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Thread: SYTYCD 11/24 Recap: All This Dancing Made My Feet Hurt

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    SYTYCD 11/24 Recap: All This Dancing Made My Feet Hurt

    This week the competition heats up on SYTYCD, as these are the performances that will determine the top ten. Each of the remaining six couples will get two shots at winning the hearts and minds of the viewers and voters through their performances. It’s an action-packed episode with little filler, so let’s just get to it, shall we?

    Cat Deeley arrives in an asymmetrical teal short dress and insanely high gladiator sandals to introduce the judges: Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe. Not only will this show determine the top ten, it will also be the last time the dancers perform in their current pairs, as their partners will be randomly chosen from here on in. So, to pack in a little sentimentality before the dances, each dancer is asked what they will miss most about their current partner.

    You better bet your bippy that Mary loves the Lindy Hop.

    Ellenore and Ryan are up first. She says he’ll miss his perfectionism and excellence at lifts. He’ll miss her quirky personality and making everything fun. Their first dance is the Lindy Hop, as choreographed by Carla Heiney and performed to I’ve Got To Be A Rug Cutter by the Boilermaker Jazz Band. As promised, the dance offers a lot of flips, lifts, and slides that look like if done incorrectly would break ankles. The bit when Ellenore swung around Ryan and under his legs impressed me.

    The judges agreed. Adam thought it was a great way to start the show; Ryan did well especially with his back trouble and Ellenore is getting better and better every week. Mary loved that Carla brought back the Lindy Hop and she thinks they captured the right feel to the dance. Nigel liked that Ryan accounted for his a bit-too-tall stature for the Lindy Hop and Ellenore did a great job though the Lindy Hop isn’t her usual style.

    For their second dance, Ellenore and Ryan picked a Broadway routine by Spencer Liff. The dance is about the temptation of fame: Ellenore will be tempted by Ryan and do whatever he says. They perform the dance to Razzle Dazzle from the original Broadway cast recording of Chicago. Oh, Jerry Orbach, how I miss you! Ellenore conveys the controlled aspect pretty well but also kind of looks like a rag doll at times. Ryan may just give Hugh Jackman a run for the money.

    Adam loved Spenser’s choreography—it was true Broadway choreography and they nailed it. Ryan was great but Ellenore rocked it. Mary thought Ryan got the character and was a true professional; Ellenore has a unique quality and is the “It” girl…and says “it” like 80 more times. Nigel was impressed that they brought the characters to the choreography.

    Legacy should dance with a box of Kleenex.

    Legacy and Kathryn talk about their partnership: he’ll miss her help getting flexible and she’ll miss him getting them into character before their performances. Their first dance is a jazz routine choreographed by Sonya Tayen about a guy who gets quivery when he sees his lady and involves biting Kathryn’s hand. They perform to So Deep by Hot Chip; the dance starts out with Legacy doing what I can only describe as a bounding backwards crawl across the floor. Overall, it’s a pretty athletic dance.

    Adam starts off by complimenting Sonya on her routine, saying it was smart incorporating Legacy’s B-Boy skills into the jazz routine. He thinks it’s a shame that this pair is going to be broken up. Mary gets my question answered and apparently the backwards bounding crawl is a “crabwalk”. She said Kathryn did a great job technically as well. Nigel thinks this was one of his favorite routines of the season. Kathryn had a mature sexiness and impressed by the musicality Legacy finally has shown.

    For their second performance, Legacy and Kathryn do a Viennese waltz choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereaux and France Mousseau about a guy who hasn’t been able to show off his dance skills and will be helped by the girl. They perform to Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. It’s an elegant dance with lovely lifts and to me they seem in sync but we’ll wait for the judges.

    Adam notes Legacy crying again; Legacy was wrapped up in the hope he was trying to convey in his dance. Nigel can’t be mean to him after that comment. Adam thinks he did well for his first try at ballroom and Kathryn did a great job. Mary thinks they’ll both be okay, but it wasn’t the best Viennese waltz for Legacy but Kathryn did a great job and never has a bad moment. Nigel did see errors in Legacy’s dance but Kathryn is perfection.

    Donald Duck does tango, but not hip hop.

    Karen and Victor are a brand new couple, since they both lost their partners last week. He’s excited to work with her because Karen’s been on Mary’s Hot Tamale Train twice and he wants a ride too. She’s looking forward to working with him because they both speak Spanish. They first do a secret love tango choreographed by Tony Meridith and Melanie Lapatin performed to Montserrat by Orquesta del Plata. Even though they’re all in black on a black stage, the dance really did pop out of the darkness.

    Adam said the new partnership ended up working out well; Victor had a great stature and Karen kept the energy going on even in the stillness. Mary thought it was really good; she didn’t think Victor would be able to pull it off but he did, especially given the difficulty of the choreography. Karen is still on the Hot Tamale Train, but Victor is not quite there yet, although he is gaining steam or buying a ticket at the counter or some such nonsense Mary is famous for. Nigel loved the intensity of the chemistry but cautions Victor about sticking his butt out like Donald Duck as he walks across the floor though that was the only bad thing he can say about him. Karen has the quality that people are compelled to watch her.

    Karen and Victor’s second routine is a hip hop dance choreographed by Laurieann Gibson about moving a mountain, a bit too literally performed to Moving Mountains by Usher. Victor needs a push because he’s been in the bottom twice, but Karen thinks they’ll get it right. Seems to me, they both try too hard to make their moves look crisp but they do some nice lifts.

    Adam saw a lot of commitment and intensity but something didn’t match the music—it was an angry dance to a non-angry song. Sounds like a choreographer problem to me. He’s impressed that Karen got hip hop coming from a ballroom background, and liked Victor. Mary just didn’t find anything memorable about it, unlike the earlier tango. Nigel would have preferred being left with the tango rather than this dance and didn’t see anything positive about it.

    So that’s where my can-can Halloween costume went!

    The very young-seeming Nathan and Mollee talk about their partnership. He’ll miss Mollee’s laugh, which is quite giggly. Mollee is going to miss Nathan’s weird noises and sayings that he just blurts out. Their first dance is a hip hop routine choreographed by Jamal Sims about Bell inventing the telephone to Ring-A-Ling by the Black Eyed Peas. It’s a very whimsical dance and they really look like they’re having a good time performing it. I liked the little crash to the ground that ended it, even if it split Nathan’s pants.

    Adam noticed a couple of bobbles on Mollee’s part, probably due to her injured ankle. Nathan’s love for hip hop is apparent but Mollee was a bit soft on some of the moves. Mary thought it picked up steam going along, and some things were off, but overall a good job. Nigel thought the routine was a performed a bit twee and is looking forward to them moving on to more mature partners.

    Nathan and Mollee’s second dance is a SYTYCD first—the can-can. I scoured the city looking for a can-can girl outfit for Halloween and they were always sold out. Who knew SYTYCD was hording them! The dance was choreographed by Tyce Diorio. It’s a stamina-intense dance and they perform it to the Cancan Suite by Offenbach/Ponchielli. Mollee’s outfit actually reminds me more of a candy striper but whateves. There were the required kicks and they looked like they had fun, but weren’t together on several moves.

    Adam saw a couple of Energizer bunnies; Nathan was showcased by the routine and Mollee did a great leap even with a bad ankle. Mary was similarly impressed at Mollee’s dance given the ankle injury. She really enjoyed the dance. Nigel informs us that the real can-can involved the lady not wearing any underwear, but that wasn’t the case here. He thinks they were the perfect couple to do this dance because they did everything asked of them.

    Please don’t get paint on Cat Deeley!

    Noelle and Russell seem like the perfect couple. She’ll miss his laid-back personality and he’ll miss her affection and enthusiasm. Their first dance will be a samba choreographed by Tony Meridith and Melanie Lapatin performed to Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira. This is the first time for them both doing a samba and they know it will be difficult. They do a couple of good lifts but it strikes Noelle doesn’t really have the hips of Shakira. Not that it’s either good or bad, but I know from hips.

    Adam says the dance was a little too nice and didn’t really enter into the nasty party version of the samba. Apparently he wanted them grinding on each other. Mary would rather her samba not be that dirty, but sees his point. She did like the performance and saw the joy Russell had and Noelle had some crazy shaking going on but not quite enough. Nigel found Noelle’s dance a bit clinical and not sexy enough. He was impressed with Russell picking up the samba without any further training.

    Noelle and Russell’s second dance—a contemporary routine—was also choreographed by Tyce Diorio. The idea behind the dance is to paint a picture of their relationship by Russell painting his face all over Noelle’s chest. The perform to A Case of You by Diana Krall; they really do use paint and are truly all over one another, almost “get a room” all over.

    Adam finds the literal paint aspect interesting and found the dance to be gorgeous. He thinks they are safe to the next round. Mary thought the routine was clever and they put out a gorgeous, seamless routine. Nigel thinks the dance is a great routine to get guys dancing. Noelle was able to commit to the moves because of her trust in Russell and Russell has moved far beyond just being a street dancer.

    I like my jazz well-fed.

    Ashleigh and Jakob are really great buds; she’ll miss her friendship with Jakob and he says the same about her. Their first dance is a lyrical jazz routine choreographed by Sonya Tayen and performed to Time Flies by Lykke Li. It is a gentle, airy routine with smooth jumps and lifts.

    Adam is speechless at the beauty of the performance. The only bad thing he sees is Jakob’s tight purple pants. He’s sad to see them split up because they’ve both grown, especially Ashleigh. Mary sees the genuine fun and chemistry the two of them have together. Jakob has great technical skill and Ashleigh is no longer a surprise contender but the real deal. Nigel has recounted his vote and now makes this his favorite routine and professes his love for Sonya’s work. He adds that while Jakob helped Ashleigh, she brought the skills to be in a partnership from her ballroom background.

    Their second dance is a cha-cha choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereaux and France Mousseau. Ashleigh has done the cha-cha before, but Jakob has never done one. They dance to Cha Cha Heels (Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit) by Rosabel featuring Jeanie Tracy. Jakob seems to be a quick learner, because the cha-cha looks just like what I, in my very limited experience, would expect.

    Adam said the dance was Ashleigh’s world and they were all just visiting. Jakob did great, even performing the faces such as the “Hungry Jazz” face and the pointing. They are his couple of the night. Mary is impressed with Ashleigh knows how to use her legs and such confidence. Jakob did a respectable job and was there to help Ashleigh do what she does. Nigel was impressed with Jakob’s leap over the chair and was impressed with the routine’s choreography, though he was worried at the description. Nigel thinks they are definitely top ten material.

    So, who will make it through to the top ten? Check back for Iguanachocolate’s results show recap!

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    Re: SYTYCD 11/24 Recap: All This Dancing Made My Feet Hurt

    Great recap. Though, it's Sonya Tayeh... not Tayen

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