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Thread: SYTYCD 5 7/30 Results: The Ballerina and Her Prince Dance Into the Sunset

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    SYTYCD 5 7/30 Results: The Ballerina and Her Prince Dance Into the Sunset

    Hello dear readers! Tis I, iguanachocolate, here to bring you titillating terpsichorean tidbits. It’s the next to last week of this Season 5 of So You think You Can Dance and soon our sextuplets will become our Final Quad. Feel the excitement? I’m sure Nigel does, but his therapist is working with him to suppress those thoughts… Anywho, let’s get on with the show – well of course, I first have to share Emmy Award Winning Choreographer Mia Michaels’ latest intrusion on my mailbox. Yes, I have to. She makes me. Just saying.

    Oh, Mama Mia.....

    And can I let a week go by without the Cat Walk!? For me, Cat had a hit and miss week. Loved the purple sheath with the side part in the hair she wore on the performance show. Though I have to wonder if she was channeling her inner leprechaun with the green sparkly number she wore tonight. Of course, there is always the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Call me, Cat…

    She's off to see the Wizard to ask for a new stylist....

    The show begins with a group piece choreographed by Tyce Diorio set to Judy Collins’ Send In The Clowns. Dressed, as the song would imply, as clowns, the dancers emerge from a giant present. The makeup they are wearing and the languid exaggerated movements they make serve as a beautiful backdrop for the emotions they are portraying. Though I am not normally a fan of this song, I did quite enjoy it presented like this and it served as a wonderful contrast to the frenetic energy of the guys and gals group dances.

    And now for the hard part: with the amount of talent this year, I knew it would happen – with the talent that is left, that weeks like last week would happen (losing Janette) and this week is no different. I do like all the girls who are left and am torn as to who should leave. All I am hoping is that it is not Melissa – I love the ballerina with attitude. Cat brings all the girls out on stage and goes over their performances from last night. She says now that she has the power to send one girl to the safety pit and onto the finale. She wields her power wisely and sends Jeanine on to safety. Cat is careful to say that this does not necessarily mean she had the highest score, just that she is out of her misery and will not have to perform a solo later on in the show. However, Kayla and Melissa will.

    Remember back a few weeks ago when Cat told us of the four Emmy noms SYTYCD received? Well, tonight we will get to see them performed again by the original dancers – joy! First up are Jessica King and Wil Wingfield dancing the ‘Silence’ routine by Tyce Diorio. While it was never my absolute favorite routine, it is still a beautiful dance.

    Now, the three guys are up and again, like the girls, it is too close to call. Cat speaks with Ade, Evan and Brandon and then immediately puts Brandon out of his misery sending him to the pit with Jeanine. Again, the disclaimer that he may not have been the one to pull the most votes, but he won’t have to dance a solo later on, though we will see Ade and Evan.

    The second of the Emmy nominated dances is Mia Michaels’ 'Mercy' routine. Dancing through and around the door, Katee Shean and Twitch Boss still being all the power and emotion they were the first time.

    The third Emmy nominated routine follows this one. Chelsie Hightower (on leave from ABC’s Dancing With the Stars) and last year’s winner, Josh Allen dance Dmitry Chaplin’s tango routine to 'A Los Amigos' from the Broadway show Forever Tango. Good thing Josh doesn’t hold his dancing strength in his hair a la Sampson, because his dreads are no more.

    Next, the bottom four perform their solos. I won’t recap them, because they are repeats from last night and at this point are superfluous as the voting is over.

    But this next performance is definitely not superfluous, it is just super! The Jabberwockies hype up the crowd with a high octane performance to ‘Freak-A-Zoid’ by Midnight Star. I love how the use of masks highlight the dancing while making the dancers anonymous. A very fun routine to an awesome song.

    Freakin' my freak...

    The final Emmy nominated performance is a dance choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon to Leona Lewis singing ‘Bleeding Love’. It is my absolute favorite routine of all the routines I have seen on this show and Chelsie and Mark Kanemura danced it like they were dancing for their lives. Oh yeah, it was good.

    After the final solo of the night, reggae singer Sean Paul performs his hit, ‘So Fine’. I loved the music, but I am uncertain what the backup dancers added to it. No, wait, I am certain: nothing.

    Finally, after a night jammed packed with music and Emmy hopefuls, we have come to the whole reason for this hour: the results. No fanfare, this is just bitter sweet. Ade and Melissa, on the heels of their beautifully danced, emotionally charged performance of last week will be leaving us tonight.

    Join me next week for the Finale and find out then who will be America’s Favorite Dancer!

    The Final Four
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