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Thread: Season 7

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    Re: Season 7

    I loved Adam Shankman when he was a guest judge. When he got a permanent seat at the panel, it was sort of like... too much of a good thing. I got tired of him towards the end.

    I'm glad Mary is back to (possibly) choreographing, but I will really miss her on the panel. It's not the same without Mary Murphy as a judge. Hopefully she'll guest judge soon.

    Lastly, I'm not too sure about Mia being a permanent judge. That would mean that she's not choreographing, right? I may be in the minority, but I love her stuff here and there. She's either hit or miss. But when she hits, she really gets it.

    Right now, I'm getting ready for the latest season by catching up on the third season of Australia's version online. I prefer the US version still, but the Australians know how to make reality television. Their show is better produced (example: the pre-packages are better and allow the audience to get to know the dancers better). But the reason why I still prefer the US version is because we have better choreographers and better dancers. Now only if we could combine the two...
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    Re: Season 7

    Just when you get used to Mary ... lol! It will take forever to get used to the new panel.

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