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Thread: Best Judges - (Read this, TPTB! Nigel, this means you!)

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    Re: Best Judges - (Read this, TPTB! Nigel, this means you!)

    Re: Mary ... how can TPTB not objectively look at this and see how horrible she is on TV. Either tell her to tone it down, or get a new judge. I think she actually thinks that viewers WANT to hear her scream - because when she'd about to, she acts like her upcoming scream is going to be the highlight of the show, and she builds up to it. "Do you want to know what I think?" Then louder, "Do ya!!" Then louder, "Well this is what I think!!!!" Then "YOU ARE ON THE HOT TAMALE TRAIN ... YES YOU ARE.... YES YOU AAAAAAARRRREEEE." Ugh. Kill me now.

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    Re: Best Judges - (Read this, TPTB! Nigel, this means you!)

    I really enjoyed Lil C this season, and early in the season, the couple who did the lyrical hip hop (I think they judged mainly before they choreographed a few episodes, then were not "on the bench" again)...they actually told it like it was I thought.

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    Re: Best Judges - (Read this, TPTB! Nigel, this means you!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Duckyface;3144509;
    I agree with the majority of you.

    We were talking about the judges this week in my house too. The general consensus here is that we don't need the judges to tell us about the entertainment value of the dance, whether the costuming was good or that they like the contestant, we can see and judge that stuff for ourselves and sometimes just get annoyed if we feel like they are trying to push someone on us. Costuming and cheoreography are not in the contestants control anyway...and the screaming..and Nigels leering...and the comments (and dancing/costuming) that border on stripping or soft core porn...strippers may be talented but that's not the talent we tune in to watch, there are plenty of places to see that if that's what we wanted.

    We would like the judges to give us their "expert" opinions. I think that's mostly why they are there, supposedly.

    We want them to point out things we might not understand, the good and the bad...sometimes we don't know why something looked right or didn't or how a dance is supposed to look, for example the extension was done too quickly or not held long enough or was done very well...this dance should not bounce, this dance needed more give in the knees....although a lot of ballroom dancers around this area think Mary is way behind in the ballroom world and needs to get updated, they mostly appreciate when she actually takes the time to judge and not scream and be a Mary caricature.

    and please if you don't know anything about judging a style of dance just say so ! If you are going to have a new style of dance at least have someone on the panel that can explain and critic it validly so we know what we are looking for in the dance.

    I would have to say that I agree with all comments in regards to those judges who have stopped giving valid and meaningful technical critiques on to the dancers. I disagree with some other things. I think that the reason that comments are made about bad costuming is because all of these things are apart of dance. The costumes add to the overall story being told, so if these things are off then now the meaning of the dance could be lost or misconstrued. For example if you went to a play about a farm, and all the actors came out in power suits and brief cases, you might be a little lost.
    I also believe it’s impossible to comment on a dance with out commenting on the choreographer, as they are the person or persons who make the choreography. The dancer wouldn’t have movement to perform with out them. Now I do agree that they can go a little overboard and hype some people. I think that it is important to be respectful and mention the choreographer and at least thank them for their contribution.
    squirrel please!!!!:nono

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    Re: Best Judges - (Read this, TPTB! Nigel, this means you!)

    Quote Originally Posted by mindy384;3152566;
    oh my... I think I've said something like this to my friends and family a gazillion times. At our house we now fast forward through both mary and nigel because of mary's shrilling and nigel's weird, perveted comments (especially this season as nigel would not shut up about chelsie's legs and outfits). Too bad they can't be fired (as nigel is the producer). they are both worthless IMHO and I'd be happy to sign any petitions to notify/inform/remove, etc....
    I'm back to voice my disappointment that this show (which I used to enjoy) is completely unwatchable because of Mary. As someone else said "the cacklefest has got to stop".

    I won't even record it and FF through her crap (impossible because she actually laughs hideously during the performances, not just during the judging)...if anyone doesn't get the "Mary criticism", try Googling '"Mary Murphy" annoying'...I swear that all the sites and posts will fill up the entire Internet soon...

    Dreaming of the former season(s?) when she was not a judge on this show, and possible future seasons...

    Seriously, I am working hard at finding any "celebrity" that is more disgusting and annoying...

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