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Thread: 7/22 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 7/22 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    We're down to the wire. Vote now or forever hold your peace.

    Kayla 888-836-7601
    Jason 888-836-7602
    Janette 888-836-7603
    Ade 888-836-7604
    Melissa 888-836-7605
    Evan 888-836-7606
    Jeanine 888-836-7607
    Brandon 888-836-7608

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    Re: 7/22 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    The second half was definitely much better than the first (Travis' routine excepted).

    Much as I don't like it - I'm guessing Jeanine will be with Kayla for the girls. Evan and Jason for the guys.
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    Re: 7/22 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**


    I'm still picking Ade and Melissa to go. Call me heartless. (Kris Allen would.)

    I'm still thinking Brandon and Janette are untouchable, so that leaves us with...Kayla in the bottom two, along with...Jason? Evan? One of those two.

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    Re: 7/22 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    I've been spending my votes on both Jeanine and Brandon. They were both unfairly screwed over by that slow waltz done by some amateurish choreographer. I hope that choreographer is not invited back again.

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    Re: 7/22 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    I think we have a very complicated voting situation here. Evan, in my estimation, was bested by, well, everyone tonight. But, his fans won't let him down. (Just listen to Ellen and Mia - Evan is unique and if you like him there is no one else on the show that brings the same quality.) So who goes down instead? Conventional wisdom says Ade. But Ade had the best number of the night; one that will probably motivated a lot of casual voters to get off the couch and dial.

    That would leave Jason, who just last week was in Ade's position. Of course, Jason really had a pretty good night. Brandon had an even better night. But if fans are saving Evan and casual voters supporting Ade - the stars are aligned for ... (wait for it)... a Brandon elimination!

    If Brandon's fans think he's safe (and why wouldn't they?) and don't vote-vote-vote, Brandon could hit the bottom two and maybe even leave. (Historical note: Will was eliminated at this point last year.)

    Like I said earlier, the emotional pull of the Cancer Dance will throw a wrench into the voting.

    For the girls, I think Kayla is pretty certain to go. It could have been Melissa, but the CD will save her for one more week.

    I can almost guarantee a surprise in the bottom two tomorrow.
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    Re: 7/22 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by TopCatDC;3601685;
    OK. I'm going to throw some cold water on this (Cancer Dance). I LOVED the routine - definitely Emmy material. BUT should that be the goal? This wrenches the competition away from the dancers and places it squarely on the shoulders of the choreographer.

    Who can resist the pull of the emotional gravity of something like this? (And we're also talking about Mia's Season 3 "Dead Daddy Dance" as well.) Tyce's emotional journey (and Nigel's and Mary's and Mia's) shouldn't be a factor in the competition.

    I don't mind emotional pieces, or dances about serious subjects. It's just when the choreographer says "This is my story" that I have a problem.

    Whenever art is involved, be it dance, writing, music, art - there is always the component of personal involvement. To some extent, whenever an artist creates something they are lending bits and pieces of themselves to the work.

    With choreography - it has to be danced well. If it isn't then the choreography may still be good - but the audience won't be able to see that. They will only see the bad execution and that is what they will remember. But when excellent choreography is combined with fearless and sublime execution you get art - vision - emotion - heart strings pulled - joy - a combination of everything - all that we ask art to be for us.

    What struck me more than anything about this piece was the trust between Melissa and Ade. It brought the piece to an entirely new level. I loved it.
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    Re: 7/22 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    As a lover of dance from way back and a young bc survivor, I can say Tyce truly captured the emotion of the experience exquisitely. I was touched to sobs by it. With that said, midway through, I found myself hoping to see (but didn't) the female dancer in a shaking fetal position with the male circling uncertainly at a distance - an uncomfortable slow mo before crescendo. Otherwise, I was catching my breath throughout - too many times to count.

    Melissa has never been or will be my favorite but she performed it beautifully. I think she got very lucky with the draw... or not...
    Maybe her maturity did enhance, maybe not...
    I would rather have seen either/or Jeanine/Janette and Brandon/Ade perform it and believe they would have done it just as well or better.

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    Re: 7/22 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Really tough to say who should go tomorrow, lots of strong dancers. For the guys, I think Evan is certainly the weakest (but a cutie-pie!). Jason has never been a favorite, but I thought he had one of his best nights tonight. I loved the Zombie dance! I had to rewind several times to look at that last lift. It really looked like he was actually holding her up there by her neck. Freaky!
    I do think that Brandon is no doubt the strongest of the male dancers. He makes it look like he doesn't even have to try. He is the embodiment of dance. That said, I felt bad for him and Jeannine with their waltz. Boring. Yuck, yuck, yuck! on the choreography and music.
    I think all the girls are fabulous. Melissa is slightly less interesting to watch than the other three, in my opinion, although tonight's cancer piece was beautiful and breathtaking. I am hard-pressed to pick a favorite among the other three, love them all. It usually depends on the dance.

    This is my first season watching SYTYCD. Loving it!!
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    Re: 7/22 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    I wish I could find it again, but someone on another site listed the dances side by side for all the dancers, and Melissa really has not had much to work with as did Ade. I think they are absolutely stunning dancers, but I think the draws up until tonite left them out.

    I am sick of all the Jeanette gushing. I saw all her dances, and she really has not had many bad draws. I just do not care for her dancing at all.

    Kayla and Jeanine are middle of the road for me, but either is better than Jeanette.

    I think that Brandon and Ade are just in a level above Evan and Jason. I thoroughly enjoy all the boys though, and would be just fine with any of the men winning.

    Really the only one I do not want to win is Jeanette.

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    Re: 7/22 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    im still pulling for Evan, I thought his rumba was great!
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