top 20:
1-Mark and Chelsie's contemporary to "beautiful"
2-Josh and Katee's hip hop to " no air"
3-Twitch and Kherington's broadway to 'too darn hot"
4-Chris and Comfort's jive to 'Boom Boom"
5-Thayne and Chelsie's cha cha to "Oye Como Va"
6-Matt and Kourtni's jazz to "tainted love"
7-Jamie and Rayven's hip hop to "American Boy"
8- Susie and Marquis' waltz to "dark waltz"
9- Will and Jessica's tango to "tango"
10- Courtney and Gev's disco to "boogie wonderland"

top 18:
1-Josh and Katee's broadway to "All for the best"
2-Gev and Courtney's contemporary to "Lost"
3-Mark and Chelsie's tango to "Mi Confesion"
4-Chris and Comfort's krump to "Come and Get me"
5-Twitch and Kherington's vieneese waltz to "A new day has come"
6-Will and Jessica's hip hop to "Whatever you like"
7-Matt and Kourtni's foxtrot to "A Foggy Day"
8-Susie and Marquis' salsa to "Aguanile"
9-Thayne and Chelsie's jazz to "Untouched"

top 16:
1-Chelsie and Mark's hip hop
2-Courtney and Gev's rumba
3-Matt and kourtni's contemporary
4-twitch and kherington's hip hop
5-Joshua and Katee's samba
6-Will and Jessica's disco
7-Comfort and Chris's jazz
8-thayne and Chelsie's quickstep

top 14:
1-Mark and chelsie's jazz
2-Twitch and Kherington's contemporary
3-Katee and Josh's contemporary
4-Matt and Kourtni's mambo
5-Matt and Kourtni's hip hop
6-Mark and Chelsie's foxtrot
7-Will and Jessica's contemporary
8-Gev and Courtney's hip hop
9-Gev and Courtney's broadway
10-Comfort and Thayne's broadway
11-Twitch and Kherington's paso doble
12-Comfort and Thayne's waltz
13-Will and jessica's jive
14-Josh and Katee's west coast swing

top 12:
1-Josh and katee's bollywood
2-Chelsie and mark's broadway
3-Josh and Katee's waltz
4-Chelsie and Mark's salsa
5-Courtney and Gev's cha cha
6-Thayne and Comfort's hip hop
7-Jessica and Will's contemporary
8-Courtney and Gev's Jazz
9-Twitch and kherington's krump
10-twitch and Kherington's tango
11-Thayne and Comfort's contemporary
12-Jessica and Will's quickstep

top 10:
1-Chelsie and Gev's jive
2-Twitch and Comfort's hip hop
3-Josh and Courtney's Rumba
4-Mark and Kherington's jazz
5-Chelsie and Gev's contemporary
6-Mark and Kherington's 2-step
7-Josh and Courtney's hip hop
8-katee and will's pas de deux
9-katee and will's broadway
10-Twitch and Comfort's waltz

Now, after the show on wednesday we can rank the top 8-4 dances