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Thread: Favorite Season Six Routines

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    Favorite Season Six Routines

    Well, we're coming in to the final week. What are the best routines of this season? What do you want to see again?

    Here are my favorites.
    • Elenore & Ryan Jazz with Sonja to Arcadia (10/21) - The Angel and Demon dance. It was the first week of the competition and Ryan was working way outside of his style. But Sonya didn't hold back any of her quirky creativity on this paux de death between two otherworldly beings. Ellenore's first of several memorable collaborations with Sonya.
    • Nathan & Mollee - Bollywood - Nakul Dev Mahajan to Azeem O Shaan (11/3) - The Warrior Prince - Probably Nathan's high point on the show. After a beautiful dramatic opening, Nakul combined Nathan's classical moves with Bollywood to wonderful effect. Stunning sharp dancing and commitment from both Mollee and Nathan.
    • Ryan & Ellenore - Argentine Tango - Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo to Vilointango (11/3) - Yes, the one where Ellenore's dress was snagged on her heel for most of the number. But even without the extra wardrobe drama, this was a smokin' tango. Ryan kept the aggressive pressure on throughout the dance and Ellenore never wavered.
    • Jakob & Ashleigh – Hip Hop – NappyTabs to Watcha Say - Cheating & Texting. No one would expect a great Hip-Hop from these two - but this was NappyTabs best routine of the season. The character work in particular pulled Ashleigh through. Jakob was right on the money with his acting as well - but the movement. He hit that hard, and at the same time there was a fluidity of movement and acting that made it all look easy. Great work.
    • Ryan & Ellenore – Contemporary – Travis Wall (11/17) - Former Lovers. Travis is the new Mia. He gives us moves we've never seen before, like Elenore throwing herself into a backwards spin in Ryan's arms. Once again, Ryan delivers a memorable contemporary routine, showing a versatility we've never seen in any of our previous ballroom guys.
    • Jakob & Ashleigh - Lyrical Jazz - Sonya Tayeh to Time Flies (11/24) - Contentment. This is the first time Jakob is performing anything close to his style, and it is a stunning number. No flailing; no frantic jumping around. This is smooth and very controlled. The way he just lifts his leg 90 degrees and then holds it there like it is nothing, then slowly lowers it - amazing. Ashleigh may not have the spectacular moves, but she holds her own here.
    • Jakob & Ashleigh -Cha Cha - Jean-Marc Genereux (11/24) - Cha Cha Chair. "It's Ashleigh's world and we're just visiting", declared Adam. Ashleigh takes the upper hand in this number, and Jakob is along for the ride.
    • Nathan and Kathryn: Broadway – Spencer Liff to Choreography from White Christmas (12/1) Beautiful old fashioned film musical choreography. Nathan and Kathryn executed this to perfection. My only complaint - Why couldn't Nigel have brought Spencer in to do something like this for Evan last season?
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    Re: Favorite Season Six Routines

    Mine would be:
    • Jakob & Ashleigh - Time Flies Lyrical Jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh
    • Ryan & Ellenore - Your Ex-Lover is Dead Contemporary choreographed by Travis Walls
    • Kathryn & Legacy - 2 Steps Away Contemporary choreographed by Stacey Tookey
    • Jakob & Ashleigh - Watcha Say Hip-Hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon
    • Ryan & Noelle - Jeux d'Eau Smooth Waltz choreographed by JT Thimas & Toman Mielnicki
    • Ellenore & Jakob - Tore My Heart Contemporary choreographed by Sonya Tayeh
    • Kathryn & Ryan - Put Your Hands on Me Cha-Cha choreographed by Jason Gilkison
    • Kathryn & Legacy - "On & On" Hip Hop choreographed by Dave Scott. (Not a fan of Dave, but Kathryn was killing the routine)

    And I would like to see:
    • Ashleigh & Russell - Too Much Booty 2 Hip Hop choreographed by Shane Sparks.

      Not a fan of Shane, but I love street Hip Hop and from the rehersal footage, Ashleigh and Russell seem to almost kill it. It's really unfortunate that Ashleigh got hurt on the performance day.

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