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Thread: 10/7 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 10/7 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    I love Vegas Week! I think I'm finally getting into this season.

    I Iveta Lukosiute, the Lithuanian ballroom dancer. Ballroom/Latin is my favorite dance to watch on this show, and I get disappointed when there's a lack of good ballroom/latin choreography and dancers. I really hope she makes it all the way through. She made it through HH, so she must have some sort of skills.

    I like Russell also. But I wasn't shocked with his ballroom skills. He did state in the audition round that he had training in other types of dances. I remember him saying that he could do a little bit of everything. But knowing the judges, they'll probably just label him only as a krumper and ignore everything else.

    But if the two of them make it to the Top20, I want them to become one of the couples. I think they would become a power couple. Please, Nigel, make it happen!

    My other favorite (Mollee Gray) has yet to be shown. I also like Teddy and Skip, but they both got cut. I expected Skip to be cut pretty early though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fierce Critter;3722932;
    I was very upset about that with Natalie last year. It was ridiculous.

    And I totally believe it was done for dramatic effect. To have her perform so brilliantly during the rehearsal for the Jazz piece, then get cut for underperforming it - and NOT get the chance to "dance for her life" was just ludicrous. I totally believe she was sacrificed to "teach the others" an unnecessary lesson.

    Teddy should have been given the chance to dance for his life as well.

    Just plain stupid.

    I was sorry to hear Ryan didn't make top 20 this year. But I really, really hope Bianca makes it. Adding a tapper to the cast would be great.
    It makes me sad every time I read about Natalie.

    And Nigel did state in a magazine--I'm subscribed to TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly, so either of those two--a few weeks ago that he wants at least one tapper. I'm guessing Bianca's chances are good.
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    Re: 10/7 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    This was the first time I watched this season. I don't like the focus in the auditions on the non-dancers who just want to get on TV or are totally delusional about their abilities. Therefore, I am not familiar with the top 40 group (except Ryan). Ryan was pretty bad in the ballroom portion, and he is even shorter and less attractive than Evan, so I understand why he was cut. I agree that they look for particular types that will appeal to a broader audience and Legacy fits that bill better than the blond contemporary dancer (altho I thought he was far better than Legacy at ballroom). Legacy is a hot looking Latino (probably straight) who will attract the girls and could be improved through the intense choreography on the show (if he makes it to the top 20). I think they should have picked someone better at picking up the choreography. His attempts at ballroom were horrid (rounded shoulders, poor footwork) and don't bode well for quick improvement. Guess they have their reasons. I am looking forward to the season. I always enjoy this show!

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