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Thread: SYTYCD6 9/29 Episode Recap: Southern Comfort

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    SYTYCD6 9/29 Episode Recap: Southern Comfort

    Howdy y’all (I’ve been dying to do that). Welcome to yet another audition episode (the way it’s going it will be next year before the real show starts).
    This time we head to the land of Georgia peaches, the city of Atlanta. Joining us in the festivities are judges Executive Producer Nigel Lythogue, ballroom screamer expert Mary Murphy, and the man of a billion words Krumper Lil’ C.

    Tonight we have a menagerie of contemporary dancers, first up is Billy Bell, who I say has lovely lines and technique and he gets the first Golden Ticket of the evening. Amber Jackson is on the floor next, not really that impressive seems like she was doing an exercise video instead of dance, Nigel isn’t sure of her and sends her off to choreography where she later earns her Golden Ticket. Jamal Jackson who dances to African music literally flies through his performance, lovely lines and technique and he sent straight to Vegas. Victor Smalley nice interpretation of his music, and also is sent straight through to Vegas.

    Now finally we get away from contemporary dancers with Hip-Hop twins Anthony and Antwain Hart, they auditioned in Season 4, and decide to try once again. They audition together, doing a variety of leaps over each other, and were in perfect synch throughout, both are sent to choreography with Anya and Pasha, but only Anthony makes it through to Vegas.

    Day 2 in Atlanta begins with a “ladies man” named Matthew “Boogie Links” Pollard, who spends most of the time trying to pick up ladies instead of practicing his audition. When he does get on the floor, he uses his hands like pretzels over his head (and I cringe), but he does enough to get sent through to choreography. Another contemporary dancer with a story, named Jessica Jensen shows up, she lost her hand due to cancer called epideal sarcoma, she does a beautiful piece with wonderful lines and technique, the judges though are fearful that she cannot do other styles without her hand and send her to choreography, also sent to choreography is Thomas Hamilton a contemporary dancer who has a hard luck story (born to crack mother and living in a horrible situation, he finds dance as a way out of his situation), he does a beautiful piece, but the judges felt disengaged at the end of his performance. At the end of the choreography with Anya and Pasha, Thomas is sent through to Vegas, while it’s the end of line for Boogie Links (who found some ladies anyways) and Jessica Jensen.

    Well that’s all for Atlanta, join my writing partner iguanachocolate who will give you the entire scoop on the next stop in the Big Easy, New Orleans. See you next time.
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