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Thread: 6/5 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 6/5 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Pluckyduk8;3042472;
    Wayyyyy too many contemporary dancers this year. Yikes, what happened? Takes the whole interesting diversity of the show out.

    3 male hiphop/breaking/popping stylists
    6 male contemporary or contemporary-like
    1 male swing dancer

    1 ballet female
    1 ballroom female
    1 stripper (oopss)
    1 hiphop female
    6 female contemporary

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    Re: 6/5 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by jacobson00;3042627;
    3 male hiphop/breaking/popping stylists
    6 male contemporary or contemporary-like
    1 male swing dancer

    1 ballet female
    1 ballroom female
    1 stripper (oopss)
    1 hiphop female
    6 female contemporary
    Yeah, they really needed more ballroom dancers this year. It just seemed like none of them were capable of making it through and in the end, they just had mostly contemporary dancers to choose from. Luckily, these contemporary dancers seem to be trained in other styles and pretty well-rounded.
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    Re: 6/5 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Hi All!

    Looking at the roundup above (thanks, Jacobson!) it seems heavily skewed to the contemporary dancers this year.... I wonder why, since Sabra won last year? That would not be following the formula (Melody, Benji, Sabra/Contemporary, Swing/Ballroom, Contemporary) but it does tie in with Mia's burning desire to repeat her Emmy win!

    More than that though, what's bothering me is the individual dancer exchanges I'd like to see based on what we've seen, which was woefully inadequate. I remember seeing more of the eventual 20 during Vegas rounds in previous years, whether it be solo or in a group, we weren't saying "Who?" when they were announcing the finalists... though we were saying "Who?" at the beginning of the episode. This episode does need to be two shows, or better edited ((I'll Do It!!!!!!))

    Here's what I would have liked to see, trusting my own eyes to judge what I saw of the dancers during the past few weeks:

    The ones they got right:
    Kourtni -- I didn't even catch a peek of her until the ep was almost over, and was worrying that they didn't show her cut. My early favorite going into the episode for the gals....

    Joshua -- Woohoo! I thought in his audition that he was just too graceful to not have had some classic training, and had no inkling that he was mis-representing himself, just that he was a well-rounded dancer... What drama-manufacturing garbage was that? Gah! "Ooooohhhh, he didn't come right out and slash up his style 'ballet/hiphop/lyrical/popper/person/dancer/actor/singer'!! Give it up already, producers...

    William Wingfield -- I'm really happy with this pick also, another specialist who appears extremely well-rounded.

    Jamie -- I liked that they picked the cute Swing kid, but would it have troubled them to show us his dancing for even a moment? I LOVE LOVE LOVE Swing Dancers (which is funny, considering I was upset that Benji had won) and would have loved to see his audition.

    Twitch -- I remember being a little put off by his personality last season, but maybe because I rooting so hard for Hok. This season, I find him very likable, and am rooting for him!

    Chelsea -- seems to be a good pick, I didn't like her over-produced "package" and early pimping and whatnot, but liked her dancing.

    Comfort -- was upset to not really see her ever dancing. If she's the "best hip hop female dancer ever" beating my Donyelle, I need proof!!! She seems like a likable candidate and a good dancer who shouldn't have too much trouble adapting to the other styles.

    Mark -- we saw none of him until that awesome "Bohemian Rhapsody" routine... I loved that, and was happy to see him put through. We'll see if he emerges as a favorite when we see other styles.... What I want to know is, if they showed a clip of this "stranger" doing a routine to introduce themselves to our consciousness, but not showing us any clips of them speaking or mugging for the camera, why couldn't they have done at least that for some of the others? Marquis? Chelsea T? Rayven?

    Courtney -- not one of my early faves, but a probable shoo-in from the word 'go'.

    These contestants don't seem to deserve their spot:

    Katie Shean and Susie Garcia. I disliked both their auditions, and didn't think they should have made it to Vegas. Haven't seen them dance since, but personalities have done nothing to detract from my original perceptions.

    Jessica King and Kherrington Payne both received lectures on their sinking personalites/appearing to be sliding by in Vegas, as opposed to sailing through like the favored contestants. Yet, they eliminated Kelli Baker for lack of personality and her dancing was outstanding.

    Thayne and Matt -- both contemporary, both with cheesy grins and attitudes... disliked both of their auditions, I remember them being shown one after the other and I said "ick" to both... we'll see if they grow on me, but I would have rather had Cooper.

    What were they thinking, leaving these behind, from within the pool to select the top 20?:

    Brandon-- I thought he was amazing, and my early male favorite to win the whole shebang.

    Kelli Baker -- what the heck? she's a "beautiful, soulful, dancer who lights up the stage" but is lacking a bit of personality (this early, really?) even worse than Kherington and Jessica, so... Out? She better come back next year with glitter and sparkles and Piiiink! and just bubble over personality-wise, if that's what they want. Personally, I think she didn't want to appear too confident or not humble because of who her mother is, like she was a shoo-in, so she quietly hung back a bit, and look what happened...

    Cooper Zamorano (I think he was still there at that time).. yep, compare him to Travis Wall and then eliminate him....

    Evan -- I loved his routine, I saw potential within those broadway/musical portions to be good at hip hop, I saw potential in those leaps to be good at lyrical/contemporary, and he lasted until the final pick, and was sent home? Why? Gah!

    Disappointing boots from Vegas:
    Janette (salsa)
    Sheila (jazz?contemporary) I loved her, she was one of my early favorites!
    Robert Muraine -- even though he left on his own, I'm still disappointed
    Liz Plott -- again, sort of self-destructed, but I was definitely sorry to see her go

    My Top Twenty would have been:

    Chelsea H.
    Rayven and Chelsie-- I don't know if I don't like them!

    Leo (ballroom dancer that made it as far as possible, that we've seen)

    It seems like until they get to the final pool to pick their 20 from they base it on the talent and the ability that carries them through the rounds. Then, when picking the twenty they pick the mix they want (casting), having already sifted (fished) through the city auditions and stacking the decks with personalities.

    All in all, what I guess I'm saying is that I have mixed feelings on the top twenty and am disappointed in the Vegas Episode. This is my favorite show, I wish I didn't have to qualify that statement by adding, "but they're messing it up" to that.
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