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Thread: Missed Monday's show

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    Missed Monday's show

    Anyone know where I could see it? My dvr missed it because the schedule showed baseball.

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    Re: Missed Monday's show

    My DVR showed it set to record, then just didn't. Man I have a lot of problems with our box!
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    Re: Missed Monday's show

    It's the goofy baseball schedule that is still up in the air 24 hours in advance. Some DVR's only check for schedule updates once a day, so they are apt to miss last minute changes.

    SYTYCDism has video links for the Top 20 Intro show. Enjoy!

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    Re: Missed Monday's show

    It's up on that site where people upload clips from tv. Search for Meet the Top 20, also try SYTYCD Meet the Top 20. In the past these got taken down fairly quickly due to the magical gnomes on patrol with the show, not sure if they do that anymore but they are still up right now.

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