak and Allison.

    Someone here posted something about Alex being a professional and should not be in the show. Well, I think many of the contestants have some professional dancing experience anyway, like Billy who has danced on Broadway or Alexei who was backup dancer to a few big celeb singers. So Alex deserves a place in the show. Don't think he will win though because Kent Boyd beats everyone with his personality hands down and will generate a lot of votes. But I will enjoy watching Alex while he's on the show as he's amazing to watch.

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Introduction - What is up with the camera work? They kept zooming in and then panning out and then veering wildly to one side and then the other to the point where we barely caught a glimpse of some of the dancers, could they make it more obvious that they are trying to bury Adechike? Poor kid, all we got was glimpse of his smiling face before the camera went crazy again.

    Cat - Looked like a very pretty peacock.

    Billy - expected so much more from him due to all the hype, he is either vastly over rated or suffered greatly due to the one-two punch of a Tyce routine and Lauren mugging. For me, when Lauren dances she comes off as so desperate for approval that it completely sours the entire routine for me. This routine had very little dancing and I'm hoping that is the reason Billy fell so flat.

    Cristina - poor girl, the economy woes are affecting even this show since the wardrobe department clearly didn't have enough money to buy an entire outfit for her and instead she was left with only part of one....the missing leg was glaring and all I could stare at! This was not a good routine, she looked like she was being dragged around by Mark from pose to pose with very little dancing in between. Good thing she's so cute otherwise she'd be in trouble and she just might be because of another really cute female dancer who also got lost.

    Jose - contemporary hip hop? Really? Can we please, please, please find some other hip hop choreographers than these two bozo's? I'm so sick of their routines, they are always complete misses and make the poor dancer saddled with their crap look horrible. Again, very little dancing but tons of mugging and posing going on with this routine and Comfort is every bit as horrible as I remember her being.

    Adechike - Gah....another Travis THEAWESOME! routine. He's quickly sinking down to Tyce level for me, this routine was dreadful. Another dancer who was given very little to do and then was blamed for not "filling in the spaces" when it is the choreographer who should be taken to task. These are some very talented kids! We have all seen them in auditions, give them something to sink their teeth into and enough with this nonsense. Who let the singer from DWTS on this show? That was a horrible rendition of this song! The song, the choreographer, the all-star eating up the stage and not dancing/connecting with her partner...no wonder poor Ade came off looking so bad.

    Melinda - There was somebody dancing with Pasha? I didn't notice. Pasha - a major camera hog/show boat (and I actually mean that in a good way unlike the way Lauren is), I feel sorry for anybody given him or Anya. They will completely vanish. If she doesn't go home tonight, she needs to keep her tongue in her mouth when dancing. Nobody wants to see that thing flapping around.

    Alex - *sighs* I love him. His lines, his leaps, even the way he points his toes while defying gravity just leaves me breathless. He was flawless, he made me forget for a moment how much I've come to loathe this over used song. Poetry in motion and I'm so very happy we get the chance to watch him. I had no idea who he was before this show but I will definitely be on the look out for him now in whatever he decides to do after this show.

    Alexie - so adorable! Gah, I'm so over these routines by the contemporary/hip hop duo. This was crap, even Twitch looked horrible in it. I really don't have much to say other than if she isn't in the bottom three, I will be very surprised. It will be either her or Cristiana. Depends on which one the audience finds "cuter" and less threatening....which I think will be Cristina.

    Lauren - This looked like a cheer routine! I kept waiting for them to bust out the poms poms. She is so cute! I felt almost bad for her that Mandy did this to her. Of course she danced this stiffly, the choreography called for it and she did what she was told. I did see the strong disconnect though but I don't really blame her for this. Mandy's fault for this crud of a routine.

    Kent - I have a feeling that he could do absolutely nothing from now till the end of the season other than giggle and smile and will win. He has this competition sewn up, the rest should just go home. I'm not saying that because he's my favorite (I do like him) but just based off the posts and the comments being made every where about him. The good thing about this routine is that he wasn't swallowed up by Anya. The bad thing was that it looked like she was trying to do just that. Adam just about killed me with his comment because it was exactly like that! Like he'd fallen into the cage of a wild animal that was trying to eat him and he was dancing around trying to not be eaten.

    Ashley - Hmmm....technically sound however, I just don't know about her. She's been so under the radar that it's hard to get a read on her. The routine? Very sterile feeling, however, this is Tyce so I'm willing to give her a pass if she makes it through tonight to see if she does better with somebody else.

    Robert - Another I'm not too sure about. He seems interesting, like he could come out of nowhere and take the title away from Kent and Alex with nobody ever seeing it coming. The camera work was horrible on this routine, the wide shots made it impossible to see what they were doing.

    Best of the night: Alex, Robert
    Worst of the night: Melinda, Adechike, Alexie
    In danger of going home: Melinda, Adechike, Alexie/Cristina/Ashley (the last three girls are so interchangeable that it's really hard to predict which one it will be).
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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    I am watching all the shows a day late. So I haven't seen the results show yet. As for this performance show:

    1) Liking the new set. MUCH better than the video screen and all the odd set pieces from the past year or two.

    2) I have to go back and re-watch at least the first few dances. I'm finding myself trying to focus on the contestant. I TOTALLY didn't get the excitement over the Sonya/Alex/Allison number. But I realize it may be because I was watching it as much as possible to the exclusion of watching Allison. This is a side effect of the new format I was afraid of. (Upon reading others responses in this thread, it appears I am FAR from the minority when it comes to not "getting" the brouhaha over this number.)

    3) I REALLY hope the judges cut down a little on the jokey banter. A little is fine. But they just went on and on and on on this episode. Even Cat got too much into it. Considering the press for time on a live show (jury is out on that, I don't see the need), I'd have thought they'd be more cognizant of their need to SHUT. UP.

    4) I'm seeing a problem in the choreographers maybe not purposefully choreographing FOR the all-star, but maybe needing to step-up on highlighting the CONTESTANT more. Example: Christina & Mark/Sonya Jazz. Christina was the "snake?" Looked more to me like Mark was. And, again, I was trying desperately to watch Christina and NOT Mark. It was very difficult because the better moves were his.

    5) Individual observations:
    Billy & Lauren - I really wasn't thrilled.
    Adechike & Kathryn - Kathryn just SMOLDERED. Adechike? Fizzled. I blame the choreography.
    I thought Melinda did better than she was given credit for in the Jive. But I'm not the expert.
    Alexie & Twitch - Totally agreed with the judges. Alexie was so cutesy, not tight & tough enough.
    Lauren & Ade - WOW. She totally missed the attitude her character needed. Otherwise, I would have loved that routine.
    Kent & Anya - Wow. He surprised me.
    Ashley & Neil - I need to re-watch this. Did anyone else get the feeling that something is going on between the two of them? Neil looked absolutely overwhelmed with emotions at the end there. And Ashley's reply to Nigel that she "thinks she's in love?" Hmmm...
    Robert & Courtney - agree 100% with TCDC. I liked it, but Robert needed to be more earthy & feral. He's interesting to me the way he is to the judges.

    Now to watch the results show...

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Fierce Critter;3939778;
    Ashley & Neil - I need to re-watch this. Did anyone else get the feeling that something is going on between the two of them? Neil looked absolutely overwhelmed with emotions at the end there. And Ashley's reply to Nigel that she "thinks she's in love?" Hmmm...
    Nah, Neil is just a performer. He had some amazing routines on his season (in partucular the number Mia choreographed about her father) where his facial expressiveness was amazing. He throws himself into the number emotionally as well as physically, which is one of the reasons I was rooting for him during his season.

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    Re: 6/16 Performance Show discussion *Spoilers*

    [QUOTE=Harmony2000;3938602;]Introduction - What is up with the camera work? They kept zooming in and then panning out and then veering wildly to one side and then the other to the point where we barely caught a glimpse of some of the dancers, could they make it more obvious that they are trying to bury Adechike? Poor kid, all we got was glimpse of his smiling face before the camera went crazy again.
    I was thinking the same thing a camera finally got to a contestant and vroom right away!

    I am hoping that the choreography seeming to be for the all star was the first week thing - the choreographers knew who they'd have...and hopefully they'll also have to swap around their all star (women/men/others, esp. with the contemporary folks)...so it won't seem so staged.

    I too was so focused on watching the contestant and not the all-star that I didn't get as wrapped up in the DANCE overall as I have in years past. Hope this changes!

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