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Thread: SYTYCD 12/2 Results Recap: And Then There Were Eight

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    SYTYCD 12/2 Results Recap: And Then There Were Eight

    Greetings readers! I’m filling in for the fabulous Iguanachocolate for the results show, as she is recovering from too much Mary Murphy exposure. I’m quite sure the sight of the professionally tousled hair atop Cat Deeley’s head will perk her right up.

    The show gets off to an old-school rock start, with the top ten performing a group dance to It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me by the king of all Long Island bad drivers, Billy Joel. Everyone’s dressed in black and the dance is something of a hybrid of the last big scene in Grease, a fight dance, and a smattering of showcase moves for the dancers. Tyce choreographed the routine, for those of you who keep track.

    America votes, dancers try not to crap their pants while waiting for Cat to spill the beans.

    The usual judging panel is on deck—Adam, Mary, and Nigel—but they won’t be doing the eliminations any more as it is all up to the voting public. After a look back at what happened last night (which you can read all about in lildago’s here) it is time to hear who is safe and who will do their last dance of the show in a few minutes.

    It is first time to break the bad news to the ladies. Ellenore is safe, jumps for joy, and runs off stage. Mollee is told the same good news so she goes to join Ellenore. Cat skips over Ashleigh, who is next in line, and on to Noelle who is sadly in the bottom two. Ashleigh and Kathryn clasp hands and hear the news: Kathryn is in the bottom, and Ashleigh is safe.

    Next, Cat brings on the bad news for the gents. Ryan is the first to hear he’s in the bottom two. She skips over to Russell, who from the screams of the fans in the audience, should be safe…and he is. Jakob—another scream-receiver—is also safe. So it comes down to Nathan and Legacy; Legacy’s fans heeded Adam’s call to vote for him to save him and Nathan is in the bottom two.

    Filling time while awaiting the real reason we watch this show.

    While the bottom four head off to prepare for their solos, The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers perform to Yellow by Vitamin String Quartet. These fellows (well there are some gals in there too, but mostly guys) do a hip-hop routine with some pop & locking to an amazingly calm all-strings version of the song. There’s a nice juxtaposition of the soothing music to the energetic dancing, all while wearing what look like modified school uniforms. I’m sure there’s an allusion to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in there, but I never made it through the movie nor the comic.

    As is tradition on SYTYCD, the bottom four get a shot at a final television performance. Noelle performs first to Every Time It Rains by Charlotte Martin. It’s a contemporary little dance with a lot of extensions and a few leaps. Adam is disappointed she’s in the bottom because she showed so much promise the night before.

    Ryan bounds out next for his solo to Rock You Like a Hurricane by the Scorpions. Just for the music choice, I hope this guy is safe! He dances like he wants to rock someone like a hurricane, or at least a strong tropical storm. Mary compliments him on being one of the best ballroom dancers ever on the show and really great at teamwork.

    Next up, Kathryn takes the stage to Beautiful by Bethany Dillon. She does a contemporary dance with some ballet-type moves and conveys a lot of emotion. Mary is shocked that Kathryn is in the bottom, as she’s done everything asked of her with poise and elegance. She thinks Kathryn makes it look to easy so the audience didn’t see the real effort.

    Finally, Nathan performs to Pretty Wings by Maxwell. The dance starts out with a lot of writhing on the floor and it kind of goes from there to leaps, and wear arm bird-like movements. He looks visibly upset when facing the judges. Nigel’s only advice is to stay on the path he’s on and he has impressed a lot of the choreographers so far. Nathan perks up a bit at Nigel’s positive comments.

    Of course we can’t get the results right away, so we have to sit through Snoop Dogg performing and Quest dancing along. Snoop is wearing what appears to be a nautical rope made of gold and his microphone is blinged out with sparkly stones, including his name on it with the same sparkly stones. I’m not saying they were diamonds, but I’m sure he wanted us to think that. Who knows, they may have been. Snoop amuses me to no end…he’s a rapper, he performs on SYTYCD, and he turned up at the local Rotary Club meeting a few months back. Clearly he’s a man of many interests.

    The wait is over…time for new “amazing journeys” to begin.

    Finally, we get to the results. The eliminated girl is Noelle, and Kathryn is safe. Noelle gets a big hug from Cat and Noelle keeps a smile on her face. I guess America doesn’t like office harassment in their dance. She tearfully—but with a smile—says she’ll miss everyone, especially her best friend Mollee. And, in Bachelor style, she says it’s been an amazing journey.

    On to the guys…the guy who got the fewest votes is Nathan, and Ryan goes back to join the rest of the safe dancers. He too had an “amazing journey” but there’s not time enough for him to say more. Ahh, the lad is young—he has plenty of time to keep growing as a dancer.

    Just two more weeks to go until the winner of Season 6 is crowned!

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    Re: SYTYCD 12/2 Results Recap: And Then There Were Eight

    Had to check and see who got eliminated since I blew 2 hours of my life watching the performances. Great recap, PG!
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