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Thread: SYTYCD6 9/23 Episode Recap: Boys of Beantown

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    SYTYCD6 9/23 Episode Recap: Boys of Beantown

    Hey Fort dance fans, it’s time once again for another filler audition episode. This week we travel to the historic city of Boston also known as Beantown, to find more dancing talent. Judging the circus auditions tonight are Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe, ballroom expert Mary Murphy, and the guest judge tonight is Broadway choreographer Tyce DiOrio.

    First up on the floor is Teddy Tedholm. Wasn’t sure what to expect at first seeing my eyes were blinded by his yellow plaid pants and all around fashion nightmare that he was wearing. But once he started to dance, he was fun and energetic. Definitely talented in dance anyways, Nigel asked if he borrowed his pants from Adam Shankman, and I become afraid that Adam is now a judge on this show and has no fashion sense either. But regardless of his lack of fashion, the judges love him and he gets the first Golden Ticket to Vegas of the night. Next up is a B-Boy named Jean Lloret, now compared to last week’s B-Boy Jonathan Legacy, this guy was miles better. He twists himself into a human pretzel, just one of the best b-boys I have seen on this show ever. Mary screeches in delight, and after the shortest audition ever, the judges send him to Vegas. Another Golden Ticket winner is Kimara Wood a contemporary dancer who literally flies through his routine.

    Of course the girls are trying to make a mark here too, Channing Cooke, a contemporary dancer, we see a little montage (which means she gets far) of her working at the ice cream parlor (seriously who cares), but she can dance, although it looks a lot more exercising than dancing in my opinion. The judges like her and send her off to choreography to see if she can master other styles. Up next is tapper Ryan Casey, who is freakishly tall, he does well but not as well as the other tappers we have seen audition previously on the show. He too is sent to choreography. Now Krumper Russell Ferguson is next to perform, no Krumper has ever been sent to Vegas will he be the first? Ugh enough with the questions already, the writers on this show need new material. Now I am not an expert on Krump, personally I think it looks like someone trying to act like a chimp or an ape on stage but what do I know? But Russell is really quite good; in showing krump has more faucets to that he made that audition look effortless and interesting to watch. The judges enjoy it also, but are not sure if he can do other styles, so he joins Channing and Ryan into the choreography round along with Fabrizio (Breeze) Jenkins, a Hip Hop dancer. After a grueling choreography round lead by Anya and Pasha from Season 3, Channing and Russell make it through to Vegas, but sadly for Ryan and Breeze it’s the end of the line.

    Day 2 in Beantown starts out with married ballroom dancers, Karen and Matthew Hauer. No married ballroom couple has made it to Vegas or so Cat tells us (another fact check that I really don’t care about), will they be the first? They dance a nice and sexy Latin number, both did well. Mary calls Karen a hot tamale (and the first hot tamale of the night, joy) and says both have great technique, which earns them both a ticket to Vegas and the answer to the question of the first married ballroom to make it to Vegas. Another ballroom dancer who arrives solo is Gene Bersten. I really don’t know what to say about this guy other than he thinks he is god’s gift to dance and to women, and plans to mesmerize Mary with his eyes, that I actually gag. He does alright, but those facial contortions that he uses to supposedly mesmerize Mary makes it look like he is spazzing out on stage. The judges call him on it, but give him a chance at choreography. A Hip Hop dancer named Kevin who has auditioned before comes to make another shot at getting through to Vegas, he does well, but for some reason Tyce acts like an ass, saying did you do other styles since we last saw you then why didn’t you show it. I just want to know who peed in Tyce’s cheerios because he definitely was going on way too much about, in short they send him through to choreography. After the choreography round with Anya and Pasha again, Kevin and Gene both make to Vegas.

    Well that’s all for Beantown, join me next week when we head south to Atlanta. Hope to see you then.
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