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Thread: 6/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: 6/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I like Katee, and I think she'll grow and by the time she makes it to bottom 3 she'll wow everyone

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    Re: 6/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by daCVingwolf;3067067;
    I like Katee, and I think she'll grow and by the time she makes it to bottom 3 she'll wow everyone
    She's already wowed me. I'm not thinking she'll be in the bottom 3 anytime soon.
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    Re: 6/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Wow, I'm still shaking my head over the debacle that is Mary. Actually I'm shaking my head over a lot of things that had nothing to do with dance on last night's show:

    It looked like the 80s (especially my specific Jersey-brand 80s) exploded all over her in one fell swoop. From the (newly-dyed) crimped hairdo, to the fake tan, the clunky jewelry (though rhinestones would have totally hit the mark) to the leopard print prom dress straight out of ZumZum... one could only imagine what else was going on...was it a full dress, where there pants? Maybe a skort! Or parachute pants! Jams!!!!!!! Yes, Jams and Jellies!

    As for Mr. Lythgoe, I believe he partook of a bit of the brew. Whoa! He was trashed! It was funny, but I agree with the orange skin/pink shirt technicolor clash.

    Snort! I loved Mia's comment "Some of them could just leave and I'd be fine with it (sic)" that sums up how we all feel, but the judges shouldn't say.

    How cute is Cat? Seriously? Girliecrush alert!!!

    Costumes! Gah! Was that Mandy Moore or the stylist who they showed when Gev had his male thong fitting? If it wasn't Mandy Moore it was a relative, which makes a lot of sense.

    I'm officially hot and cold on Mandy Moore I either love her choreography and think it's well crafted and thought out, or I just think it's terribly unoriginal and sometimes awkward.

    Isn't it an eye-opener to see the general consensus of favorites and how it's more than a little astray from whom they think we want? They obviously skewed heavy (I mean lead-handed) to the contemporary dancers, but if you take the general consensus of favorites showing up here on the board so far, we have 2 hip-hoppers/street dancers (one who's coming into his own with the learning of these other styles on the spot, Twitch, and Joshua who has had other training but prefers the hip-hop), a ballroom dancer, and a contemporary or two.

    On to the dancing!
    1. Twitchington - I agree that there wasn't any Viennese in that Waltz, and there was not too much Waltz in that Waltz. But Jean-Marc and his wife (dang, I can't remember her name) created a beautiful number for them to dance and they danced it beautifully.
    2. Chelsie and Mark - I loved it, but could have loved it more. For Mark's part, he was amazing, he had the tango attitude down, which was pretty nifty. I was disappointed in the lack of tango attitude from Chelsie though, as a ballroom dancer, wouldn't she have been coached from her early days to make it appear like she lusts after her partner/hates him/has some form of intensity? I liked the routine and it was danced well... Ouch...toe! I screeched and looked away.
    3. Courtney and Gev - I loved Mandy's routine here. I think that Courtney had one moment where she sold it in her expression, but the rest of the time it was a bit vacant. Neat tricks and cool routine.
    4. Joshua and Katee - It seemed a bit manic, stuffed full of tricks and charades, but it was still great. I'd like to see the whole clip of Nigel during the dance. Katee's expression never once changed, but, being no fan of hers really, she didn't disappoint me, per se.
    5. Matt and Kourtni - I liked this, but didn't go crazy over it, that outfit and hairdo were awful, more like 20's IMO. And I loooove Kourtni! I've placed them high, probably, because there weren't any glaring errors, and she's a favorite of mine, but if they are destined for the bottom three tonight, I would love for Jessica and Matt to be eliminated so that Kourtni can partner with Will.
    6. Comfort and Chris - I agree that krumping is a style that should be saved for the solos or as a part of a hip-hop routine. In other words, have an all encompassing term for hip-hop, and let it be at the discretion of that week's choreographer and dancers which form (krump, pop, lock, break, slow) the whole dance or part of the dance can take. I love Comfort's attitude. I think maybe she was holding back, or it was choreographed less agressively, but I better really see more than a 3-second clip of her "better than my Donyelle hip-hopping" soon! As for him, I feel badly that Nigel embarassed him, he really tried, but it was kinda comical.
    7. Will and Jessica - Ooof. That was fluffy. And not in a good way. He did much better than she did. And I thought she should go last week, so there ya go.
    8. Chelsea and Thayne - Eeeks. Once I got past the jester costumes and the faux-plot, I thought it was okay. But it was hard to get past to that point.
    9. Susie and Marquis - That was bad, she did better than him, no surprise, but by no means good!

    As for predicting the F4, remember that it is not divided to 2 guys and 2 gulls, so, are these your picks regardless? Enquiring minds (mine ) want to know!

    Wow that's a long post, sorry guys!
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    Re: 6/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I agree with most everything you said, Veronica. Very funny too.

    I will add a couple of things. Mary's clevage reached so high it crawled up behind her neclace. Not a good look. Her bra and dress were too small. I thought Paula was the only one who didn't know not to wear a strapless dress when you are going to be taped seated the entire time; they push your breasts up, as we saw.

    Pretty harsh judging last night from all of them though Mia was the most strident. It bordered on mean at points. Mia saying she would not be sad to see some of them go was unnecessary. Kerrington was devastated; who knew her smile would elicit such abrasive comments. Poor kid.

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    Re: 6/18 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I think Mia issues harsher comments to the females than the males. What's her issue, anyway? I decided a couple of seasons ago that there was some underlying jealousy involved....maybe of their youth and abilities.
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