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Thread: SYTYCD 5 6/18 Results Recap: Caution, Russian Vodka May Be Required

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    SYTYCD 5 6/18 Results Recap: Caution, Russian Vodka May Be Required

    Hello dear readers! Tis I, iguanachocolate, here to let you know who stays and who goes. I know who I’d like to go and by the end of the night. Alas, it was not meant to be and one of my favorites did go home. Well, a favorite and a half. There is a lot of talent this year and the results show us how important each and every dance is – more so than other years because of the depth of talent. If you missed the performance show, never fear, because Critical’s recap of it is right here.

    The show begins with an Emmy Award Winning Ms. Mia Michaels Extravaganza of a group dance to Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground. I might have liked it if I could have seen it and if the camera work was half way decent. There were some great moves, I am pretty sure and Ade was featured prominently. Brandon seemed to be relegated to the background which is not surprising given Mia’s down right hatred of his dancing (and maybe him personally, I don’t know). But again, the camera work prevented me from really getting into the dance and the weird Maori-esque tattooing was distracting as well.

    The lovely Cat Deeley comes out on stage like an angel going to a formal rockin’ a white disco tux. Such a difference from the performance night’s outfit that was a curtain from a bordello not so artfully draped about her body that made her look like she was wearing a large red ruffled Hefty bag. I think we can safely say that the costumers from SYTYCD will not be winning Emmys.

    It's like a before and after on What Not To Wear.

    She introduces the judges and then we get a little piece on Lil C and the use of his new Word A Day calendar (which he did not back up with a use of a dictionary). I’ve taken the liberty of translating some of his word usage into English:

    IC’s Dictionary of Lil C’s Dictionary of Dance

    “The primary focus of all obstacles is to induce labor so progression can be born” – Jump a hurdle, have a baby.

    “You are modifying your manipulation of movement and I appreciate that” – You dance good, thanks.

    “There’s divinity to your movement and that subtle approach may be a hindrance. You got to find the serenity withinside the chaos” – Going to church may interfere with your dancing. Chill.

    “When you unfurl yourself for everyone to see there is a dominant submission”
    – You protest being chained to a flag pole while wearing leather and handcuffs.

    “The fulcrum was even for me posture, athleticism vernacular” – You’re bendy.

    “The sincerity exudes authenticity” – You ain’t no snake oil salesman

    “Spacious parameters” – You fell off the stage

    And there you have it. My interpretation of Lil C. Your welcome.

    Meanwhile, back on the show, the first three couples are brought out for the results. Melissa and Ade had a great night and America agreed, so they are safe. Between Jason and Caitlin and Philip and Jeanine, one of the couples will be dancing for their lives. My money is on Philip and Jeanine staying and I am right. Caitlin and Jason will be dancing for their lives. Mary says she is disappointed to see them in the bottom since they did such a fantastic Bollywood routine last week. They’ll need to bring it in their individual dances.

    Janette and Brandon, Karla and Jonathon and Kupono and Ashley are brought out next. I doubt anyone will disagree with me when I say that out of this group, it clearly should be Kupono and Ashley in the bottom three. And I am right. Kupono is in the bottom three and Ashley is there by default. Lil C says he is in the middle. Last week was fantastic, but take them out of their genre and they fail.

    Awwww, Cat has a surprise for Evan! We see a clip of his brother Ryan doing a fantastic audition in LA for this fall’s season of SYTYCD. Adam Shankman is in love with him and of course Ryan makes it to Vegas. And he is in the audience cheering his brother on.

    Evan and Randi, Vitolio and Asuka and Max and Kayla are the final three couples now on stage waiting the results. No surprise that Evan and Randi are safe. I am kind of surprised at this grouping, though. I would have thought that all of these couples were safe based on last night’s performances. Out of the two, though, I would say that Asuka and Vitolio would be dancing for their lives and I would be wrong. It is Max and Kayla dancing the solos. Nigel says he can understand if not a lot of people loved Brian Friedman’s work.

    Up next are the Indian dance stylings of Amrapali Ambegaokar. Those few of you dedicated dance who watchers who saw Superstars of Dance last winter may remember her. She is fun to watch and her control is exquisite. Her feet move quite fast creating a constant jingle of the little bells around her ankles yet her upper body remains remarkably fluid and smooth. I quite enjoy her, though I do prefer the big group Bollywood numbers.

    And the solos:

    Caitlin dances first to Adele’s Make You Feel My Love. She’s good, but not spectacular. She rather blends in with all of the other contemporary dances on the show. She needs to punch it up a bit and not with gymnastic moves. Jason dances to Robin Thicke’s Superman. He shows nice control with his leaps and turns in the air, but it is uninspired choreography. Ashley, dancing to Cocorosie’s By Your Side, is not so much dancing and seemingly auditioning for the pole work at the local stripper club. Albeit a classy stripper club.

    Kupono is next dancing to Many Moons by Janelle Monae. This is the guy who needs to go home in my opinion. He dances like he is the ‘it’ guy at your local gay nightclub. Blech. Kayla, dancing to Kerli’s Walking on Air, dances well, but she did have a little bobble that probably won’t matter much to the judges favorite girl this year. Max dances to Footloose by Kenny Loggins. Even though the song brought up a whole lot of high school memories I could do without, I loved his solo. I think it was one of the first ballroom genre dancers’ solos I have actually really liked.

    Can I just fast forward through the mentioning of Kristinia DeBarge’s musical ‘performance’ like I did with my dvr last night? Yes? Good.

    The dancers are all on stage and Nigel says they are not unanimous in their decision of who should go home for either the girls or the boys. Caitlin is told she has a great quality of movement and good control. Ashley is all Hollywood glamour but the approach to her solo was all wrong and there was no substance to it. Kayla’s solo was crowded with too much going on and she should concentrate on the beautiful flow of movement she has going on.

    And it is Ashley sent home. Based only on the solos and only amongst the girls in the bottom three this week, it was the right decision.

    Jason, Kupono and Max are brought forward. Out of this group, I really feel it should be Kupono who goes home. Jason is told he is exceptionally strong and is the best solo to date – he is safe and is sent off the stage. Kupono’s solo had very little substance to it, but they like the fact he is different and an intelligent dancer. He always takes on the characters of the dance he is portraying. Max is given the ‘hard worker’ compliment and I know that it is he who will be going home. And I am right.

    I absolutely do not agree with this decision. Based on the last two weeks of performances, I really believe Max should be staying. Granted last week he was dancing in his own genre, but this week he stepped out of his genre and really did some amazing work, given the choreography he had to work with. Not only that, but it is rare that a male ballroom dancer really has the feet to go far in this competition, but I think he actually did. Stupid judges.

    And that is it folks. The end of the show. See you here next week, first with Critical’s great performance recaps and then me with all the post performance hoopla.
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    Re: SYTYCD 5 6/18 Results Recap: Caution, Russian Vodka May Be Required

    Thanks for the recap, ic!
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    Re: SYTYCD 5 6/18 Results Recap: Caution, Russian Vodka May Be Required

    I never forget to watch any episode of So you think you can dance. This is a great show. I always appreciate the talent search shows. Generally i love to watch dance shows. I have watched its all episodes. By the way thanks to tell us about that episode.

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