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Thread: SYTYCD 5 Results Recap 6/11: So Long and Thanks For All the Mediocrity

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    SYTYCD 5 Results Recap 6/11: So Long and Thanks For All the Mediocrity

    Hello dear readers! Tis I, iguanachocolate, here to bring all the news that is So You Think You Can Dance. Well, ok, not all the news, but some of it. A little bit. Ok, I am bringing you the dang results show. I know, I know, yíall have your favorite and that favorite may very well be going home tonight. Well, thatís the game, peeps. People have to go home so that we can crown Americaís Favorite Dancer, according to my mega crush, Cat Deeley. So, whatever this season may bring, donít shoot the messenger. Please. (A little light whipping will do just fine, thank you. Possibly handcuffs. Call me. Weíll talk)

    So, I want to just give a bit of my impressions from last night. I think the word Ďwowzaí sums it up quite nicely, thank you very much. Usually, at the beginning of a season of dancing it is fairly easy to pick out who will most likely make it to the end. Normally, there are the weak performances that are the tell tale signs that no matter how cute a dancer may be, the audience, savvy that we are, will say no to the phone and they will go home. Last night I can easily say that 8 out of the 10 dance numbers were extremely good. Like mid to end of the season good. Like I want to see them again good. And it is not that the other two were bad - in fact in another season they would have been considered really good as well Ė but in comparison to the rest of the field, they fell short. Ladies and gents, we have ourselves a very deep pool of talent this year. The hype wasnít kidding, thatís for sure. Whatever this season brings not only will it be good, itís going to be dang good and we will all be along for the ride. Yippee!

    Ok, on to last nightís show. It begins with all the dancers on stage dancing their hip hoop hearts out to Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. It was good, Iíll give it that (I always expect good from Shane Sparks) Ė but a little weird. Save the dancers, save the world, indeed. If that was the goal, then why was one of them covered up in a black shroud? Just saying. But it was a dynamic piece and though I still donít know all of them by name, at least it ended with the entrance of the devine Cat Deeley. I dare any other woman to rock khaki the way she can.

    As seasons before, the three couples who garnered the least of the audience votes will have to participate in individual dance off for the judges who will then convene secretly to decide who will stay and who will go. Or, more likely, they will probably just decide their dinner plans since they decided who was going home before the show began. Just saying.

    After a brief montage of rehearsals over the past week, Cat gets right down to business bringing out the first three couples: Kayla and Max, Randi and Evan, and Jeanine and Philip. Kayla and Max did an awesome fringe waving Samba and Cat declares them safe. Randi and Evan did a Jazz routine that was anything but routine, and they are safe. Awww, poor Jeanine and Philip (they did a totally cool hip hop routine that was surprisingly moving), they are looking mighty worried, but Cat just throws up her cards and the joy ensues as they, too, are safe. How cute is Cat?!

    Four couples grace the stage after a brief (ok, not so brief) commercial break. Caitlin and Jason danced a rousing Bollywood routine (though I do admit to be disappointed that those cool knee turns werenít in the choreography) and they are declared fabulous and safe. Next, we have Melissa (otherwise known as the worldís oldest ballerina, or so the show would have you believe) and Ade. They danced a sweet Contemporary routine that the judges loved and they are safe. Ashley and Kupono were actually able to rid themselves of their white crash test dummy makeup and find out that America got the routine and they are safe. Paris and Tony danced the second hip hop routine of the night and were one of my two least favorite pairs. I had problems with costumes which were distracting and the dancing did not hold the power of emotion that Philip and Jeanineís routine did. America agreed with me (for once) and Paris and Tony are in the bottom three.

    And finally, we have our last three couples. Asuka and Vitolio who did the technically good but emotionally boring Broadway routine, Janette and Brandon who did the first Foxtrot that hasnít bored me out of my skull (can someone please explain to me why the girls have to always wear those awful dresses?) and Karla and Jonathon who Cha Chaíd into the judges hearts if not into mine. And it is Asuka and Vitolio and Karla and Jonathon who are the final two couples in the bottom three.

    Oooh, this next bit I loved. If you remember from last year, SYTYCD did segments on the different styles of dance with people well known for that particular genre. This week they are highlighting the Tango and I know them as they were on the Superstars of Dance last winter. Who better to demonstrate a Tango than a couple from Argentina? They are intense and gorgeous and their Tango follows suit. They simply oozed with sexiness and restrained controlled fire.

    And here we go with the bottom 6 dancing for their lives: Dancing to It Doesnít Hurt by Katie Thompson, Paris is up first and does nothing that seems out of the ordinary, but she does look cute in her little flowy tutu. Second, we have Tony who is dancing to Early in the Morning by the Gap Band. He seemed to be dressed for some type of humor, but the dance really lacked that. Not a good sign for Tony as it was that entertainment through humor that really defined his personality for the judges which was good because his dancing isnít all that. Asuka dances next to Did Ya by BoA. She didnít do me, though. A lot of leg wagging and coy glances, but the dancing really didnít seem too impressive. Vitolio dances to We Belong Together by Gavin DeGraw without much aplomb and I am left with a feeling of Ďmehí from all three of them.

    Karla dances to Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin and, whilst I may be tainted by my Aretha love, she dances the best so far. Which isnít saying much, truth be told. She is certainly very bendy. We finish the Dance For Your Lives round with Jonathon who does some impressive tumbling and a few ballroom moves to Crazy by Pitbull, but no real dancing. He needs Ryan, the choreographer/dancer for a brother badly.

    And now I would like to continue the campaign I began in the DWTS recaps: Please, canít the Dance For Your Lives segments be spiced up a bit? Alligator pit. Thatís all Iím saying.

    Cat hustles the judges off stage and then introduces some named Sean Kingston out Ė allegedly he is some sort of Ďteen sensationí but since I am well out of my teens and donít have any of my own, I have no idea who he is. By the end of the performance I am really glad I donít know who he is and all I really wanted to do (besides get those endless minutes he was on stage erased permanently from my brain) is to pull up his pants. A full moon just isnít what I tune into this show for.

    We are back from break and the judges are back from deciding their dinner reservations, errr, deciding who will go home tonight, and no time is wasted bringing up the girls. After Nigel whines that none of the solos were all that good and that whoever is left will really have to step it up, he tells Karla she is safe. She had a relatively strong solo, but her personality really needs to shine through more. Nigel tells Asuka and Paris that the decision was made taking into consideration all of their performances and the make up of the dancers left. Paris is told that she was basically below average in comparison to all the other contemporary dancers in the competition and she will be going home and Asuka will be staying.

    And to the guys: Even though Vitolio showed know personality in either of his routines this week (according to Nigel and the rest of the viewing public, anyway) he will be staying based on his personality he showed in Vegas. Nigel tells Tony that his strength, locking, really sucked this week (I may be paraphrasing, but that was the gist of it) and Jonathon is told that gymnastics = good, but dancing = mediocre. Tony is sent packing.

    Canít say I am surprised, disappointed or anything, really. They were not standouts in this crowd of exceptional talent, so home they went. If you missed the performance show this week, stay tuned for Criticalís recap coming soon!

    See you next week and never forget that I donít think I can dance. But I can watch it!
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    Re: SYTYCD 5 Results Recap 6/11: So Long and Thanks For All the Mediocrity

    Thanks for the recap, IC!
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