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Thread: IV Real

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    Re: IV Real

    Quote Originally Posted by live4romance;3150765;
    Man I must be asleep because I'm not catching what you guys are talking about. I've noticed the shirts, but what else are they doing?

    They put 4 fingers up on/in front of their shoulder, with the right hand usually.
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    Re: IV Real

    In an ew.com interview after the finale, Joshua was asked about the 4 Real thing, and here is his response:

    Yeah, well, we all came up with ''IV Real.'' It was just for season 4. This was one of the hardest seasons by far, and we're so focused and for real. The dancing that we do is for real. Our focus, our determination was so for real that...it was crazy! And we got through it! We all rose to the occasion no matter who you were — the top 20, the top 18.

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    Re: IV Real

    Okay IV real has nothing to do with "the black" dancers. It was started as a joke at auditions by someone. Season 4 = for real. It lasted through Vegas week and the competition. But they said after that it meant more to them than just a hand jesture. It standed for:

    1. Talent
    2. Focus
    3. Energy
    4. and they did it together
    and that's what makes them for real!!!

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