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Thread: Season 4 Spoiler Thread

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    Re: Season 4 Spoiler Thread

    I'm anxious/excited to see Joshua and Twitch's routine. This could very well gain one of them a lot of votes..
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    Re: Season 4 Spoiler Thread

    At this stage of the game they should eliminate ballroom and stick with the cutting edge choregraphers to keep the playing field level.

    It is impossible to do a fox trot or jive and shine equally or above someone lucky enough to draw Mia, Wade or Napoleon & Tabitha, to name three.

    It isn't about liking ballroom or not, I read that a lot of you do. It is just not a dance form that is able to go far enough into the WOW catagory to garner praise and votes.

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    Re: Season 4 Spoiler Thread

    It's like putting a Disco routine or a Quickstep in there for the 2 you want to see do the worst.

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