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Thread: SYTYCD Results Recap 7/10: And Then There Were Ten...

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    SYTYCD Results Recap 7/10: And Then There Were Ten...

    Hello dear readers! Here we are again, time to worship the Ladies and Lords of the Dance. Who is worthy of our adulation? Who will make it to the tour? Well, we will soon find out what all of you thought of last nights competition show. If you somehow missed it, never fear, for the beautiful and brilliant Waywyrd has it all recapped for you here.

    We start of the night with the ever popular group number. A hip hop and light extravaganza choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon has the dancers coming out in track suits but soon has us squinting in the dark as the arm movements are highlighted by glow in the dark stripes down their arm in an awesome effect. And of course, as always, ended with the appearance of our lovely host, Cat Deeley and her hair in a little black strapless number. We find out that the popper contest alluded to last week involving Robert Muraine and Philip Chbeeb will be an actually happening and should be a great side show to the pronouncement of the winner.

    And then, we are into the results. First up, we have Comfort and Thayne and Katee and Joshua. I knew, immediately that Comfort and Thayne were going home. Who could hope to possibly win out over that spectacular Bollywood routine that Katee and Josh did. I am right and the lackluster performances of Thayne and Comfort land them once again in the bottom three. Next up we have Jessica and Will and Chelsie and Mark. Chelsie and Mark had the salsa and the Broadway routines. I felt Chelsie outshone Mark in both of them and it seems he may be able to grab a hold of her whizzing coat tails and miss the bottom three this week. Well, I thought that until I saw they were up against Jessica and Will. Color me shocked when it is Jessica and Will who are in the bottom three. Finally, we have Kherington and Twitch and Courtney and Gev. Again, I view this as a no brainer. Whilst Courtney and Gev are good and their dances were entertaining, I didnít think they could stand up against Kherington and Twitch. But I was wrong once again. Good thing I am not a gamblerÖ

    They bottom six are sent off scurrying to prepare for dancing for their lives (Just once I think they should really have to dance for their lives. Like maybe over a pit of fire or snapping alligators or some such thing. That would be fun. Maybe I should write my dear friend Nigel with this ideaÖ.).

    While we wait on them to stretch or whatever they are doing, we are treated to a performance by the Alvin Ailey Dance Company. They perform a piece called Revelations to a vocal by Billy Porter called ďSinner ManĒ. This is one of those times I wish I could insert video into my recaps because my words fail me. Danced by three male dancers, they progressively build on each others performance until all three are owning the stage in a way that no one else performing on this show could. I urge all of you to seek out the troupeís touring schedule and get thee to a show! If they canít change Americanís apathetic attitudes towards the arts, I donít know who can.

    And now for the death defying dancing (there are only so many times I can type out ďdance for your life): first up is Comfort doing her thang to Timbaland. I enjoyed it much better than what she has been giving us, but I wonder about the desperation feel of it. It was almost as if she was showing absolutely everything she has in a last gasp for life on the show. Thayne dances for the pure joy of it and it shows. This week he is dancing to OneRepublic and is wonderful, but I am not sure if he can withstand the double whammies of Will and Twitch. I suppose he could hope that one of them slips and falls, but even that would probably still see him going home. Next we see Jessica for the first time in an elimination battle. She dances. It was a dance. Thatís all I have to say about it. Well, thatís all I can really remember about it. It may have had some leaping in it, but frankly, I lost interest. Yes, in 60 seconds I lost interest. Says something, doesnít it? Next up is Will and I perk up Ė though I am sad to see him in the bottom three, it is exciting to see him dance a solo again. And I am not disappointed. Not in the least. Dancing to Kodoís drums he is all power and grace with a lot of controlled yet dangerous feral energy thrown in. Wow. ĎNuff said then. Following that we have little Kherington dancing next who hasnít a prayer in the world of being sent home. Sheís her usually good self dancing also to OneRepublic. And then we haveÖ Twitch. He deserves his own paragraph, so indulge meÖ

    Twitch, who we havenít seen dance a solo since the auditions ended comes out in tails and meaning business. His dance styling was amazing as usual, but what really brought it to the next level was the understanding I got of it through his post dance conversation with Cat. He explains that his piece was based on a painting he likes called The Maestro. He says that in the painting he could see how much the performer loves what he was doing and that it didnít matter that it was only himself there. Thatís what Twitch wanted to bring to his brief time in the spotlight, and he did.

    Whilst the judges Ďdiscussí (as if we didnít know they already have their decisions made barring any ginormous mishap on stage), we see a performance by someone called Katy Perry. I had no idea who she was, but I did hear her song discussed on NPR. Allow me an indulgence: While I believe that closet doors should be abolished, can we put that song back in the corner of a cellar room? That little girl is just trying to hard to capitalize on something Ė I donít know what, but then again, neither does she. I just found the song trite and offensive, but this is not the forum for that discussion, so Iíll just stick with trite. Oh, and performing involves more than walking back and forth across the stage in stilettos.

    And now, we have the judges back and the results are upon us. First up, the girls: Kherington is quickly dispatched to the safe zone as we all knew she would be, leaving Comfort and Jessica. Nigel says he enjoyed Comfortís solo much better than last night and then goes on to tell Jessica her solo was lacking. However, Jessica always has at least one good dance a show, and apparently Comfort doesnít and they send her packing. She seems ok with it. We havenít seen the last of her and I donít doubt that if she can turn in some of the performances she has with only two and half years of training.

    Next up, we have the guys. Twitch is called out first and to the cheers and non-surprise of everyone is safe. Like we didnít know that. Nigel calls out Will and says he could dance with the Alvin Ailey men and I donít disagree as I had that same thought as I watched Will. Will is told of course he is safe and that leaves Thayne the odd man out. He takes it graciously and perks up even more when Nigel says that Mia is looking forward to working with him. Nigel does go on to say that the judges wish they could have gotten rid of two of the girls and kept all of the guys, and I find myself agreeing with that sentiment. Maybe a change in the rules is something to think about for next year, Nigel. As the Alvin Aileyís proved tonight, you donít need male/female pairings to make good dancing. Why not keep the best dancers and let the ones who are not quite as good but are pair with a superb partner (Jessica, but I am not naming names) live life a little dangerously? Seems like a good idea to me.

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    Re: SYTYCD Results Recap 7/10: And Then There Were Ten...

    Next we see Jessica for the first time in an elimination battle. She dances. It was a dance. That’s all I have to say about it. Well, that’s all I can really remember about it. It may have had some leaping in it, but frankly, I lost interest. Yes, in 60 seconds I lost interest. Says something, doesn’t it?
    Yep, it says "next week's boot."

    Great recap, IC!
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    Re: SYTYCD Results Recap 7/10: And Then There Were Ten...

    Does anyone know what "IV Real" meant? It was on Comfort, Will, Twitch, & Joshua's shirts.
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    Re: SYTYCD Results Recap 7/10: And Then There Were Ten...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba-Jo-Lyn;3128657;
    Does anyone know what "IV Real" meant? It was on Comfort, Will, Twitch, & Joshua's shirts.
    "For Real", maybe? I don't know the significance of it though, so if that's mainly what you were wondering, sorry I'm not much help lol. I didn't know if you had gotten the roman numerals part though, so I figured I'd post just in case.

    Anyways, great recap ic!
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    Re: SYTYCD Results Recap 7/10: And Then There Were Ten...

    I thought it said HIV Real, which in that case might stand for some sort of HIV fund.

    oh yeah, and awesome job ic!
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    Re: SYTYCD Results Recap 7/10: And Then There Were Ten...

    Thanks, ic!
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