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Thread: 9/2 Show Discussion - Best of SYTYCD

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    Re: 9/2 Show Discussion - Best of SYTYCD

    Those were all great dances, just had a few more I liked too. But I guess you can only show so many. I was just kind of hopping for some other dances that they did not do on the 100th show. Can't wait for a new season even though it seems so soon. The last season winner doesn't get to bask much in her glory.
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    Re: 9/2 Show Discussion - Best of SYTYCD

    I never saw any of S1 so it was nice see those dancers. Melody is amazing! She would have been my choice that season. The Shake hip-hop from Shane Sparks illustrates just how tied his hands are now. That was a great routine, and I wish we had that kind of hip-hop on the show now. I forgot about Why, not sure how, but it was good to be reminded. Now this was a show that could've been two hours. We could've seen:

    Lacey/Pasha - Hip Hop
    Benji/Donny - (anything)
    Joshua/Katie - No Air
    Brandon/Jeanette - Tango
    Sabra/Dom - (anything)
    Danny/Neil - Two Princes
    Jesus/Sara - Hobos

    This show has so many truly talented dancers, it really is in a class all its own.

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    Re: 9/2 Show Discussion - Best of SYTYCD

    Loved seeing all the old favorites again!
    Since I had never seen Season 1, I was really interested to see those routines. I really liked the All that Jazz routine!
    I too wished they would have shown all of the West Coast Swing routine with Pasha & Sara - one of my all time favorites!
    How about a show with all of the favorite group dances - and there have been some awesome ones:
    Season 2 Rama Lama Bing Bang (yes they did it this year but it's still awesome)
    Season 2 Top 4 "Sexy Back"
    Season 3 Top 8 Matrix routine (I can't remember what the song was)
    Season 3 Lion King
    Season 5 Bollywood
    And I'm sure there are lots more to choose from that just aren't coming to mind right now (I love the group routines!)

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    Re: 9/2 Show Discussion - Best of SYTYCD

    I watched - I thought it was interesting that they made sure to include at least 1 performance from each season that had that season's winner in it.

    I loved that they had the Shake routine from S1. I really wish we could return to that type of hip hop on the show. I know they were trying to limit to 15 but I would have liked maybe to see another performance from S1 included (like Artem's Paso Doble!)

    I like that they picked The Garden over the door routine from S4 too. But interesting that 2 of the S4 routines featured Mark and only 1 featured Joshua.

    I was kinda 'meh' over the S5 choices.

    jmb - I love the idea of a Top Group Dance show!

    I've always wanted a Where Are They Now? show to catch up with all the dancers from the previous seasons' Top 20s. I'd be interested to hear how their time on the show helped (or hurt) their dance careers.
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    Re: 9/2 Show Discussion - Best of SYTYCD

    I really liked the concept of the show, but I agree that it was too short! Group dances are usually some of my favorites also, so it would have been nice to see a few more of those. I think the choice of Katie and Joshua's contemporary was interesting because it wasn't as memorable to me as some of their other routines, but I still enjoyed it. The choices from Season 5 weren't bad, but I would have enjoyed Brandon and Jeanette's Tango over their disco--oh well! I'm definitely ready for season 6!

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    Re: 9/2 Show Discussion - Best of SYTYCD

    I get the feeling this was more a "Nigel's Favorites" show than a "best of" show.

    All of them were great routines, though. The only way to see all your favorites is to watch past episodes or something like that. Which is why I've been re-watching every season.

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    Re: 9/2 Show Discussion - Best of SYTYCD

    I only started watching SYTYCD this summer, so it was great to see the older routines. I really liked some of the great ballroom routines from previous seasons, and I loved the routine with the table and the one where the girl is trying to stop the guy with the briefcase from leaving (obviously I'm not good with the names of the dancers or the dances).

    It must be just me, but I didn't like the Hummingbird and the Flower routine that much. Just not my thing, I guess.

    As for season 5, I was a little disappointed but I figured I would be. Of course they had to feature a dance with Jeanine, and I just wouldn't have picked any of her dances in MY top 3. Her routine with Jason and the Addiction routine are both really good, but not really my thing, and I'm getting tired of seeing them at this point. I would have picked Janette & Brandon's Robber Dance over their disco - I've been longing to see that robber dance again. And although I figured Nigel wouldn't choose them, I would have loved to see Randi and Evan in something.

    Finally, the cancer dance. Unlike a lot of people, I do like the dance. I love Melissa. My mother is a bc survivor and I have a sister-in-law who is fighting it right now, so it's meaningful to me. But I think choosing it as the best ever is just an attempt to make their show more important than it really is. What did that dance accomplish that was so "important"? Actually, in terms of being current and evoking an emotional response, I think the Addiction dance was equally or even more "important". And if I could have chosen a Melissa/Ade dance, I would have preferred to see their Pas de Deux, which I thought was just as good, but not so overhyped.

    Finally, I LOVED seeing so much dancing in an hour, with minimal amounts of judges screaming, contestants being pimped, and boring backstories. I'll take more of that anytime!

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    Re: 9/2 Show Discussion - Best of SYTYCD

    I'm happy. They played my favorite dance of all seasons....The Garden with Courtney and Mark. LOVE that dance!

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