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Thread: So You Think You Can Get Fit?

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    So You Think You Can Get Fit?

    Saw this on Netflix's new dvds for this week:

    So You Think You Can Dance: Get Fit: Cardio Funk
    With dancers from the TV show providing the instruction and the workouts a mix of hip-hop, cha-cha, jazz and disco routines, shimmying into shape is as easy as getting down to your favorite tunes with this high-energy exercise program. "So You Think You Can Dance" alums Courtney Galiano, Travis Wall and Lauren Gottlieb will get your heart pumping and your muscles toned as they lead you through a variety of vigorous dance workouts.

    So You Think You Can Dance: Get Fit: Tone and Groove
    So you think you can get fit? The folks from "So You Think You Can Dance" think you can, and they have just the moves to get you there in this easy-to-follow dance workout video that will have you cha-cha-ing your way to a new physique in no time. The show's stars create a dance party atmosphere as Stephen "Twitch" Boss demonstrates the pop-and-lock, Dimitry Chaplin takes you through the steps, and Katee Shean focuses on stretching.

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    Re: So You Think You Can Get Fit?

    Yup - Amazon shipped mine on the 17th so it might be waiting for me at home today! I'll give you a review. @LaurenGottlieb twittered this morning that she and Courtney were doing 28 live interviews today to support the release.

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    Re: So You Think You Can Get Fit?

    OK, so I'd give my left ovary to have a hidden camera in your house about now! Have fun!
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    Re: So You Think You Can Get Fit?

    Hey sounds like fun! I may have to take a trip to Amazon today......
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    Re: So You Think You Can Get Fit?

    TC, any review forthcoming?

    One of my ulterior motives for re-watching all the past seasons is to make a mix-DVD of my favorite routines so I can try to copy them and thus, get moving and lose some weight.

    This might be easier than all that.

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