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Thread: Jakob Karr - Season 6

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    Re: Jakob Karr - Season 6

    Ah, yes. The Shoved-Down-Our-Throat phenomena. Some psychology student should really do their dissertation on the SYTYCD S-D-O-T reflex. Maybe they could uncover the source of this passive-aggressive response to perceived victimization by a television dance panel.

    How unique is this to SYTYCD? I watch Idol religiously, but Idol fans don't have the same passive response to a difference of opinion with the judges. The attitude among AI fans is more "throw the bums out", or just voting their feelings. ("I'll show them! Hello? AT&T? I'd like to order your unlimited texting plan.\, please.")

    That begs the question, why do Idol voters feel empowered, and SYTYCD voters feel powerless? They both have the same vote. At least they do on SYTYCD after the Top 10. Maybe that's the problem - the fact that the judges pick who goes home for the first five weeks?

    It is, as Yul Brenner would say, "A puzzlement!"

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    Re: Jakob Karr - Season 6

    It is puzzling, definitely.

    And what makes it even more puzzling is that we seem to pick and choose certain "pimped" dancers to dislike. Will and Kayla are the prime examples of that. And yet, I would make the argument that Joshua, Katee, Twitch, and the latest winner Russell were equally as loved by the judges as the two previously mentioned. But I don't think they received the same strong response as Kayla and Will did.

    I think part of the reason is that the judges go overboard with certain people. They kept touting Will as a gifted dancer every time he graced the stage, even when he received less than stellar choreography. And you all know that I love Kayla, but even I cringed when she was put on the Hot Tamale Train almost every week, just because I knew she would receive some backlash for it.

    With Joshua, Twitch, and Russell, the judges kept going on and on about how shocked they were that they could do other styles with the minimal amount of knowledge that they have outside their own style. I, for one, hate when Nigel brings up the "untrained" storyline. But America loves the underdog story, and in this sense, hip-hoppers are underdogs.

    So in a way, pushing the "untrained" storyline is also pimping, but to the majority of the viewers, it's not as annoying as the blatant, over-the-top, weekly praise that Kayla and Will got. But it begs the question: Should Joshua, Twitch, and Russell have gotten the same response that Kayla and Will got?
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    Re: Jakob Karr - Season 6

    Quote Originally Posted by CrossingGuard;3777858;
    ...And what makes it even more puzzling is that we seem to pick and choose certain "pimped" dancers to dislike. Will and Kayla are the prime examples of that. And yet, I would make the argument that Joshua, Katee, Twitch, and the latest winner Russell were equally as loved by the judges as the two previously mentioned. But I don't think they received the same strong response as Kayla and Will did....
    You bring up an interesting point. While there does seem to be a degree of backlash simply for being praised week after week, some dancers get tainted by it more than others. Your examples of Kayla and Will are right on target. Danny (Season 2) and Jakob (coming back to the subject of this thread!) are two more.

    This also brings me back to the differences between SYTYCD and AI. Idol isn't a singing contest, it's a pop singing contest. Yes, some contestants lean toward country, rock, or soul. But essentially they are covering pop territory. And pop preferences are very subjective.

    Contrast that to SYTYCD - which is a much broader competition. These dancers come from different styles with completely different vocabularies and foundations. Hip-hop, ballroom, and contemporary/jazz/ballet are totally distinct disciplines. It's what makes the show so interesting, but the inequivalent in music would be to take singers from the worlds of rock, opera, Broadway, pop, rap, and jazz and make them sing each other's styles. That might be an interesting show, but it isn't American Idol.

    The challenge that someone like Jakob presents is this: when you have someone so outrageously talented and well-trained - how do you keep the result from being a fore-gone conclusion? Because, unlike pop singing, there is a bit more objectivity to dance. Either you did the steps correctly and with the right attitude, or you didn't. Someone like Jakob is going to objectively nail the routine every time. As Fierce Critter said, judges gush because some performances are gush-worthy.

    So, where does that leave the audience voter? What is their role, if the experts have already ticked off the ways someone like Jakob is superior to every other guy in the competition? Maybe that contributes to the feeling of being shut out of the process.

    As an AI viewer, I have no problem telling Simon he's way off base about who I want to hear in my MP3 player. But am I really going to argue with Mary Murphy about who did the best Samba Roll? Or with Adam Shankman about the height of Jakob's jetes?

    Nigel tries to counteract this with the "favorite dancer" title. But that introduces perceived personality into the mix. We vote for the dancers we "like". Just speaking for myself - I hate that aspect of the show. We don't know these people, and any personality judgments are based on the most fleeting and superficial of observations.

    Maybe it comes down to this: Dancing, like figure skating and unlike pop singing, has a degree of objective, observable criteria. There is also a subjective factor as to whether a dance or dancer moves you, and that will be different for different people. But I am theorizing that the large objective component puts some people off. And the more trained and objectively qualified a dancer is (Jakob, I'm talking about you), the less "the people" feel needed to make the dancer's dreams come true.
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    Re: Jakob Karr - Season 6

    Great post, TC, as usual.

    I'd like to add - I noticed this season how often Nigel in particular brought up instances of ENTERTAINING performances, and stressed the importance of the viewer being ENTERTAINED. More than once it seemed like he was exasperatedly trying to SCREAM into the choreographer's ears "MAKE THESE ROUTINES ENTERTAINING AND THE VIEWERS WILL LOVE IT!"

    Jakob danced many excellent, excellent routines. However, I found the much less technically proficient Legacy WAY more entertaining. It was gripping to see if he'd do well at a style obviously outside his own genre. It was heart-wrenching to see him cry over himself being touched by a routine. It was disappointing and suspenseful to see him get a routine that was poorly choreographed for his actual talent (vampire hip hop... ugh...), and to see what the judges' and voting audience's reactions would be.

    Likewise last season. Evan was my favorite because he ENTERTAINED me. He was, admittedly and obviously, not the most talented outside of his own genre. But every time he was to take the stage, I stopped what I was doing and concentrated to see how he would do and how he would handle a dance.

    It's almost like dancers like Jakob are boring in that you know they're going to rock it.

    This reinforces my disappointment when I learned - not very early in the show - that many, if not most, of the contestants are already somewhat professional, highly trained, or working dancers. I thought SYTYCD was supposed to be an amateur competition originally. It's a less interesting premise for me to see already trained, professional dancers compete. Which is why pushing a storyline - factual or not - about a supposedly "untrained" dancer like Russel works with people. I'm apparently one of the few who read and GRASPED TC's "exposure" of Russels' truly trained background - and it caused a backlash in me. Russel was my favorite starting out, and dropped off my radar once I found out it wasn't quite so unrealistic to expect him to do many dances well.

    Maybe it's like what people say is the truth behind race car fans - they're all watching and waiting not to see who wins, but to see who crashes. Maybe we're more entertained by the dancers who just might not do everything perfect.

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    Re: Jakob Karr - Season 6

    I agree that Jakob was by far the most talented dancer, but I also agree that he did not have the charisma and personality that may have given him the popular vote. I think the top 6 were the best of the bunch and almost knew who the winner would be and who would be eliminated first - so few surprises there.

    What happened to the thread on no touring for this group this year?

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    Re: Jakob Karr - Season 6

    I think they are touring with the season 7 group.

    Jakob really needed to step it up with his performances. Yes, he was really skilled, but where was the passion and performance? That is why I believe he did not win. He still made it far. He just wasn't a standout for me considering his skill level.

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