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Thread: 9/9 Show Discussion Thread - **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 9/9 Show Discussion Thread - **SPOILERS**

    I really like the contemporary ....but do I see your points. I wonder though how much the choice of style of the dancer has to do with the choreographers they have and how difficult some of the other styles are to pick up. They had to have a special ballet choreographer come in last season, and obviously Melissa's name was not randomly drawn for that routine. While they should be able to do passably with a hip-hop, ball room, broadway or contemporary routine if it's not their genre, could a dancer really pick up tap or ballet in a week if they've had no exposure before? I'm clearly not a dancer, and haven't got a clue, but I would think those styles in particular would take much more training
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    Re: 9/9 Show Discussion Thread - **SPOILERS**

    I just read somewhere that Adam Shankman has been made a permanent judge, a very postive move, if true, to my mind.
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