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Thread: Kupono Aweau - SYTYCD 5

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    Re: Kupono Aweau - SYTYCD 5

    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetNerd;3485544;
    That's cute I just figured the hair might be a regional style.
    If you mean "regional" from Hawaii - No its not - seems like a personal style. I am glad to see another local boy from my beautiful state make it to the top 20. He is much better looking with his hair cut, but I do kind of agree with Mia in some ways. I don't think he dances that femininely, but his personality is kind of effeminite (maybe that was what she meant) - who knows with Mia.

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    Re: Kupono Aweau - SYTYCD 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Harmony2000;3488099;
    I wish he hadn't caved under pressure and cut his hair. It made him stand out. Now he's just another guy with a buzz cut. He should have stayed truer to himself and what he wanted.

    That being said.

    I like him, I liked his audition and thought he was adorable with his to-do list.
    I agree with 100% of your post--and even if he felt like he really needed to lose the hair, I wish he hadn't gone for cutting off all of it--I'm tired of the jailhouse/military look, myself.
    I do hope he's around for a long time, though!
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    Re: Kupono Aweau - SYTYCD 5

    I completely agree with your whole post Harmony2000
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