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Thread: 8/6 SYTYCD Season Finale "Spoilers*

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    Re: 8/6 SYTYCD Season Finale "Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by shoepie;3158038;
    I could not agree more! The Broadway routine was horrendous. What a ridiculous piece of fluff straight out of the 50's. What was he thinking?!

    Though the men were praised for the Russian number I was not impressed. It was awkward and plodding at times. It was more of a demonstration than a choreographed dance piece.

    The jive was terrible and I blame the choregrapher, who was clearly after praise for his work rather than showcasing the dancers. The sharp snaps with the legs and feet they are always after were impossible to accomplish at that speed when they were asked to do tricks between the steps! What a mess.

    Why work them so hard? A 2 hour finale was not necessary. Nigel twice commented on fatigue and dismissed it as part of the package, no sympathy. Well a smart choregrapher is not going to run his dancers ragged in a production and risk injury or fatigue resulting in a diminsished job.

    I enjoyed all of them in spite of this. I am with Nigel in not getting Mia's number. I liked it but what was that all about? The costumes were fabulous.
    BRAVO Shoepie! Great post! ITA! I also thought he was a bit ruthless there towards the end! Trying to sway votes again! :nono

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    Re: 8/6 SYTYCD Season Finale "Spoilers*

    Some random thoughts on last night's show:

    One of the problems with this show is that it's becoming more about the choreographers than the dancers. What on earth are they thinking working these guys to the point of exhaustion? And it's not like any of the routines were anything to write home about (from a choreography standpoint). I have seen some incredible routines on this show - but I didn't see any last night.

    I would have skipped the number with all of them. IMO, Mia Michaels is way overrated to begin with, then to add in those bizarre costumes?

    If they were trying to sabotage Katee and Courtney, they couldn't have done a better job than that Broadway number.

    I hate it when the judges criticize a dance by saying such and such a move is not in that style of dance (like Nigel last night with the jive). It's not like the dancers have a choice (or if they do, they may not even know enough about that style to realize a move is not normally a part of the choreography).

    It seems like it's becoming more about tricks than actual substance. Just because you have a couple of strong male partners doesn't mean you have to have them constantly doing crazy lifts, flips, etc.

    I like all four of the finalists this year, and I don't particularly care who wins. I think it would be fun to see Courtney win, but I doubt that will happen. I get the impression the judges are wanting Twitch to win, but I think it will & should be Joshua.
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    Re: 8/6 SYTYCD Season Finale "Spoilers*

    I actually enjoyed last night's show except the Jive number. I think Katee outclassed Courtney in the Broadway routine; although Courtney looked really tired last night. Stealing a line from Misty, I personally believe that Katee should and will win.
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    Re: 8/6 SYTYCD Season Finale "Spoilers*

    Well, for me the highlight of the evening had to have been something no choreographer could take credit for-Joshua losing his shoe!!! nod
    I can only echo most of the sentiments already voiced. The finale is too much work for the dancers and both their both performance and joy wither. And it ought not be about the choreographers! If I still had one of those tv bricks I would have hurled it at Nigel when he chastised Josh & Courtney for being tired. Joshua danced the Trepak, his solo AND the jive AND the final quartet one after the other-what were people thinking???! :nono
    Did everyone enjoy Cat's chats with everyone as much as I did? She is so warm and gives off such positive energy. She was especially genuine with Joshua. I could not help but notice her body language with Katee though- she appeared guarded with had her fingers on her mouth most of the time and it spoke volumes. Anyone else pick up on that?
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    Re: 8/6 SYTYCD Season Finale "Spoilers*

    I wish they'd done Cat chat's with the final 6 or 8 or even 10- even if they didn't air them until this week. I'd have loved to hear her interview Chelsie, Mark, Kherington, etc.

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    Re: 8/6 SYTYCD Season Finale "Spoilers*

    Alright, so I meant to bring this up before, but it somehow slipped my mind.

    I thought the judges' pimping reached a new level last night. It was very obvious who the judges (particularly Mary and Nigel) wanted to win. They're pulling for a hip-hopper. They had nothing to say but good things to Joshua and Twitch.

    IIRC, the only time Joshua got negative comments was with his and Courtney's jive, and those negative comments only came from Nigel. The other two "jidges" praised it. I thought it was one of the worst dances of the night, and that's a lot coming from a person who thought that was a pretty disappointing finale. I know he was hospitalized, but you could tell that Joshua was struggling with the jive. He was very tired towards the end. I would have expected that the judges would have at least made a note of that, but nope, the only one that did was Nigel.

    And as for Twitch, he got nothing but praise. His dances were good, but nothing spectacular. Nigel said he was "perfect" in the hip-hop. It was an enjoyable piece, but Twitch messed up a few times with it. For example, when Courtney was spinning on his head, she almost fell on the ground. Thankfully, Twitch caught her just in time. But the judges didn't even acknowledge that. With the trepak, both Twitch and Joshua got a standing O from the judges. Personally, I didn't like that piece. It was just a bunch of tricks. I know it took a lot of work from the both of them (I'm reading that this was actually the dance that got the both of them hospitalized), but I still didn't like it that much. And at the end with the group number, the judges mostly talked about the guys. There was barely any comments about the girls. Mary kept saying that she couldn't take her eyes of Twitch, he was that good. Well, I couldn't take my eyes off of Katee, and that's only because she's my favorite and I want to watch her. That was probably the same thing with Mary.

    As for the girls, Courtney got the most negative comments out of all the finalists. She still received praise on most of her dances, but compared to everyone else, she didn't receive as much praise as the other 3 dancers. Katee got great comments. The judges said stuff like, "Flawless!" or "Everything you do is great!" Those are great comments, but that's all the judges pretty much said to her every time. The judges went on and on about Twitch and Joshua and had little comments for the girls almost every time. And the thing that pissed me off the most was that Nigel kept bringing up the time when it was down to Katee and Natalie back in Vegas. They even showed the clip again! And Nigel even said, "We saved you from almost quitting." He's just kept bringing up the thing that turned a lot of viewers off on Katee. She definitely didn't gain any new fans from that and maybe even lost some votes.

    And one last thing: Nigel needed to stop with the "untrained dancers" thing. Joshua was obviously trained. He even said so in his interview with Cat! And if you take a look at Twitch and Joshua's questionaires (on the front page of each contestant's thread), they both responded "yes" to "Have you received any formal training?" So obviously they're trained, whether it be hip-hop or something else.

    And that ends my rant.
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