Hello dear readers! Tis I, iguanachocolate! I am sure you don’t remember me, it has been so long since you have heard from me. Not! Here I am again, this time to bring you the results from this week’s So You Think You Can Dance. If you missed the performance show, never fear because someone you all know wrote up a fantabulous recap for you, here. Trust me, it’s brilliant.

First of all, let’s get the Mia letter out of the way. Y’all know it is coming. The woman just cannot resist writing to moi. She wants me. I know. Sure, it may be addressed to all of you, but it is my attention she is trying to get. Anyway, she is still pushing the Emmy thing and we all know her ego will know no bounds after her latest Emmy nomination nod. Here is this week’s missive:

Emmy voters, avoid her, please. There is simply not enough room for her ego to grow any more.

On we go to more exciting things – this week’s Cat Walk! My darling Cat (and why wasn’t she nominated for her hosting gig I’d like to know?!) had a huge hit with her performance show frock – a stunning green number and gently tousled hair. But her results show outfit seemed to be one that Mia wore a couple of weeks ago, but with a whole lot of glitter added. I think she meant to look like she was going out clubbing after the show, but ended up looking like she had stayed out too late the night before. Naughty, naughty, costumers.

Last week Nigel told us they were unsuccessful in getting permission to do a Michael Jackson tribute, but this week they decided to pay homage to him anyway, or at least his sister. The opening number is to Janet Jackson’s So Much Betta. It is an Asian inspired number and the guys begin it with Melissa being featured dancing en pointe. It was incredible – the combination of en pointe and the hip hop style would not seem to be a likely combination, but Wade and Amanda Robinson make it work brilliantly. The other girls join the dance and the whole thing was just, wow.

Cat tells us that the show received for Emmy nominations for choreography: Mia Michaels and her Mercy routine from last season (danced by Twitch and Katee), Tabitha and Napoleon for their Bleeding Heart dance (Chelsie and Mark), Tyce Diorio for Silence (Jessica and Will) and Dmitry Chapin for his A los Amigos tango (Chelsie and Joshua). Emmy voters: Bleeding Heart. Just saying. The makeup department was also nominated for their work. A huge error was made by not nominating Cat for her hosting gig and I am sure it will be rectified toute suite.

It’s going to be Ladies Night on the show as Nigel will be absent from the panel because he is receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Bedfordshire back in his home country of England.

After a lengthy recap of last night’s dancing, which I am not going to repeat here, the five remaining ladies are brought out on stage to hear their fates. Janette is first up and despite having a funkless hip hop, she is safe. Poor little Randi and her ill fated paso doble is not, she is the first girl in the bottom two. If Jeanine was not safe, I would have a heart attack, so thankfully I am spared a trip to the emergency room when she is declared safe. The last women standing are Kayla and Melissa and if I had to choose, I would say Kayla is in the bottom two and I would be wrong. Melissa joins Randi on the silver downer chairs.

Cat shares with us some more highlights of the Season 6 auditions and it is the usual mix of perky, passionate and delusional. The next auditions are in Salt Lake City July 24th, just in case any of y’all are wanting to show off your happy feet in front of a national audience. Be warned, we will laugh and make fun of you if you are crazy and can’t dance.

The five remaining guys are up to hear their results. Jason is of course safe after the fantastic routine that he performed with Jeanine. He is gloriously happy dancing about in his little gold shoes. Evan is surprisingly safe as well, which all but assures that next up Kupono is not, and I am right. The final bottom dancer is between Ade and Brandon – not the two I expected at all. And it is Ade who joins Kupono on the silver chairs. Brandon is shocked, but happy to be safe.

Cat let’s us know that next week not only will we have the Emmy Nominated Mia Michaels and her ego on the panel next week, but also funny woman, and not a bad dancer herself, Ellen Degeneres! Yeah! And Thursday will be the 100th show for SYTYCD and the lovely, and apparently talented, Katie Holmes will be showing her dancing creds to us.

Now we have the solos. I am not going to comment on them – they are meaningless and repetitive filler. They all danced last night and there is no way the outcome can be changed for tonight. None of them really stood out anyway. The judges oddly comment on the solos as if they mattered, but it seems just like filler to me.

Oh, yeah, now we have some Black Eyed Peas action going on. They’re singing I Gotta Feeling and I gotta feeling to – it may be a Mary scream or it may be gas. Too soon to tell. But I love me some Peas so I am happy. And the guys are rocking some Michael Jackson tribute tees in honor of the Gloved One.

Melissa and Randi are brought out to hear their fate and I am not surprised to see that it is Randi going home. We see her holding back tears, watching her clips and y’all probably just want to give her a big hug as much as I do. Ade and Kupono are up next and it is finally Kupono going home. I like the lad, but week after week the voters sent him to the bottom three and week after week the judges kept him in. Finally, America can speak without a muzzle and we send him home. Maybe next year the judges can remember that and send someone home after they’ve been in the bottom two over and over again. Maybe not.

And that is all, folks. We danced, we’ve cried, we’ve laughed at Cat’s outfit. It’s been a pleasure. See you next week!