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Thread: Jeanine Mason - SYTYCD 5

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    Re: Jeanine Mason - SYTYCD 5

    Wow. I just read the article.

    Yeah, more respect from me, too now.

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    Re: Jeanine Mason - SYTYCD 5

    There is also an article about her on the US Weekly website. It says she is donating her prize money to an alzheimer's foundation in her grandfather's name. Not many 18 year olds out there that would do that.

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    Re: Jeanine Mason - SYTYCD 5

    Everything went perfectly for Jeanine. She didn't receive any airtime before the performance shows began, so she was most likely fodder. But fortunately for her, she was paired with the popular Phillip Chbeeb. His popularity carried her for a couple of weeks. Also, the two of them also landed the "Bad" HH on the first week, which was one of only two HHs that were good this season (the other being Kayla/Jason's "They're Everywhere" HH by Shane). So that was beneficial for the two of them.

    Then Phillip's popularity started to wear off after a couple of weeks after some horrible dances (the tango, in particular). But when they landed in the B3, Jeanine pulled out an amazing solo that probably saved her and got Karla eliminated instead. She also probably gained some fans with that solo (I started to like her right then and there, for one).

    When she made it into the Top10, her and Jason landed Travis Wall's "If It Kills Me" contemporary, which almost everyone loved (I wasn't particularly fonf of it, but whatever). She probably gained even more fans with that piece.

    When the Top10 hit, Jeanine never really landed any bad choreography. Her worst week was probably Week8, since the samba and the HH she got weren't really all that stellar. But by that time, she had enough fans to carry her to the F4.

    Jeanine was always labeled with the name "dark horse" or "underdog," when in reality, if you look at other forum sites, she was really popular. She had way more fans than everyone thought. But she was still labeled an "underdog," and people love underdogs. So she had the votes of her fans AND probably the votes of her newfound fans that considered her the underdog.

    And that solo during the finale? Wow! Fantastic, amazing, spectacular, awesome, and most of all, original. 'Cause with all of these contemporary dancers, we get tired of seeing the same ol' solos each week. But she put a sort of tango-vibe to it.

    All in all, she was a good winner. A satisfactory winner for me. I wanted Kayla to win, but if she couldn't win (and I expected her not to), then Jeanine was my pick. So I'm happy with her winning. And after hearing her story, it makes me even more happier that she won. I'm not sure if we didn't hear her story because of her or because the producers didn't want to mention it, but whatever the reason was, I respect her for not trying to use it to gain votes.
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