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OK, folks here are our dances for tonight (via SYTYCDism) :

  • Ryan & Ashleigh Contemporary: Boo! I want to see them rock the heck out of a ballroom routine! Still I bet it will be emotional seeing them do a Travis number together. Hope Ashleigh can pull it off with her shoulder - though Travis has gotten good at working around that kind of thing. (Ellenore was injured last week and he had to redo their whole table number while she was sidelined on Sunday.)
  • Russell & Kathryn – Hip Hop: Happy that Russell gets to Hip-Hop; not so glad that NappyTabs is choreographing; of course, poor Russell is the lone street dancer left, so no matter what he's going to be saddled with a Krump-Challenged partner. And Kathryn, sheesh!
  • Jakob & Ashleigh Foxtrot: Looking forward to seeing them together again!
  • Jakob & Kathryn – Contemporary – Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden: At last! Choreographers who can challenge Jakob and use him without turning him into just a jumping bean. And Kathryn, too! I'd buy tickets to see this.

After reading the spoilers from the website, looks like Jakob and Kathryn will most likely end up top two with Jakob probably winning. The people who run the website are bias, but the people who posted the spoilers aren't. After reading that Jakob and Kathryn brought the audience and judges to tears with standing ovations from everyone, I'm pretty sure that'll leave a lasting impression on the voters to call in and vote for them.