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Thread: 12/8 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 12/8 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    I agree with French Dip--Ellenore and Legacy. But I don't vote either, so I don't really get a say!

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    Re: 12/8 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    You know....I would vote if I thought it would matter.
    Meaning....limit how many votes you can make by phone and online, like DWTS does.

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    Re: 12/8 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    I keep seeing Ashleigh did not work as hard, but didn't she practice up until dance time almost? To me she did put in the hard work, and she is leagues better than Elinore, and more enjoyable to me than Kathryn.

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    Re: 12/8 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    I think it is tough this season...and the fact that they ae doing a finale with 6 makes it more difficult to vote someone "out"...

    As for the performance last night....

    Mollee: I think she is a cutie and a huge ball of fire and energy, but her dancing (not her gymnastics) needs some maturing IMHO. She is conitnually over pimped by the judges, but I am thinking she is pulling in the majority of the "younger" voters.

    Jakob: I do think the boy was born with NO bones!..he is a truly talented dancer, but I think he lacks stage presence. I must say that both numbers he and Mollee danced were certainly suited for them (style wise) they should both take the advice of the judges and stick with that style of dancing for their future.

    Legacy I loved the first dance, I thought the "timing" between he and Ellenore was spot on and I enjoyed the routine. However, not alot of "dancing" going on, I think he will slide into the finale as he seems to have a decent fan base.

    Ellenore: I love Ellenore's personality, I think the problem with Ellenore is that she is forgettable.

    Ryan: I don't see him making the finale-I don;t think he has a broad enough fan appeal for the massess, he is a terrific ballroom style dancer but he lacks personality and a "connection" with voting fans

    Kathryn: I love this girl, I think she has stage presence and her solo last night was terrifc! She is really turing up the performance level. The downfall is that her and Ellenore are so similar that it could knock her out of the finale...but I will keep my fingers crossed, as I want to see more of her!

    Russell: I have loved Russell from the beginning, but I am becoming less attracted to his dancing and am more attracted to his personality...his dancing for me has stalled..and the fact that he once again had no partner last night was a let down.

    Ashleigh: didn't like her in the beginning, she grew on me...but still doesn't have any WOW factor for me....the fact that she was unable to perform last night, was a let down as I wanted to see her and Russell together. She may very well get the sympathy vote and end up in the finale

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