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Thread: SYTYCD6 9/30 Episode Recap: New Orleans Bounce

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    SYTYCD6 9/30 Episode Recap: New Orleans Bounce

    Hi again Fort dance fans, tonight we are off to the Big Easy otherwise known as New Orleans for more filler auditions. Judges for tonight include new permanent judge, Hollywood director Adam Shankman, ballroom expert Mary Murphy and the Krumper of a billion words Lil’ C. Which means we get a break from Uncle Nigel who as Cat tells us is receiving a faux honorary doctorate degree in England, and I can already tell the judges are more relaxed, hmmm makes you wonder.

    First up on the floor is Shelby “Skip” Skipper, who tells us he dances something, called a “New Orleans Bounce” which is Hip Hop with a New Orleans flare. He is fun and energetic, and does a lot of leg shaking (which reminds me of my neighbors’ dog when he pees in our yard). Definitely an entertaining dance nonetheless, and the judges are also impressed and send him straight through to Vegas. Up next is Jonathan Litzler, a contemporary dancer who also mixes ballet and jazz, he does a lot tumbling, leaps, spins, a very joyful and exuberant performance, the judges also gush over him and he is also sent to Vegas. Also showing the judges she has what it takes is Alison Nance, a contemporary dancer, who shows fabulous lines and technique and who Mary calls a “little firecracker”, she too tumbles her way to Vegas along with Calvin Turner Jr., a contemporary dancer, who Lil’ C was “amazing and lived through his song”. Another contemporary dancer named Edward Spots, leaps and spins through his routine and Adam calls him “an extraordinary dancer” he too is sent to Vegas.

    Now up is a warning to anyone that drinks Red Bull-don’t . Eric “DJ E.Z” Le Blanc is a Hip Hop dancer who professes to drink six Red Bulls a day, and he is literally bouncing off the walls (parents know what I am talking about when a child gets too much sugar and literally drives you crazy until the rush wears off). He does the same on stage, bouncing, twisting, and generally going nutso and for some strange reason Mary and Lil’ C decides to send him to choreography (maybe they have been drinking too many Red Bull’s too). Up next is B-Boy Hip Hopper, Justin Kenney who survived a serious car accident to dance again although he cannot do heavy head work anymore. He is just happy to dance again. Justin showed amazing strength in his routine, seemingly just as comfortable on his hands as well as his feet. Mary thought he was “terrific” and Adam and Lil’ C was also impressed sending him to choreography. After choreography with Anya and Pasha, Eric is sent home, but the judges take a huge gamble on Justin and send him through to Vegas.

    Day 2 in New Orleans begins with ballroom dancer Kimalee Piedad. She performs in theatre arts division of ballroom dance, which she compared to ice dancing due to tough lifts and partnering work. Kimalee and her partner perform to a romantic piece, showing interesting lifts, leg lines and strength in holding of their poses. The judges are impressed calling it fabulous and stunning as well as they can see the passion in her dancing. Although Adam suggests choreography, he is overruled by Mary and Lil’ C who send her straight through to Vegas. Micah Mixon, a popper is up next, with a hard luck story of going through a rebellious stage and dancing was the only thing that was able to turn his life around. Without any formal training, he turns in a solid performance and is sent through to choreography.

    Lloyd Ballard, Tierney St. John, and Casey Chrisosto were a trio of bad dancers that made the judges wish that Nigel was present to speak his mind. The sub-par dancers also inspired Mary to create her list of SYTYCD rules.
    Here are Mary's rules, as demonstrated by Adam Shankman: (which you have to watch because it was hilarious-Adam can definitely be a comedian).
    1. Hat down over eyes
    2. Reaching out to nowhere
    3. Rubbing your body
    4. Men's booty shaking

    Jakob Karr, a contemporary dancer, took the stage and his strength, power, and finesse amazed the judges. Mary said, "that was really fantastic, oh my god!" Adam thought Jakob "freakin' rocked out there," and said his strength, elevation, and everything else was amazing. Lil’ C loved the way Jakob stretched the music out. It was unanimous - Jacob is Vegas bound. Sent to choreography is Diana Drexler, a contemporary dancer, whose grandfather passed away while she was at auditions. She was able to turn her sad story into a beautiful dance and the judges comment that her grandfather would be very proud of her. After choreography again with Anya and Pasha, Micah is sent home but Diana is Vegas bound.

    Join my writing partner iguanachocolate next week, when we head to the final audition stop (yay) of Salt Lake City, Utah. Hope to see you next time.
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    Re: SYTYCD6 9/30 Episode Recap: New Orleans Bounce

    Awesome recap, paridy!
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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