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Thread: SYTYCD 5 7/2 Results Recap: Of Swirley's, Slinkies, and No Haitian Love

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    SYTYCD 5 7/2 Results Recap: Of Swirley's, Slinkies, and No Haitian Love

    Hello dear readers! Tis I, iguanachocolate, once again here to bring you all the news that is dance. Well, at least all the news that is dance on Fox. Ok, all the news of dance on So You Think You Can Dance. Fine, I’m going to tell who got the sack last night. But first, I had another letter today from Emmy Award Winning Ms. Mia Michaels, herself!

    At first, I had no idea what she meant by not being ‘happy with Mary Murphy’. But then, I remembered a puzzling voicemail I had received just before the performance show last night. I thought it was a prank, even though it did sound a little familiar, somewhat like screeching dolphins on Mars. I put it through my handy dandy ‘not bearable for human ears to English’ translator and got this:

    “Hey Chocolate! I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of riders on the HOT TAMALE train tonight, so per our legally binding agreement, here is my warning for you. WHHHOOOOO HOOOOOO! And don’t forget to check out Mia’s hair tonight – Nigel and I are going to give her a swirley just before showtime! WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!”

    Well, that does explain Mia’s hair from last night. And, oddly enough, it explains why she is wearing a big plastic trash bag tonight. But first, we have the big group number. This week they are taking on a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine. They are performing to A Brand New Day from the Wiz. I think I loved the routine, if I pieced the choppy glimpses of it together. It’s easier than ever to tell why the camera work on this show has never won an Emmy. Succinctly said, it sucks. But the dance was exciting and I loved how they began and ended in a giant picture frame and how that frame was used as a prop through out the dance.

    Before we get to the results, it’s time for the second installment of

    Cat Walk!

    The perfect pink party frock. She’s all ready for that teen dance in 1989!

    Slinky, silvery love. That’s all I’m saying.

    Funs over, now it’s time for the results. First up on the stage of doom are Randi and Evan who did a Fosse-esque Broadway routine last night and Karla and Vitolio who did a very good version of the dreaded Quickstep. One couple is staying and the other is dancing for their lives. Geee, this is a hard one, who could it possibly be? Color me surprised (not) when it is Vitolio and Karla. Shocker, I know.

    Now Cat brings out Jeanette and Brandon who did a very exciting Cha Cha, Kayla and Kupono who did the cool vampire modern thing, and Melissa and Ade who did a beautiful classical pas de deux. Jeannette and Brandon are quickly told they are safe, no surprise. As it turns out, America loves Romeo and Juliet more than they love Twilight (take that you tweens!) and it is Kayla and Kupono in the bottom three.

    Finally we have Jeanine and Philip who were chained together in a hip hop number and Caitlin and Jason who were just strange. Well the choreography of an alien impregnating the last human male on Earth was strange. I would have put Caitlin and Jason in the bottom three, and I would have been wrong. Surprisingly, it is Jeanine and Philip who round out the trio of doom.

    As they scurry offstage to get warmed up for their solos, Cat introduces the featured dancers for this week Desmond Richardson and Patricia Hashian from Complexions Contemporary Ballet dancing to Caprice in E Minor, Op 1 No. 3 by Midori. It’s a lovely piece and the control of the dancers incredible. It’s amazing what the choice of music and minimalist costuming can do to add to a dance. Take note, SYTYCD choreographers.

    And it is solo time. First up dancing for her life is Karla. Dancing to Blackbird by Dionne Farris, she does a good job of interpreting the music and her dancing does not seem as frenetic as in past weeks. Do I think she had a chance against Kayla and Jeanine? Not a smidgeon. Vitolio dances to Here Comes Goodbye by Rascall Flatts and that choice seems a bit more prophetic than hopeful. Judges pimp favorite for this season, Kayla, dances to Stupid by Sarah McLachlan, is perfect. Well, that is what the judges will say, though I think it is a bit chicken soup. Good, but a lot of stuff thrown in that really doesn’t need to be there. Like carrots. I hate carrots in chicken soup.

    Dancing to Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, I find myself less watching him dance and more listening to the fab music. To me, watching Kupono is like watching a good dancer at a high school talent show. Meh. Jeanine dances to Moonlight Sonata by Smart Sleep with Classical. I love the music and I love her solo. Philip rounds out the six dancing to You’ll Find a Way by Santigold. He is fascinating to watch as always.

    While the judges go back to discuss their dinner plans (we all know they already know who is going home). Kelly Clarkson takes the stage singing I Do Not Hook Up. She is one of my favorite idols – I guess you never forget your first, eh? After her performance on American Idol earlier this year, I was glad to see her voice is pretty much back up to par. She sings it well, even though I am pretty sure my Aunt Claudine wore that outfit to dinner at Denny's the other day…

    The girls are up first with Cat to hear their fates. Nigel dismisses Jeanine pretty quickly telling her that though the focus has been mostly on her partner, Philip, she had the best solo of the night. She scurries off stage. Nigel tells Kayla what we have all known, that she is a judges and choreographers favorite, but that her solo was crammed with arabesques and kicks and the judges didn’t like it. Karla is told she is a very good dancer, but just doesn’t seem to possess that star quality they thought she had. No shocker that Karla is sent packing.

    And to the guys: Philip is declared safe, but is told he has a lot of work to do in styles that are not his own. It is between Vitolio and Kupono. I am hoping begging my tv screen for it to be Kupono, but Nigel disappoints me again when he tells Vitolio he will be going home. Stupid Kupono.

    Come back next week for the performances with Critical and then I’ll bring you the top ten tour goers for this next year! Wow, top ten already, it flies by, doesn’t it? If you missed last night’s performance show, make sure to read Critical’s recap, here.
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    Re: SYTYCD 5 7/2 Results Recap: Of Swirley's, Slinkies, and No Haitian Love

    QUOTE: "somewhat like screeching dolphins on Mars." YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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