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Thread: SYTYCD 5 6/25 Results Recap: Flying Children - Cool! Lackluster Solos - Home!

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    SYTYCD 5 6/25 Results Recap: Flying Children - Cool! Lackluster Solos - Home!

    Hello dear readers! Tis I, iguanachocolate, and before I get to the results show, I have to tell you that the Chocolate household is all a tither! Why, you ask? Well, this past week, in my very own mail box, I received a very special note from none other than Ms. Emmy Award Winning Choreographer Mia Michaels her self! I am just so excited that she would think to write me, a lowly recapper, and grace my mailbox with her missive.

    Phew, the excitement! Anyway, let’s get on with the show, shall we? First, I want to introduce a new segment to the results recap:

    The Cat Walk.

    This weeks choices for best look? For the performance show, the lovely Cat wore a mid thigh, Grecian inspired, tangerine ensemble. It had some embroidery about the neckline and the waist and she paired it with some strappy bling on her lovely feet. All round, I give it an A +.

    Her results show look I am on the fence about. A black end white print pantsuit shows off her height and slim figure, but the print was fairly distracting. I give it a C-.

    On With the Show!

    The show begins with the group number, this week choreographed by Dmitri and Tabitha & Napoleon. I was not impressed. Dancing to I Know You Want Me by Pitbull, the number started way too slow and contained far too many of the most clichéd elements of a bad 80’s video. Water? Really? Really? I felt like a voyeur in a retro porn club. I will say, that after the near invisibility of Brandon in Mia Michael’s routine last week, it was nice to see him get a more prominent role. He may have a head that is far too small for his neck, but the lad can dance!

    When the lovely Cat introduces the judges, Nigel takes the opportunity to discuss the three legends, all very different, that dies this past week. Ed McMahon, know most famously as the voice of Johnny Carson, but also a major force in finding new talent in his own right via his show Star Search; Farrah Fawcett, poster icon and Emmy award winning actress; and Michael Jackson, the indisputable King of Pop no matter what his personal struggles with normality and legalities may have brought. Rest in peace and light, entertainers.

    When we come back from break, five couples are lined up on stage with Cat: Asuka and Vitolio, Jeannette and Brandon, Randi and Evan, Jeanine and Philip, and Melissa and Ade. Looking at that group, I can pretty much bet that Asuka and Vitolio are in the bottom three and Cat wastes no time proving me right as they are the first couple in the bottom three. Jeannette and Brandon, Randi and Evan (can I just say how much I loved their butt interpretation?! It was just so…. French.), Jeanine and Philip, and Melissa and Ade are definitely safe for another week. I have to say, it’s a good thing Philip has such a strong fan base, because he is beginning to look more and more like a high schooler in his first musical amongst all the remaining dancers. Though his jump was awesome.

    Now the three remaining three couples are on the stage. Through my most magnificent powers of deduction, I can tell you that two of these couples will be in the bottom three. Behold my math prowess. I adore Kayla, but I am still mad at Kupono staying last week over Max. Grump. But America ignores my pain and Kupona and Kayla are safe while Karla and Jonathon and Caitlin and Jason are in the bottom three. It should be no worry for Caitlin and Jason, but I am pretty positive that Karla, Jonathon, Asuka and Vitolio will all be sitting on their butts or dancing with new partners next week. My prediction for who goes home? Asuka and Jonathon. Please, get it right one more week, America!

    Guest performer time! This week we have a hip hop extravaganza brought to us by the Rage Boyz Crew. Normally I am not in favor of flying children, but they pulled it off. They were an dynamic and exciting to watch with a lot of ‘awwww, that’s so cute’ factor thrown in.

    And the Dance For Your Life solo’s begin. First up is Asuka, dancing to Don’t Trust Me by 30H!3. There was a lot of fringe shaking but not a whole lot of substance. Solos are hard on ballroom dancers, but it can be done. It wasn’t by Asuka. Vitolio dancing to Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. He’s decent, but I think he is relying too much on his shirt being off and distracting the judges from his lack of technique. Karla does a frenetic dance to 15 Step by Radiohead. Hers was better in technique, but there was no follow through in her moves – almost like she was jumping a head instead of dancing in the moment.

    Jonathan performs to The Hunted by Kodo. Again with the gymnastics. He does know that dance is not an Olympic sport, right? He did not impress. However, Caitlin did with her routine to Jennifer Terran’s Que Sera Sera. Beautifully danced that was soft and technique filled, and a little pike punch tumble at the end. See, Jonathan? That’s how you use tumbling to accent your dance and not let the tricks be the focus. Jason rounds out the bottom 6 with an unimpressive and chaotic routine floor mopping routine to Taking Back Sunday by New American Classic.

    Oooh, finally a musical group I really like and really want to hear: The Veronica’s! And yet, I don’t get a chance to actually hear them in anything but a staccato disjointed function. Why? Because at the very moment they take the stage a thunder storm is roaring through my area and disrupting the cable signal. Evil! I had to content myself with looking at their picture while listening to my IPod. It’s not quite the same as seeing them perform, trust me.

    Now the performance is over and the commercial have run and it is time for the girls to hear their fates. Caitlin is brought forward first, given well deserved accolades and told to sit down by Nigel. Poor Karla does not fair as well and is told that her dancing seemed desperate and Asuka is given the death knell of ‘you’re not growing as a dancer’ and she is homeward bound.

    Nigel says the decision for the boys was not unanimous. Vitolio is told he has promise, but he doesn’t always deliver on it. Jonathan is told he doesn’t have the level of dance that is required to be “America’s Favorite Dancer”. Jason’s solo was full of desperation and low on technique. And his clothes didn’t help. He is told he is safe. Nigel tells the other two that neither is strong enough to make it, but Vitolio is the one they are keeping and Jonathan is going home.

    And that is all, folks. Join us next week for another edition of Cat Walk and just maybe some more missives from Emmy Award Winning Mia Michaels. It could happen.

    Thanks to Britlit for giving Mia Michaels my address!
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    Re: SYTYCD 5 6/25 Results Recap: Flying Children - Cool! Lackluster Solos - Home!

    I can't say that I'll miss Asuka too much. Great recap, IC!
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