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I'm pretty sure Nigel called it the best ballroom tango ever, not the best ballroom dance ever.
Sorry I can't edit my above post so have to make a new one. I rewatched it and it's just as good the second time around!

What Nigel said was:

"For a ballroom routine. For a ballroom routine, on this show. I think that was as close to perfection as I've seen on this stage ever."

And that I do have a problem with, I've seen better ballroom routines. Yes, this was really good and ranks up there with some of the best but others have come closer to perfection or down right were perfect.

Janette even looked like the female choreographer, had the same intense frown between the brows that she has when doing her routines. I thought I was watching the choreographers perform, they captured the same intensity, the same lines. That is very hard to do since these guys are amongst the best out there. However, the routine didn't have the same level of difficulty that the others that I feel have done ballroom better have had. Just my opinion, of course.