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Thread: SYTYCD6 10/21 Episode Recap: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

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    SYTYCD6 10/21 Episode Recap: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    Hello Fort dance fans, paridy here to give you the big reveal of Season 6’s Top 20. Finally . Cat Deeley (Glinda the Good Witch) brings the thirty-eight dancers that are left, to the torture holding room and tells them they will be called one at a time to learn their fate from the wizards aka the judges. So let’s get to the action shall we.


    Glinda oops I mean Cat tells Nathan Trasoras to follow the yellow brick road to where the wizards judges await. The panel tonight includes Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Adam Shankman, a bald Mia Michaels, Tyce DiOrio and Debbie Allen. Mia gives good news to Nathan he is the youngest member and the first of the Season 6’s top 20.


    Now the bad news the montage of dancers that didn’t make the cut, including ballet dancer David Hovhannisyan. He learned a lot in Vegas - including hip hop. David is not a member of the Top 20, and the dancers were shocked that David was let go. Also let go were two other dancers, Jake and Brandon, the judges appreciated their talent and asked them to try again next year.

    Amber Jackson was up next. This powerhouse and amazing technical dancer didn't have the performance quality the judges were looking for during her hometown audition. In Vegas, she brought out her personality. As Amber approached the judges, Mary told her she is stunning and her technique is exquisite, but said that is not enough - the judges are looking for even more personality and she wasn’t on their storyboard for this year and she just didn’t have it. Amber won't be in the Top 20 this season, but the judges believe in her. The dancers are so happy shocked to find out about Amber that they jump up out of their chair and some cry (while secretly thinking yay it wasn’t me).


    Krumper Russell Ferguson is anxiously awaiting the decision of the judges is he in or out? (Like Heidi would say on Project Runway) The judges tell him he is “authentic” (Huh) and he is in the top 20. Also making into the top 20, Kathryn McCormick (who already annoys me by crying and babbling in front of the judges that even Uncle Nigel cringed). More top 20 dancers include Channing Cooke (the ice cream scooper), BFFs Mollee Gray and Noelle Marsh. Hip Hop dancers Kevin “K-Bez Hunte and Legacy Perez (also a B-Boy) also joins the top 20.


    We have three tappers awaiting their fate, as Glinda aka Cat warns is there room for all of them? First she tells Bianca Revels to go find out her fate, she has already auditioned three times will the third time be the charm or three strikes you’re out? Lucky for her it’s a charm and she is the second tapper to ever make the top 20 (even though the show tells you she is the first, the first tapper in the top 20 was Sandra Colton from Season 1). Her fellow tapper Phillip Attmore, who has been sporting an attitude with the judges during Vegas week, still manages to get in. The final tapper, Peter Sabasino (someone I really don’t recall) also makes it to the top 20. All three tappers make it more variety in the top 20, maybe Uncle Nigel has been listening.


    Back to basics in SYTYCD history, put in a load of contemporary dancers. We have Billy Bell, Jakob Karr, Victor Smalley, Ariana DeBose, Ellenore Scott and Pauline Mata. Also a weird moment we see Paula VanOppen get a spot in the top 20, but we never get to see her come out of the curtain, where did the judges’ stash her?


    With 9 girls and 9 guys already in the top 20 and four ballroom dancers left, well you can guess the rest; one guy and one girl will make it while the other two will be going home. First up are the guys Ryan Di Lello and Gene Bersten, Ryan makes it in and Gene is left broken-hearted (Hehe a little “Bachelor” humour here). Now for the girls Ryan’s wife Ashleigh Di Lello and Karen Hauer face the music, Karen is given the last spot, when Ryan hears this he cries as he waits for his wife to console her. But what’s this..Ashleigh comes out and says she has made it also—instead of Paula VanOppen (who tells the judges that she doesn’t want to be in the top 20, she has already bigger plans in a film role), they have an extra spot for the girls and decide to offer it to Ashleigh. So the married ballroom couple smooch and all is right in the world. Blech. (a romantic I’m not at least in reality shows. ) So Monday night, we will have a special show that will feature all top 20 dancers (no judging), so maybe Nigel listened about leveling out the playing field (and maybe the fodder will inherit the earth , just kidding). See ya then.

    America Here Are Your Top 20 dancers:
    Channing Cooke (contemporary), Nathan Trasoras (contemporary), Russell Ferguson (krump), Kathryn McCormick(contemporary), Billy Bell (contemporary), Ariana DeBose (contemporary), Ellenore Scott (jazz), Jakob Karr (contemporary), Bianca Revels (tap), Kevin Hunte(Hip hop), Mollee Gray (jazz), Phillip Attmore(tap), Noelle Marsh (contemporary), Victor Smalley (contemporary), Pauline Mata (jazz), Peter Sabasino (tap), Karen Hauer (ballroom), Legacy Perez (b-boy), Ashleigh Di Lello (ballroom), and Ryan Di Lello (ballroom).
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    Re: SYTYCD6 10/21 Episode Recap: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    8 Contemporary
    3 Jazz
    3 Tap
    3 Ballroom
    1 Hip Hop
    1 B-Boy
    1 Krump

    Shyeah... mixed it up this season but still too much contemporary.

    I actually would have liked to have seen more ballroom dancers.

    And can someone explain to me the difference between hip hop and b boy?

    Wonder when we'll see a b-girl the likes we had in Sara again.

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    Re: SYTYCD6 10/21 Episode Recap: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    Quote Originally Posted by Fierce Critter;3735147;
    And can someone explain to me the difference between hip hop and b boy?
    Hip Hop is more dancing, B-Boying is more about tricks, the b is for breakdancing, I believe.

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