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Thread: 7/31 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 7/31 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by queenofitall;3154277;
    I am really starting to hate this show. Season after season, my favorites never seem to win. WTH america? Sabra winning last year only made it worse as I felt she wasn't the best. This year as soon as Chelsea and Mark got cut I erased the show from my tivo and my to do list. I doubt I watch the show next year as I don't want my heart to be broke again. I just question how someone (ahem)Courtney can be in the bottom two multiple times but yet win a spot over Chelsea who was never in the bottom two. It just seems so fishy to me. IDK I am just extremely disappointed.
    I was also very disappointed when they got cut and now don't care who wins but I'll still watch. I started out loving Joshua and Katee but over time came to like Mark and Chelsea more. I would have preferred others being cut before them but it is what it is and I don't vote .... so yeah...lol.

    But I definitely feel where you are coming from and may not watch anymore simply because I've lost interest but not because I'm mad or anything.

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    Re: 7/31 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Here's something I think you guys are forgetting. Katee has had her fans from the beginning. Each week, as someone leaves, that person's fans get split to other continuing contestants, right (well ... at least the portion of those that continue voting). When Kherington left, her voters were probably relatively split amongst the remaining girls. When Thayne left, his votes probably went to Will and the girls (the other contemporaries). When Comfort left, her voters probably split evenly among the remaining girls plus the IV crowd. IOW - MOST of these departures have been relatively split.

    Here's the week I think that changes. I think that a large majority of Mark's fans will migrate to Courtney over Katee, Joshua, or Twitch. Similar styles, likability over dancability, etc. Also, I think that virtually ALL of Chelsie's fans will migrate over to Courtney as well (this includes me). I don't see any reason that the voters for EITHER of the departed contestants to go to any of the other three.

    Because of this (and this logic has served me well predicting AI), I think Courtney has a much greater chance than most people might expect. The only question is - will the boost from new voters be enough to trump Katee's and Joshua's probable leads.

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    Re: 7/31 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Misty8723;3154342;
    I find that sometimes my favorite wins or gets close, sometimes my favorite gets cut way too early (IMO). It's all just subjective based on what appeals to you, and if the majority of the voting public agrees with you or not.

    As someone who prefers Courtney to Chelsea, I don't know anything about technical ability, I just enjoy her dancing more. I also prefer Mark to Twitch, but I'm not going to stop watching because Mark got cut. I didn't stop watching last year when Pasha got cut, and I really really like him. In the end,while it's fun to see you're favorite win, it's just a tv show, and I've learned over the seasons not to get too worked up about it all. They're really all winners in that this exposure will open opportunities for them they might never have had.
    I agree completely. I loved the hot, sexy Russian guys from the last seasons and was disappointed that none made it this year, but then grew to enjoy Matt, Mark, Katie, and cute little Courtney over any of the others. Matt got cut fairly early and then I developed a strong appreciation for Joshua's talent. Twitch, Will, and Thayne never did much for me and neither did Chelsie, Comfort, or any of the other girls. Three of my favorites have made the finals and I am thrilled, even though my very most favorite Mark was cut. To me it is the dancing - I love every minute of it no matter who the partners are, as long as it is good and on this show it is good much more often than it is bad. I will watch every minute every year this show is on.

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    Re: 7/31 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Twitch and Joshua were hospitalized on sunday due to dehydration. the both of them are out and doing okay.

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