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Thread: Just got tickets for the Finals!

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    Just got tickets for the Finals!

    I just got an e-mail that we got tickets for the taping of the Finals on Tuesday. My daughter is beyond excited! Is this the first time that the show will be taped at Kodak? It sounds like a long, but fun day - any hints or tips?

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    Re: Just got tickets for the Finals!

    I'm so jealous!

    But yay, hope you enjoy the show!

    And yes, I believe that this the first season to have its finale be filmed in the Kodak.
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    Re: Just got tickets for the Finals!

    Get there early. Some tickets are not really tickets. I get my tixs thru OCATV and the VIPS and others get first crack at the seats. If there is room then you get the places. Like in AI they could take many or just a few. Maybe you have the VIP seats hopefully.

    I did make the first taping and had to stand for a long time behind a group of Amazons. My group is 5'2" or shorter and we're not in the young beautiful crowd. We did thoroughly enjoy ourselves but it was hard standing for about 3-4 hrs. At least at the Kodak you won't have a standing only section. Have fun!!!

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