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Thread: SYTYCD Results Recap 8/7: Hip Hopping Into America's Hearts

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    SYTYCD Results Recap 8/7: Hip Hopping Into America's Hearts

    Hello dear readers! Tis I, Iguanachocolate here for the last time this season. Tonight we’ll find out who is America’s favorite dancer - this year, anyway. If you haven’t read Waywyrd’s recap of the competition show, get to doing it! She does a great job without any of the boring filler and no commercial breaks. Do yourself a favor and read it here, now. (Then come back and finish reading my recap of the results. Ok? Please?)

    Well, the night of filler until we get to know the winner has begun with the lovely Cat gracing the stage first in an Egyptian meets Vegas inspired number with fringe that swung with every beat of my heart. Then the introduction of the Top 20 dancers in the order they were eliminated. Hey, did I blink and miss Jessica? Perhaps she wasn’t there because she was technically never eliminated from the contest, or perhaps she faded away after Will was no longer there to carry her through. Cat then announces we will revisit the favorite routines of the season as chosen by, say it with me: Ouuuuurrrrrr Juuuuudddgggeeesssss. Tonight we have Mia, Adam Shankman, Nigel, Mary, Lil C and for the first time since the auditions, Ms. Debbie Allen. Cat let s Adam pimp his movie again and we find out it is called Step Up 3-D and that it will be the first movie shot in 3-D. I think they need to rethink the title, maybe call it Cat in 3-D. Now that is one I would actually pay money to see.

    Next we get a montage of the Top 20 auditions which thankfully do not include any of the characters we were subjected to at the beginning of the season. Then they do a Shane Sparks routine to “Boom” by Sin. The boys start it and then Chelsie springs out to bring on the girls. It was fast paced and exciting with featurettes for everyone. Quite enjoyable.

    It’s time for the first favorite choice by the judges and Nigel gets the honors. He says that the Bollywood routine danced by Katee and Josh was one of his favorites and out comes the duo to repeat it. It was as fast paced and exciting as it was the first time and the on the knee turns were even better than when the performed it in the competition. Next, Mary talks about the partnerships of the dancers and says that Gev and Courtney’s rhumba was an excellent example of a good pairing. They perform the dance again and the heat seems even higher than in competition performance. I think that the lack of competition tension is helping these kids to dance for the joy of it and that is the improvements we are seeing – even on routines that were good to begin with.

    Next, we have the pop off between Robert Muraine and Phillip Chbeeb that was proposed a few episodes back after Robert did a ‘guest’ stint. They perform to Kanye West’s “Stronger”, taking turns at trying to outdo each other. I cannot begin to describe what they did and would encourage y’all to seek out the You Tube video if you missed the show. It was incredible and whilst I enjoyed both men, I felt the edge went to Robert. Mia prefers Phillip, Adam prefers Robert. Debbie felt Phillip had more musicality than Robert, but that Robert had the more important theatricality than Phillip and chooses Robert as her favorite. Nigel and Mary (with one of her ear splitting screams) prefer Robert as well. Lil C says the whole thing was buck and Mary asks him who was ‘bucker’ and he gives the edge to Robert. Frankly, it was a cool thing to see and I am glad they did it.

    Cat pimps the Top 10 (well, 11 this year because of Jessica’s injury and replacement by Comfort) Dance Tour this fall and I don’t even mind that she does it, because, well, if y’all haven’t figured it out, I am besotted by her. Adam gets to choose the next favorite and he chooses Twitch and Comfort’s hip hop routine - I missed the song, but it was a good dance, though not one of my personal favorites. Their routine is followed by Lil C’s choice of Chelsie and Mark’s hip hop routine to “Bleeding Heart”. I loved this routine the first time and I loved it this night as well. I loved how every one of their movements was choreographed to show the pain of the failing relationship and that all of that pain was mirrored on Chelsie’s face. Mark’s character’s indifference was just icing on the cake.

    Cat wants to know if Mary would go next, but she isn’t in her seat. Nigel cracks that it is the quietist she’s been all season and I wonder if he’s tied her up and muzzled her somewhere. But then I remember from a dance done earlier in the season it is Nigel who is into the bondage thing. Anyway, this is just a set up because out comes Mary and Dmitry Chaplin (Season 2) dancing to a song that Katee and Josh had also danced to. Mary is working that fringe like a hooker on Bourbon Street, but her gams look really good. All in all, it’s nice to see the old gal knows what she is talking about when she critiques the dancers.

    Mia Michaels pimps the choreographers this season (well deserved pimping, though –at least to my untrained eye, anyway) and mentions the pas de deux choreographed by Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson, danced by Katee and Will. They come out to perform it again and again it is brilliant and I was happy to see that the turn that was not quite successful the first time worked perfectly this performance. A bit of lovey dovey banter between Will and Debbie Allen and we move on to another choice by Adam Shankman. This time he chooses the lyrical jazz routine by Sonia and danced like crazy by Courtney and Mark. Wonderfully exciting it was again.

    Uh oh. The love fest is temporarily suspended as Cat comes out on stage with the four finalists. It’s time to dash someone’s dreams. It’s Courtney’s dreams that are shattered at this moment, but she takes it well and seems honestly amazed and pleased that she went as far as she did. She gets accolades and a big bunch of flowers and is sent on her way. Thank you Courtney, you were fun and exciting to watch.

    After the commercial break we are back with the boys repeat performance of “5 Guys Named Mo” – I think that is the name, it’s what I called it anyway. The costuming choice of suits this time over the track suits of the earlier performance were a good choice, I think. I have to admit, between the snappy tune and the fun of the dancing, I watched this dance twice. It’s one of my top favorites. Then comes Wade Robinson’s weird Cirque du Soliel rabbit homage. I normally love the Cirque, but this was just a bit out there for me. And I am not afraid to say that I didn’t get it all.

    Cat and the three remaining finalists are back on stage and it is time to pare it down to the final two. The person eliminated is Katee. Color me shocked. I figured her to be in at least the final two. However, it does leave two hip hoppers in the final two for the first time ever. Katee is upset, but does a good job of holding it in until the end of montage. Her departure is tempered a wee bit by the powers that be deciding to award the top boy and girl who are not the winner with $50,000. Hmmmm, seems like a last minute decision to me, or why wouldn’t we the viewing public not have been privy to it before? Not that I begrudge Katee or any of the dancers any kind of moolah to give a good financial start to their careers. Goodness knows they will need it down the line if they want to stay in dance.

    After the break, Cat is sitting up with the judges next to Debbie Allen who is all giddy about the next performers who happen to be from the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. A rousing dap number danced by a number of the younger set and one old geezer. Oh, wait, that is not a geezer, that’s Nigel! Well, he’s still a geezer, but one that is familiar to us all. It’s nice to see him dust the years of disuse from his tap shoes and test his stuff against the younger hoofers. He holds up well, I have to say. Tapping is no easy thing and the kids and Nigel do a great job, even with the producer driven bit of cheesy acting at the end when one tyke hands Nigel a hanky to wipe his face off with. Adam wants a tap-off with Nigel next season and I am all for it.

    Mary ‘chooses’ (mind you, these are all supposed to be ‘spontaneous’ choices, but I think that premise should have been given up when miraculously all the performers seemed ready to do the chosen favorite) She chooses Twitch and Katee’s door routine and it is fantastic danced with even more intensity and passion than the first time. Note: take away nerves and replace it with joy and even better routines result.

    (Please feel free to insert your own comments about the Jonas Brother’s performance here, I refuse to comment on these ‘singers’)

    Cat the Beautiful is back to let us know we are down to the final two favorite dance choices. Debbie Allen chooses the waltz done by Twitch and Kherington that honored one of the choreographer’s little girl. I remember the comments made by one of the judges about Kherington’s smile during this routine being too big and I focus on that as she dances. There is not enough ginko biloba in the world to aide me in comparing her smile from the last dance to her smile in this one, but her smile this night was perfect, I thought. They danced the dance beautifully and I think the little girl watching from home was very happy.

    Nigel gets to pick the last favorite dance for this night and he chooses one choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon to “No Air” for Katee and Joshua. I was surprised, because I thought I had watched all the dances this year, but this was one I hadn’t seen before and I am glad a got a second chance to see it as it was brilliant. I am happy this whole night seems to be a Katee-fest – she deserves it after the imprint she has had on this competition with every partner she has danced with.

    Before the final results we get the low down on dancers past from So You Think You Can Dance. As you may remember from my first recap for y’all, I had never watched this program before so I could not begin to tell you who these people were, but I do hope all of you got to see your favorites from season past again.

    And now, it is time. Cat brings out Twitch and Joshua to the stage and I am struck with sadness that this will be the last time she graces my television screen for a year. But don’t cry for me, I will be ok. These moments are made for Dear Abby letters.

    To the task at hand: The winner of So You Think You Can Dance 4 is….. (drum roll, please)


    Massive confetti is dropped, flowers are presented and Twitch gets lost in the shuffle. I feel badly for him as he does not get his final accolades in the aftermath madness. I will say it here: Awesome Job, Twitch!

    Josh seems, and rightly so, stunned and awed. He says that with God you can do anything and Cat proclaims him America’s Favorite Dancer as his dance-mates flock to maul him in their happiness for his success.

    And that is all folks. This season has ended and I’d like to thank my fellow recappers Waywyrd and Phonegrrrl for accompanying me on this journey through television’s dancing finest. Thank you and Good Night!

    Anyone want to join me in starting a fund to get Mary Murphy’s scream box removed? PM me with your monetary pledge…..
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    Re: SYTYCD Results Recap 8/7: Hip Hopping Into America's Hearts

    Great recap, ic! Thanks for all your hard work recapping this season!
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    Re: SYTYCD Results Recap 8/7: Hip Hopping Into America's Hearts

    Great recap, IC! (I've got nothing for the Jonas Brothers either.) I too am a bit saddened that it will be a while until we see the wondrous Ms. Cat Deeley. But for Will. He's just as fabulous as she is.

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    Re: SYTYCD Results Recap 8/7: Hip Hopping Into America's Hearts

    Great recap, ic!
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